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Rose (dottedlines) Britain rushed into English. Damn, she was late. After sneaking to her seat unseen, she took out her notebook. It wasn't full with English notes; quite the contrary. The notebook had sketches and designs for Britain's latest paintings. She also had a few outfit designs in there as well.

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Juliet strolled into the classroom, not caring about anyone noticing her as she took her seat. Her cheeks were still bright scarlet, if only she could stop thinking about that, boy.
She took out her notebook, which was full of notes, and placed it on her desk along with her blue pen.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Thanks Jasmine xD))

Britain looked up for a split second to take in her surroundings. When she spotted someone, she almost sporadically combusted. It was Hayden. He was here; the world's hottest guy was in the same English class as her and she was sitting right behind him! Oh dear god. What should she say? She had been waiting for this her whole life but she couldn't let him know that. Oh god, why was she such a klutz around cute guys?

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Rose (dottedlines) Britain's voice caught in her throat. Oh god. He's looking at me with this dazzling eyes. she thought hazily. Then she regained consciousness. "Oh, um, yeah." She mumbled, running her left hand through her backpack and pulling out a sharpened #2 pencil. Only trouble was that it had Hayden's name scribbled all over it. Shit. Why'd I have to doodle on my only pencil. she mentally groaned. "On second thought, nope. Sorry." Britain grinned sheepishly.

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Juliet chucked humorously, shaking her head as she tried to copy the notes the teacher had written on the board down.
She knew it was too good to be true, Hayden was a hot guy, and hot guys want girls all the time. If one girl shoots them down, they go looking for the next one.
She looked at him quickly, making sure that she didn't see him.

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Juliet shook her head, thinking that it would clear her mind.
She was wrong.
She realised she'd been acting, not so friendly, and playing hard to get. But she couldn't help it, things like this doesn't happen to her.
She groaned, accidentally knocking over her note pad on the floor.
"Great" she muttered.

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'Quick! Saying something! Anything! Say anything!' She thought to herself.
"Thanks" she said calmly, taking the notebook gently from his hands, and smiling at him.
She turned back around facing the board, and mentally cursing at herself, imagining a cartoon hammer hitting her on her head again, and again, and again.

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Juliet breathed in an turned around in her seat, she was a out to say something when she saw his blush. It was faint, but noticeable.
Her eyes widened.
"Is he...he can't be! He's, he's a dude!" She thought to herself.
She kept staring at him in shock.
Was he blushing because of her?
Not possible.
She now realised that she's been staring for a few seconds, she's probably freaking him out.

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Ok, that proves it, it's her, he's actually blushing because if her. She blinked a few times before finally turning away from him, playing her hands down onto her desk.
She sighed, pulling her colourful hair to one side and started to plait it nervously, feeling her heart skip a beat.

((LOL, this is so cheesy :D))

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((Haha, I wonder what's gonna happen with these two, they are a weird pairing))

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Juliet stood from her seat and shoved her note pad and pen back in her bag. Throughout the rest of the class all she could think about was Hayden.
Urg! She is so losing her mojo!
"Maybe I should dye my hair red" she thought, lifting her head up in thought.
She nodded to herself.

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She looked up at him in slight shock, debating whether to to flip him off of not.
Apparently, she's being very generous today.
"Hey" she replied, grinning.

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Juliet chuckled nervously, running her hands through the purple parts of her hair.
"No, sorry that must have looked really weird" she said, looking into his eyes.
Wrong move.

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She laughed.
"A little, ok, a lot actually" she teased, breaking her gaze. She could feel her cheeks redden.
'Not again!' She moaned in her head.
Her heart started to beat beat really fast, not knowing if it's because of him or because he is seeing her blushing.
So embarrassing.

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Rose (dottedlines) Britain mentally groaned when she saw Hayden and Juliet together. The rumor last period was that he had a thing for her but Britain had hoped it wasn't true. Now she could see why. Juliet was really pretty and smart and funny. It must've been easy for Hayden to fall for her. Britain went back to sketching, figuring her crush would always just be a figment of her imagination.

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"Yeah, different, that's what most people think when they see me" she said, grabbing her backpack from her desk.
"They word it differently though" she added, frowning slightly.

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((Me too :( But don't hurt Juliet! She's special! :D ))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((It's all good :) Juliet and Hayden are like, the perfect match ;3 ))

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((Haha, I wouldn't say perfect :) ))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((LOL, well, close enough))

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Juliet couldn't help but feel giddy inside at the tone of his voice.
"Oh you know, there's 'weirdo', 'anal evacuator', 'future whore of America', there are a lot of rumours about me so...yeah" she chuckled nervously, scratching the back I her head.

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((It is very odd, haha, i'm probably gonna dye her hair red and blue next so it would be extra weird))

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"Ah flattery, you do this a lot don't you" she laughed, her dimples showing fully.
"Sure, I guess" she said, smiling widely at him.
This is the first time ever, that she's ever gone out with a guy, don't get it wrong though, she has been with guys before.

((Yeah she does like him, sorry she's really a different, hard-headed character :) ))

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Juliet laughed again, not believing that he was actually making her laugh, and smile, and act human!
"Yeah sure, 7" she said, blushing a little again.
'Seriously, what I up with my face!' She thought.

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((Ok, hurry! :) ))

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'Oh my God...this dude gets me' she teased herself.
"Seriously? You like horror?" She asked him, grinning.

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'He likes Chucky...dude...' She thought to herself.
"Yeah, later" she said, smiling.
Juliet has truly never felt this way before, she's never acted so girly in her entire life! Who was this person? She doesn't usually act like this!
She gave Hayden another smile before leaving the room, not looking back at him, she would never be one of those girls.

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