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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 316 comments Mod
Hogsmede Village and Diagon Alley are hiring like crazy any student 14 + can fill out a job applacation to apply at the desired workd area.


Shops and buildings

*The Three Broomsticks Inn.
*Dervish & Banges - a helpful shop and sells and repairs some magical instruments.
*Dogweed and Deathcap - a Herbology shop.
*Dominic Maestro's - a music shop.
*Gladrags Wizardwear - a clothing shop that also sells very lurid socks, including ones that scream when they get too smelly.
*Hairdressing salon - across the street from Honeydukes.
*Hogsmeade Post Office - the owl post office.
*Hogsmeade Station - the railway station.
*Honeydukes - a sweet shop that has the entrance to a secret passageway into Hogwarts in its cellar.
*Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop - "the haunt of happy couples", according to Harry Potter. Usually couples go there on dates.
*Ollivanders Wand Shop - local branch of the wand shop.
*Potage's Cauldron Shop - local branch of the cauldron shop.
*Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop - a shop for all types of quills.
*The Shrieking Shack - an infamous and the most frightening building in Britain. The villagers thought it was haunted, but they didn't know it was actually the werewolf Remus Lupin making the scary noises (it was where he went to transform).
*Spintwitches - a shop that sells sporting goods.
*The Hog's Head - a dingy pub owned by Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth Dumbledore, which hosted a secret passage into Hogwarts created by the Room of Requirement.
*The Magic Neep - a greengrocer's.
*The Three Broomsticks Inn - a pub owned by Madam Rosmerta.
*Tomes and Scrolls - a bookshop (est. 1768).
*Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment - local branch of the magical devices shop.
*Wizarding Wireless Network Headquarters - main headquarters of the popular radio station.
*Zonko's Joke Shop - a famous joke shop.

Diagon Alley
-2nd Hand Brooms: A shop that sells used broomsticks.
-Amanuensis Quills: A shop in Diagon Alley that sells quills. It is next to Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions shop.
-Broomstix: A shop that sells broomsticks.
-Eeylops Owl Emporium: A pet shop located in Diagon Alley that sells owls and various other things needed for the care of owls, like Owl Treats. It sells a variety of breeds, including Screech, Barn, Tawny, Brown, and Snowy.
-Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour: It was owned and operated by Florean Fortescue, and was located at Diagon Alley.
-Flourish and Blotts: A popular bookshop in Diagon Alley where most Hogwarts students purchase their schoolbooks.
-Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop: Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop is located in Diagon Alley. Fred and George, and Lee Jordan stocked up on Dr. Filibuster's Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks.
-Gringotts Wizarding Bank: Gringotts is the only known bank of the wizarding world. It was created by the goblin Gringott. It is located in Diagon Alley and is owned and run by Goblins. In addition to storing money and valuables for wizards, one can go there to exchange Muggle money for wizarding money.
-Junk shop: A shop that sells secondhand items such as broken wands, lopsided scales, etc.
-The Leaky Cauldron: A popular Wizarding pub in London. It is the entrance to Diagon Alley.
-Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions: Sometimes simply referred to as Madam Malkin's, it is a shop in Diagon Alley. Students get their Hogwarts school uniforms there, and also dress robes, travelling cloaks, and the like.
-Madam Primpernelle's Beautifying Potions: Located at 275 Diagon Alley, this shop helps witches getting rid of "warts and worse".
-Magical Menagerie: One of the shops where students buy their pets and supplies.
-Obscurus Books: Located at 18a Diagon Alley, Obscurus is a Wizarding book publisher. Its range of titles include the popular Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
-Ollivanders Wand Shop: Ollivanders Wand Shop is the sole wand shop of Diagon Alley. Peeling gold letters over the door of the shop read: Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.. The shop's display consists of a solitary wand laying on a faded purple cushion in the dusty window. The shop is tiny, empty except for a single, spindly chair in the corner. Thousands of narrow boxes containing wands are piled right up to the ceiling of the tiny shop, and the whole place has a thin layer of dust about it.
-Potage's Cauldron Shop: A shop that sells cauldrons.
-Quality Quidditch Supplies: A shop in Diagon Alley. Its main products are things having to do with Quidditch such as Quaffles, Bludgers, and broomsticks.
-Scribbulus Writing Instruments: A shop that sells ink and presumably other stationary items (quills, parchment).
-Secondhand robe shop: A shop that sells secondhand robes.
-Slug & Jiggers Apothecary: Where students buy their potion ingredients.
-Sugarplum's Sweets Shop: A shop that sells confections.
-TerrorTours: Located at 59 Diagon Alley, TerrorTours is presumably a travel agency for wizards and witches.

-Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, a shop in Diagon Alley
-The Ministry Press: A publishing house affiliated to the Ministry of Magic.
-The Daily Prophet's main office: Presumably where the Daily Prophet newspapers are printed.
-Twilfitt and Tatting's: Twilfitt and Tatting's is a wizarding clothing shop located in Diagon Alley. Given that it is favoured by elitist pure-blood witch Narcissa Malfoy, it is probably an upmarket shop.
-Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes: Located at 93 Diagon Alley, it is a joke shop owned by Fred and George Weasley. It sells practical joke objects, such as Extendable Ears, a Reusable Hangman, and Fred and George's special WonderWitch products, such as love potions and ten-second pimple remover. There is also a section of Muggle magic tricks in honour of their father Arthur. They're not big sellers, but they do fairly well.
-Whizz Hard Books: Located at 129B Diagon Alley. Whizz Hard Books is a Wizarding book publisher. Its range of titles include the popular Quidditch Through the Ages and Hairy Snout, Human Heart.
-Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment: A miscellaneous equipment shop.
-Various stalls and peddlers: There are a variety of street peddlers who take up space in between shops out on the main thoroughfare of Diagon Alley. Included are: a flower vendor, a vendor who is selling roasted chestnuts, and a jewellery vendor.

Location desireing job:
Reason job desired:
Skills that qualify you:
Brief History:

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 316 comments Mod
Name:Adrien Marcus Aimabridge
Age: 16
Year: 6th
House: Slytherin
Location desireing job: Ollivander's Wand Shop
Reason job desired: Needing some extra cash to get through the school year and it is a way to learn responsibility.
Skills that qualify you: He is excellent handling almost any sort of wand.
Brief History: He is related to one of the older minister's for magic high inquisitor Dolores Jane Umbridge.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 316 comments Mod
Name: Arik Greggory Wood
Age: 17
Year: 7th
House: Gryffindor
Location desiring job: Three Broomstick Inn
Reason job desired: He is great at taking orders and memorizing them.
Skills that qualify you: He knows several cleaning spells
Brief History: not important.

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Halle (thepotterhead) | 82 comments Mod
Name: Tess Layne
Age: 17
Year: 7
House: Gryffindor
Location desiring job: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
Reason job desired: It's fun.
Skills that qualify you: She knows all about the merchandise.
Brief History: doesn't matter

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 316 comments Mod
good approved

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