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The Order is still active but now working under the power of the Ministry. With the Minister of Magic's consent to work outside any department and to work under secrecy.

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All Charries must be approved before you can RP
May only be permitted to create four

Nicknames: (Optional)

Age:((Must be 19+))

Current Profession:

House was in before servitude:

What made them decide to join the Order or Guard Hogwarts:

Blood Type: (Pureblood, Muggleborn, Halfblood)

Appearance: (No drawings or any anime or cartoon of any sort) (At least 4 sentence description plus picture)

Personality: (At least 5 sentences)

History: (At least 7 sentences)

Wand: (Picture)

Pet(Limit 3 pets, one must be an Owl):

Current Family:

Crush (optional):


Here are actors and models to potray your characters



Wand Wood and Core ideas
WARNING: All though it is stated to be ollivander wands, Note that Ollivander only uses the cores Phoenix Feather, Unicorn Hair, and Dragon Heart-string
as such info is given try to be realistic in this fact

Just a few wand pic ideas please make sure no one else has any of these wands or you will have to change it. *Note do not use Easily recognized Harry Potter wands.



Holly Wands

Accia Wands (Not the best)

Alder wands

Applewood wands

Ash wands

Aspen wands

Beech wands


etc... there are manymore one can easily find by using google images.

Type the wood you are in search for and then typs wands press enter and injoy the variety...

Best website to view wands and their abilities is:

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description description


II Female II 16 II 6th Year II Gryffindor II Pure Blood II

F a m i l y

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Percival Dumbledore


II Strongest Subject II Transfiguration

II Weakest Subject II Unknown


P e r s o n a l i t y

Angel has inherited her uncles benevolent and wise personality. She wishes to embody the great wizard who brought fear to the only known opposer, Lord Voldemort. Angel rarely displays intense emotions of anger or fear-but if push comes to shove, you ought to be check out your surrroundings before entering the ring with this intelligent beauty. Despite her clam voice, and reasonable morality, Angel has trouble being the bigger person in situations and will often end up being the one to shout the loudest or strike first. She is as well cunning and can comprehend human nature and turn the better aspects of humanity, trust, love, and friendship. Angel is very much devoted to her studies-but that is equal to the amount of devotion to slacking off and throwing parties.

She’s consistent in her studies, work ethichcs and is a valuable captain for the Gryffindor team.
Angel loves the thrill of a good old rebellious party and never sees to do much harm as she does the attention.


Bored the night of the yule ball during the great war, Angel had a hit on her head for a majority of her life. It was either do this or do that, never what she wanted. This sparked a rebellion in her childhood where Angel often sought out denied attention from her parents who were to busy worrying about the muggles to notice her own internal struggles. They say Angel was born with a watchful eye of a deer, the tongue of a cunning snake, the heart of a lion and the speed of a phenoix.

Angel was very close with her Uncle and often sought him out during school hours just to skip Herbology. “I don’t require that rubbish,’ She would say before kicking a can and plopping down into the plush sofa residing in the headmasters room. For her 14t birthday, Dumbledore had a professional artist draw her and
presented Angel with a hanging portrait of herself beside’s his own which remained behind his desk even after the great wizard passed.

Wand: Pheonix Feather, Rare Turquoise, Exterior, Tortouise Shell

II Quidditch Position II REQUESTING : Gryffindor Captain, retired Seeker

Brooms: Fire Bolt Supreme, Nimbus 2000 & 2001

Angel owns a rare white Nimbus 2001 which she spent her first year of hogwarts working incredible hard to purchase. She also has in her possision, Harry potter's Nimbus 2000 as a grieving gift when her uncle passed. At the start of Angel's year she would play for Slytherin because of an available spot while Gryffindor was full. But once while playing, she saw the slytherin Seeker do a dangerous stunt near an inexperienced young beater, startling her. Shortly after the match was won, Angel's placement was exchanged and she obtained the rank as Quidditch Captain. After her second year, Angel was offered a placement on the Bulgarian Quidittch team but ultimatly turned it down in order to finish her studies. She did take off some time and spent it with the team shortly after the passing of her uncle. As a farewell gift, the Bulgarian team presented the young Quidditch Captain a Firebolt Supreme which she values more than life itself. Angel can be found cleaning it or taking out for a spin once in a blue moon.

II Facts II Animagus Pheonix II Full name is Angelina Veronica Daisy Dumbledore II Former Seeker, Current Gryffindor Captain

II Friends II Open

II Enemies II Open Slytherin Seeker

II Crush II Open

II Boy/Girlfriend II Open

II Orientation II Straight

description description



description description

Angel is a big bird lover. In her first year at hogwarts, there was rumor of a constant shrieking coming from the girls laboratory. Soon after investigating, Angel discovered a little hawk caught in the pipes. She rescued it and nursed it back to health. The hawk, Skywalker has been a loyal companion ever since. She often uses him for sending messages back and fourth to her uncle because he's a fast flyer and knows the different flight conditions.

Angel has herself a silly little baby screech owl as her main companion. Her name is Miley. description
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Angel also owns a rare creature.
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