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Gabrielle (gabshi) (RP. My character Alice is in charge but you can make suggestions. Lets get started!!! :) )

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Gabrielle (gabshi) The trio that so far made up the town improvement group was gathered in the park. For a while, the group would work there.
"Hey guys!" Said Alice as the others approached. "For the park improvement ideas we have-- I'll read off the list:
"A low brick wall around the pond, a few more trees to be planted around the edges of the park, and some new benches to replace the sagging old ones."
Alice looked around. "Seeds we can buy really cheap from Farmer Glockenspiel down at the market, but for the benches and the wall we will need to raise money. Lets hold lemonade stands and bake sales. We can get others to help us. We will put up flyers explaining our cause. Ready to get started?"

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brennabee (brennafrawley) | 145 comments Mod
"Yes mam."

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Gabrielle (gabshi) Alice giggled. "Sorry, I was reading straight from the Improve your Town Today! Handbook. "

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brennabee (brennafrawley) | 145 comments Mod
Emma laughed

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i'm ready

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Yay! Lets start!" Says Alice. "Katie, please pick three dozen lemons from the trees at the end of the park. Emma, please get the rest of the ingredients needed for lemonade. I'll start printing fliers. We will meet back in an hour okay?"

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i've collected all the lemons needed to make lemonade

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Gabrielle (gabshi) "Thanks, Katie! You're great! I've made many fliers-- would you help me put them up since you're already finished with your job?" Asks Alice.

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brennabee (brennafrawley) | 145 comments Mod
((Sorry I was asleep stupid timez ones)) "I got it!"

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