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Juliet twirled her pink and purple hair in annoyance, no one was doing anything, everyone was just doing their own thing and the teachers were not here. Yes she wasn't a sports person, but shed rather do sports then to just stab there against the wall and do nothing.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia smiled at what her friends said and tried to stifle a sigh. Where's the teacher? She's tired of waiting already. Then she glanced at the pink hair girl beside her who look as boring as her and smile. "Hei, Juliet." she said.

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Juliet looked down at the shorter, blond figure next to her, smirking.
"Hey" she replied, looking away as fast as she looked down.
Popular girls like Mia don't just talk to loner girls like Juliet for no reason. There has to be some motive behind it, and honestly, she don't want to find out.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments She gaped when Juliet looked away.
Jeez... and they say I'm the arrogant one.

"What sport do you play?" she tried again.

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"Professionally, none, for school, all" she replied in a motionless tone, wanting this conversation to be over already.
'Why is she talking to me?' Juliet thought.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments She shrugged. Started to feel awkward. "Well, I play volleyball. You're junior, right?"

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"No I'm a Freshman, I just like to sneak in Junior classes to wait patiently for the teacher to come because I was bored" she replied sarcastically.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "oh." she dont know what to say anymore. She sounds so sarcastic. "I am Mia by the way in case you're wondering."

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"I know who you are, we've had classes together since preschool, but I'm sure you didn't know that" she scoffed.
She looked around the room, feeling like someone was watching her.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments She blushed a little but scoffed when she realise it's not her fault she didn't recognize this girl. "Well, you look different then. Anyway, why are you so bitter. Im just trying to make a conversation here."

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"Sorry, I'm just not used to the populars talking to me. As you can see, I'm not that approachable" she apologised, resting her head on the wall behind her.
That wasn't really true, the populars do talk to her, scratch that, they talk about her and call her names in front of her.
Not that she cared much anyway.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Its okay."she answered slowly. "Hey, I thinks Scott is checking you out." she nodded her head to Scott, try to change the subject.

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Mai Audrey sauntered into the gym, her fingers itching to take a cigarette, but she forget her pack at home. She spotted Mia, maybe she would have a cigarette or maybe the girl next to her.

"Hey, Mia! Do you have a cigarrette?" she wondered, walking towards her.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Shh!" she put her index finger on her lips and shot Audrey a panic looked. "You shouldnt ask me about that thing loudly in here. And no, I dont have one with me."

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Mai Audrey chuckled, her eyes glimmering with amusement. "Why? Afraid of a teacher?" she rolled her eyes. "What's the worst he can do?"

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Well, she'll call my mother, tell her about me and then I am grounded for the whole month. And you know whats that mean? It means no party and no smoking."

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Mai "Fair point. Good thing my mother doesn't give a crap about me," she murdered the last part bitterly and quietly. "So, do you know any wild parties coming up?" her eyes shone with excitement.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Oh, yeah tonight." she grinned. "Jill invite us to his brother's party. His brother is in college and Jill said he's good looking." she wiggled her eyebrows."Wanna try?"

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Mai Audrey almost squealed. "Finally! Nobody has been doing parties for a while! You made my day, Mia. And a brother, huh? College, too? I definitely wanna try. Have you seen him?"

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Juliet smirked, hearing their conversation.
She looked at the guy on his phone, Scott was it? No, he wasn't checking me out, what people say to start up conversations is just, stupid.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments She grinned and then give a little frown. "Thats what worry me. I haven't seen him yet and you know what an expert Jill in exagerating."

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Mai Audrey's lips tilted downwards into a frown. "Aw, after you got me all excited, you bring me down! I hope he's hot. Haven't hooked up in a long time. Unfortunately." she leaned against the wall and asked Juliet, "Do you have a cigarrette?"

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "I don't know. Let's just find out ourselve, okay? And stop asking people that question. It's rude." she gave Audrey a little swat in the arm.

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"Why do people always assume the weird ones have cigarettes?" Juliet wondered out loud, shaking her head.
"Why don't you go ask the crack heads, you know, the white guys in dreadlocks that always listen to Bob Marley" she advised.

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Mai "I hope there are hot guys there if Jill's brother isn't hot. Or if he is." She shrugged and pretended that Mia's swat hurt, pouting. "And it's not rude. Its just like asking people for a pencil. Except it's way more useful than a pencil."

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Mai Xhorxhia wrote: ""Why do people always assume the weird ones have cigarettes?" Juliet wondered out loud, shaking her head.
"Why don't you go ask the crack heads, you know, the white guys in dreadlocks that always l..."

"Jeez, someone's a little touché. It's just a cigarette for God's sake." She rolled her eyes.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Okay, firstly nobody said you are weird," she said to Juliet before she turned to look at her friend. "and secondly, Audrey, I told you. Its rude."

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Juliet tilted her bead and have them a hard look.
"My hair is pink, people automatically think I'm weird" she stated.
"And don't you know how harmful cigarettes are?" She said to the other girl.

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((I mean head and gave))

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Mai "Fine, fine! I'll stop asking people for cigarettes. And I think your hair is pretty cool, it's just not my thing." Se rolled her eyes. "oh please, save me the lecture. I know, I know. But everything's harmful these days so what's the point?"

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Well, Pink hair is pink too." she shrugged absently.

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"Whatever, but you'll remember this conversation when you're 35 with yellow fingernails, bad breath with no teeth and living with a talking parrot that's your only friend. No offence" she stated.

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Mai Audrey scoffed, "Well you're no fun to talk to," she mumbled under her breath, turning back to Mia. "So what are you gonna wear to the party?"

((gtg guys! (: ))

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia laughed. "Seriously, I don't think I'm going to be like that when I am 35. But Im not sure about you Audrey. Talking to parrot is so your thing." And then she got a massage from her boyfriends. "Ops, Ihave some emergency here. So, see you at lunch, Audrey. Im sure Crystal is dying to meet you. She have some secret she want to tell you." Mia winks and gave Juliet a little wave before she walked out from the gym to meet her sweetheart.

((hei, im going to sleep so maybe i'll try to excuse myself from the conversation. Good night, Mai! Good Night, Xhorxhia.))

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Juliet gave a small smile back, Mia wasn't that bad.

((Night guys :)))

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Juliet yawned, sitting down on the floor with her back pressed to the wall.
'I really wish I brought my phone in today' she thought, letting her eyes wonder the room lazily.

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Juliet felt like someone was watching her, she could feel the stares on the side of her head.
She turned her head and caught a pair of chocolate brown eyes, she looked at his face. He was smirking at her.
"Bastard" she muttered, glaring at him.

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Mai Audrey stuck her tongue out at Mia. "I am gonna be a hot mama, trust me, it's in my genes." she winked as Mia began to walk away. "Secrets? Wait! What secrets?" She pouted when Mia left. "Now, I'll never know!"

((night Lucy, even though when you see this it'll be morning! :P))

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Mai Audrey drops down on the floor next to Juliet and pouts playfully. "Why do all guys like you? I guess it's cause you're gorgeous and bold. So, anyways, which one you gonna pick? Are you the boyfriend type?"

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Juliet smirked and the glared again, she could almost imagine the vain thoughts he was thinking, of himself of course.
Sure, she though he was attractive, who wouldn't, but she could tell he was a jerk, most of the hot guys were.
She ran her hands through her pink and purple hair, her eyes still locked with his, and stretched her legs out in front of her, one over the other.

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Juliet turned to the girl, not noticing her there.
"No, I'm not the boyfriend type" she simply said.

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Mai Audrey nodded. "Mine either. I am more hook-up material." she winked and then studied Juliet. "You look like you dont even hookup, just the anti-boys type."

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Juliet shrugged.
"Have you seen the guys in this town? They're distrusting, stupid, alcoholic, and only want one thing" she stated, shaking her head in disappointment.

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She looked up at the boy, smirking, see, she was right.

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Mai Audrey laughed, throwing her head back. "True. But that doesnt mean we shouldnt have fun." Audrey nudged Juliet when the boy came over with a smile, murmuring a nonchalant hey.

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Mai "Juliet here was just telling me about how she's single, isn't that right?" Audrey smiled slyly at Juliet. "Oh, I am Audrey, by the way."

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Juliet glared at her, feeling her cheeks redden.
"I'm so gonna kill you after this" she threatened.

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Mai Audrey let out a giggle. "Emty threats!" she teased. "He's right, you should smile more often. Smiling is a great exercise for face muscles."

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"Of course it is" she muttered, looking away from his gaze.
"Shut up you, just work on being pure" she teased, giving her a friendly glare.
'This is weird' she thought.

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Mai "I'll never be pure, my darling. I was born dirty." she winked at her, giggled slightly. Audrey's glance flitted between the two of them and her lips formed a smirk. "Shall I leave you two alone?" she inquired, already getting on her feet.

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