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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline sashayed into the classroom, her hips swaying to and for with the movement of the rest of her body. She ran a mental list through her head, just to check. Hair. Conditioned, styled, dyed, curled into beach babe waves, and swishing like a hypnotic waterfall. Eyes. Fully conditioned with contacts, glasses free, lined with eyeshadow that created a smoky eye look, eyeliner and mascara that further excentuated her already super long and thick eyelashes. Eyebrows. Curved and shaped to a tee. Nose. Perfect. Lips. Perfect, as usual, lined with a ruby red shade of lipstick and a gloss of lip gloss. Outfit. Nuetral. Body. Killer. Yup, she looked stellar and she knew it. She carefully chose a seat towards the back of the class, where mst texting, talking and making out went unnoticed.

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Rose (dottedlines) Pretty soon, it was obvious that the art teacher had no intention of doing anything but reading the romance novel at her desk. Rolling her sparking blue eyes, Angeline got up, making no effort to stay quiet and waltz out the door. Pretty soon, four other wannabes followed loyally only they tip-toed out.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Yeah, I sent her there :D))

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