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message 1: by Conner, Headmaster Conrad Hatings (new)

Conner (i-will-read-anything-ya) | 479 comments Mod
Here you will learn how to use long distance weapons. A teacher from our group of Elite 5 will show you everything.

message 2: by Conner, Headmaster Conrad Hatings (new)

Conner (i-will-read-anything-ya) | 479 comments Mod
Brieanna is the master of this skill. She will answer any questions and teach you whatever you want to know. She is an Elite 5.

message 3: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess came in and saw Anna.

message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess nodded. "I don't think we were ever formally introduced. I'm Jess." She said.

message 5: by Ruth (new)

Ruth "Nice to meet you too." Jess said.

message 6: by Ruth (new)

Ruth ((hmmm))

Jess looked around the room.

message 7: by Ruth (new)

Ruth "I think so," Jess said.

message 8: by Conner, Headmaster Conrad Hatings (new)

Conner (i-will-read-anything-ya) | 479 comments Mod
((Who's the teacher??? I can be it.... I am the headmaster....))

message 9: by Ruth (new)

Ruth ((ok))

message 10: by Ruth (new)

Ruth ((oh :D))

message 11: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess waited for class to start.

message 12: by Ruth (new)

Ruth "I'm interested in archery." Jess said.

message 13: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess followed her instructions.


message 14: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess shrugged. "Ok," she said.

((I'm back but I'll have to go again soon))

message 15: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess took one of the bows off the rack.

message 16: by Claire (new)

Claire | 109 comments Abiteth stalked in but stopped immediately.
"Oops, sorry. Wrong classroom. Just trying to escape the lovebirds. I guess I'll go to the dorms."

message 17: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess glanced over at Abiteth. She notched an arrow in her bow.

message 18: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess shot. It hit a little bit to the left of the bulls eye.

message 19: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess nodded.

((:D you confused me when you changed your name))

message 20: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess shot again.

message 21: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess shrugged and put her bow on the rack and stood back so Mist could go.

message 22: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess listened.

message 23: by Ruth (new)

Ruth "Yeah," Jess said.

message 24: by Ruth (new)

Ruth "None," Jess said. "I've never even heard of the things."

message 25: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess nodded.

message 26: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess watched her.

message 27: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess watched.

TotalWhovian TARDIS girl (TotalWhovian) | 8 comments Rosella walked in not knowing what to expect.

message 29: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess saw the person that had just walked in.

TotalWhovian TARDIS girl (TotalWhovian) | 8 comments Rosella stared uneasliy at everything. This was unbelievable she saw her family murdered... this is too good to be true. She wanted revenge.

message 31: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Jess left.

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Apollon walked in, rolling his shoulders. He could get some good bow practice here.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Fade looked around the barnlike , targetlined room he had just entered. Time to teach myself some new skills he thought to himself and picked up a bow and arrow from the wall. He felt it`s weight and it's unusual balance....this was going to take some getting used to !

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

After 5 solid hours of practice Fade could finally get the bow to work and the arrow to go, more or less, where he wanted it. Not bad....he thought....for a four fingered novice. Determined, he practiced on into the night.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

Fade was a quick learner and picked up new skills readily. it was not long before he could split his own arrow with a second fired in quick succession. His shurikan throwing was more or less unimpaired by his injury and his accuracy had clearly improved through sheer determination and two days of non stop recuperation, fasting and relentless practice.
He picked up a waist mounted repeater crossbow, weighted and balanced. He liked how it felt....Nodding, he began to climb out of the training area and into the night...murmuring to himself..."One, Two Fade is coming for you......."

message 36: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 22, 2013 11:50PM) (new)

Apollon heard Fade and had seen him shoot the arrows. "Hey, who are you?" He asked, holding his bold bow and arrows. "You have a pretty good shot." He said. He shrugged as Fade left.

((sos, wasn't home))

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

(follow him if you want)

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

((kk, dorm rooms is it?))

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Apollon sighed and left, curious at who Fade was. He took a full quiver of golden arrows with him. Better to be cautious.

message 40: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments Lea walks in and stretches her arms

message 41: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "all right time to work my magic magic" she grinned and grabbed a bow and quiver of arrows.

message 42: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "too bad we dont have any horses here." she looked at the targets and knocked four arrows. she pulled back, aimed and let them fly perfectly hitting their marks dead center.

message 43: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "oh, its fun. its all about balance and aiming"

message 44: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments she grinned and fired a few arrows as fast as she could.

message 45: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments she raised an eyebrow "are you seriously tired?"

message 46: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "oh, what time is it?" she sat beside her

message 47: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "well you can go to bed you know."

message 48: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "i wonder what would wake you up?" she started muttering to herself "we could...oh no not that....or we could jump off bridges....or maybe chase sharks...nooo...maybe dive out of an airplane...." she sighed "what do you want to do?"

message 49: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "we could find horses to shoot from."

message 50: by Rachelle£ (new)

Rachelle£ | 668 comments "ok"

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