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Juliet rushed into class, apologising to the teacher for being late.
"Just take a seat anywhere" she said, gesturing towards an empty seat at the back.
She nodded, clearing her throat and walked to the back of the class, she spotted Hayden.
'Huh, I didn't know he was in this class' she thought to herself, looking at him in wonder. And then she remembered what her aunt said last night, and looked away quickly in embarrassment.

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Juliet sighed, plopping down on to her seat and placed her notebook and pen on the desk, glancing quickly at Hayden in front her.
'Not this again! Just talk to him! You guys kissed! You've already passed the awkward stage!' She thought to herself, banging her head one quietly on her desk.

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Juliet frowned at his smirk, but greeted him anyway.
"Hi" she replied, shaking her head and rolling her eyes at him. She looked at the teacher and noticed that the teacher was in his own world.

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Juliet cleared her throat, chuckling humourlessly.
"I was fine, that whole day was just...crazy, I guess, it kind of got to me a little" she explained, rubbing the back if her neck.

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Juliet laughed, showing her faint dimples.
"Don't worry, horror movies don't scare me much" she stated, knowing for a fact that he only wanted to take her to see a horror movie so that she'll end up cuddling him because of how scared she was...yeah, right.
'Its only day 2 buddy' she thought, grinning to herself.

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She raised her eyebrows at his question.
"Who doesn't, it's like sugar in a cup, but, you know, creamier" she chucked.
"Why?" She asked, stretching her arms out on the desk.

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((Sorry I don't know what frozen yogurt is, is it like ice cream?))

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Juliet bit her lip, blinking up at him in surprise.
No one ever spoke about her parents, let alone ask about them. She always thought that people knew that her parents were dead.
"...." She opened her mouth to speak but no words were coming out, it was like she didn't know how to speak. She felt a lump in her throat and she didn't know why, it's not like she even knew her parents anyway, so why was she acting so, emotional.
"My parent are dead, but my aunt thinks very highly of you" she tried to joke.

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Juliet smiled, glad that the conversation topic changed quickly.
"Hmm, you are very cute, but I think Ian Somerhalder is the hottest man alive" she teased, winking playfully at him.

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Juliet grinned, leaning forward just a little.
"Now I'm not so sure about that, even though I've never kissed Ian 'Somehalder' he's just too hot to think that he's not a good kisser" she stated, her eyes gleaming.

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"Hmm, you tell me" she teased, leaning in a little closer, by she was not going to kiss him, but if he kissed her, now that's a different story.
Juliet was good at flirting when she did, especially when she lived in England, but she was not a whore.

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Juliet grinned into the kiss, not caring that they were practically making out in front of the class and their teacher. She never made out with a boy in class before so she didn't really k ow where to put her hands, which is pretty embarrassing, so she just grazed her fingertips against his jaw.

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"Yup!" She teased, pecking him quickly on the lips before winking.
She leaned back on her seat, opening her notebook and started to write down some notes she saw on the board, the teacher probably wrote it before they came into class.

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((Yes! Do it, I have no idea what to do next in Chemistry :) ))

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