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Rose (dottedlines) Matthew turned the corner, scanning the hallway. He spotted his crush Crystal and smiled. Walking over, he brushed his hand through his perfect hair, soft and silky. Today was one of the few days he had chosen not to wear a beanie. "Hey." he smirked once he reached her.

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Rose (dottedlines) "Nothing. Can't a guy say hello to a beautiful girl wouldn't being incrimanated?" Matthew asked, putting up his hands in mock surrender and flashing his signature smile to let her know he was kidding. "You wanna ditch this hell hole and go somewhere fun?" he asked, running his hand through his hair again.

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Rose (dottedlines) ☠❤ ℬℰℒℒℰ ❤☠ wrote: "Crystal pushed some hair from her face and looked him over. She tapped her finger against her chin as if she was thinking, "Depends on what you have in mind." She said finally. She leaned against h..."

"I was thinking maybe we could get out of here, cruise around a bit, see a movie." Matthew said with a coy chuckle. She was so cute when she had her guard up; but then again, she was cute all the time. Matthew had his convertible parked outside (of course he was ditching) and ready to rumble. Now all he needed was Crystal's consent, and he was betting he was going to get it.

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Rose (dottedlines) "What a bitch." Angeline muttered to her closest wannabe about the art teacher.
"Yeah, I know right? She was just like reading and not even doing anything with us and like, it was soooo stupid and the time I just wanted to like go up to her and be like, OMG, you're like, stupid and, like, ugly and--"
Angeline put a hand up in the girl's face, stopping her mid-ramble.
"Ick. I'm already bored." She sighed, rolling her eyes while checking out her perfectly manicured nails. The wannabe lowered her eyes to the floor as the other flashed her disapproving looks. Angeline couldn't help but smirk. Some time ago, no one would've cared about what she though, but today, her word wasn't just important, it was the law.

She then spotted Claire, looking more annoyed than usual. "Go away, NOW!" She snapped to her wannabes. They slinked off, but not too far. They were never too far. She walked over to Claire once alone and grabbed her arm. "We have to go... do something." She said, pulling her out from the middle of the crowd. "Alone." She hissed when two wannabes started to follow.

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Rose (dottedlines) Matthew smiled broadly. He hated movies as well, but girls always seemed to love them. Obviously Crystal was different. "Sounds good then." He smirked, toying with the dog collar necklace on his neck. He held out the crook of his arm. "M'lady." He said, acting like an old fashioned gentlemen. He hoped she would play along. If not, then... oh well.

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Rose (dottedlines) "Ugh. Nothing, I just figured you and I needed an escape from all those wannabe bitches." She smirked. "And of course Becky's a slut. Even Gregory Daniels rejected her invitation to sleep with her. Gregory Daniels." She said with her signature roll of her eyes, her voice icy cold. It wasn't that she didn't like Claire, quite the opposite; Claire was one of the few in her clique she could stand for more than 10 seconds. It was just today-- the day had started out with Angeline witnessing her parents getting it on right in the middle of the kitchen. YUCK!! Then, she found that she had left her favorite gloss at home. Plus, her ex-boyfriend Anthony went all stalker mode and started calling/ texting/ showing up in the middle of her classes non stop. Today sucked, major.

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Rose (dottedlines) Matthew smiled. Crystal was smart, so unlike his usual type. He liked stupid girls, the dumber, the easier to get in bed. He bowed slightly as he walked casually to the front door of the building and walked out.

As soon as they were out of the building, Matthew grinned. He inhaled deeply. "Smell that? Smells like fun and freedom." He laughed, leading Crystal to his convertible, parked right in front of them. He opened the door to the shotgun seat. "Mamma always said ladies first." He said with a polite smirk. That wasn't true. His mother usually just said all men were sick, twisted, selfish bastards who were good for nothing and should go shit in a hole.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Bye Jasmine!!))

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Rose (dottedlines) "I have a place in mind." Matthew said casually, trying not to sound sexual. He was going to take her to Cider Point (made up place). It was his favorite location in the whole world, although he had been to Greece, Italy, Paris, New York and other legendary places. Cider Point made them all seem like amateur sights. Cider Point is beautiful, like Crystal. Matthew thought. He thought about using that as a pick up line, but maybe that'd be moving too fast. Plus, Crystal seemed like the type of girl who hated pick up lines.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((To the Cider Point topic!!))

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Rose (dottedlines) "Depends on your version of fun." Angeline smirked. She wasn't one to skip school-- it hurt her grade, but today, who gave a fuck? She tossed her hair back from her shoulder with a flick of her wrist, a practiced move that had now become natural. Claire's version of fun was usually something dangerous or a party. Angeline felt the need for an adrenaline rush and she loved parties. "Oh," she added, her smirk deepening. "Becky's already pregnant. Why do you think that whore hasn't come to class in the last two weeks." She said with a chuckle.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline laughed at Claire's little joke. It was typical at Rosewood-- call the girls in your clique bitches. She arched her perfectly shaped eyebrow as Claire opened her bag. "Smokes, vodka? Oh Claire, you know me so well." she laughed. When Claire mentioned the gym teacher, Mr. Carter, Angeline's ears pricked up. "Of course I know Mr. Carter, who wouldn't?" she said, smirking.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline felt the need to laugh out loud, so she did. When was the last time she had done that-- when had she last laughed genuinely? Probably never. "I knew the old geezer would eventually crack. I mean seriously, last year another teacher, Mrs. Rotherham, the calculus teacher caught him checking out some guy's butt when he was showering after PE." She smirked. "I could've added that to my blackmail bank but Jennah Franco beat me to it. Bitch." Angeline sneered. "And," she added when Claire mentioned blackmailing. "I've been wanting some action around here." She said, whipping out her Chanel gloss and applying it smoothly to her upper and lower lips.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia walked out from her class to her locker. She can't help a small smirk on her lips when she saw some guys is checking her out. Well, guys...

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Juliet rushed out of the gym and into the halls, almost running into her locker.
Se hated acting so stupid and girly, the way she acted towards that guy was, disgusting.
She blushed for Gods sake!
The girl freaking blushed!
She doesn't do that, ever.
"What is wrong with me" she thought dryly.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Oh, hei, Juliet. We meet again." and when she saw her red face, she frowned. "Are you alright?"

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"I'm, just fine" Juliet blurted out, she was still embarrassed.
"I thought your boyfriend wanted you or something" she muttered, not really caring but felt obliged to ask.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Oh, yeah." She grinned wickedly. "Of course he wanted me. But I don't know where he is right now. Are you really okay? Your face is so red." She told her.

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"Yes I'm fine!" She huffed, yanking her locker open.
'Stop blushing, stop blushing, stop blushing!" She begged herself.

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Mai Audrey strolled to her locker; not bothering to greet anyone. She was frustrated. Extremely frurstrated. How long had she gone without a cigarette? She hoped to find one in her locker. She kept stashes of them everywhere. She opened her locker then her eyes zoomed on the cigarrette pack. A smile spread over her face. She snatched the pack. Her frustration retured when she found it empty. "Perfect," she growled under her breath.

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Juliet glared into her locker, trying to pretend that she didn't hear that comment.
She huffed, grabbing her History text book from her bag and shoved it into her locker, slamming it shut.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Okay," Mia muttered to herself at Juliet's weird reaction. Did I said something wrong?
After a small shrug, she started to walked back to he locker and found Audrey with a cigarette in her hand and a big satisfied grin on her face. "Jeez, happy much, Audrey."

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Mai "No! It's empty!" Audrey snapped, slamming her locker. She fumed for a bit then took a few deep breaths. "I am okay. I am okay. I don't need one every two seconds." she took one last deep breath then plastered a fake smile on her face. "So, what's up?"

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Okay," she raised her brow. "Why everyone is so moody today." She turned around, opened her locker, grabbed her pack of cigarette and chucked it to Audrey. "Here. Hope you're better." she added sarcastically.

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Juliet walled down the halls, not even looking at Hayden when she passed him.
She wasn't that great with people, boys mostly, and he certainly wasn't used to them talking to her. It was a weird experience and she hopes that it will never happen again! She was fine sitting alone in the music room at lunch, listening to music while everyone else plays around.

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Rose (dottedlines) Jasmine wrote: "Whisper wrote: "Angeline felt the need to laugh out loud, so she did. When was the last time she had done that-- when had she last laughed genuinely? Probably never. "I knew the old geezer would ev..."

Angeline laughed, then immediately felt bad. She liked Juliet, she really did. Once, in math class they had struck a conversation and she was nice. But she didn't fit in and she wasn't popular so there was no room for her in their clique. Then she spotted Audrey. She was gorgeous, making her an instant popular and today she looked especially frustrated. "Think she's had her daily dose of nicotine?" She asked Claire, gesturing towards Audrey.

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Mai Audrey brightened immediately. "Yes! Thank you! You are a life p saver!" she even hugged Mia for a second before grabbing the pack and lightening the cigarette. She smoked slowly, not caring if any teacher saw her. "Now, I am cheerful, not moody!"

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline chuckled at Audrey's reaction to the cigarettes. Some girls were really hooked on that shit. Sure, Angeline herself had had her share of that stuff, and yes, she had been just as addicted as Audrey was at one point, but those were over. She had a smoke now and then, but unlike a couple months ago when her smoke breaks were every five minutes, now she could go without smoking for almost a day.

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Mai Audrey pretended to pout, crossing her arms over her chest. "Hey, don't look at me like that! You smoke too," she pointed out, taking another inhale. But Audrey knew that nobody smoked as much as she did, she was addicted but she tried to deny it.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Is she talking to Angeline?))

message 31: by Mai (new)

Mai ((haha yeah, should've cleared that up! :P))

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia grined and shook her head. "You are ridiculous." After she put her book and closed her ocker, she turned around and leaned on her locker. "Hei, Angeline." she said.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline shrugged. "Yeah, I do smoke." She replied simply to Audrey. She decided not to bitch out, even though she had a killer comeback on her tongue. The girl was joking, why should she take it to heart? "Hey Mia." She said, smiling a non sarcastic, non mean smile. Then she turned back to Claire. "Speaking of Mr. Carter," she started, although no one was talking about him anymore. "I have gym next so I better not see that asshole looking up my shorts." She said with a roll of her eyes.

message 34: by Mai (new)

Mai "Me? Ridiculious? Psst," Audrey snorted then a wink to Mia. She overheard Angeline and couldnt help but pry. "Mr. Carter looks up your shorts?" she burst into laughter. "He's always been a pervert."

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline grinned. If there was something she loved more than smoking, it was definitely vodka. "Hook me up with that shit and we'll be ready to party." She winked. Then she turned to Audrey. "He's a total perv. Haven't you heard the rumors?" She asked, batting her eyelashes. "Please, you guys," she said, addressing Claire, Mia and Audrey. "Cut your next class and come with me. Mr. C won't even notice. He'll be too busy with two fingers up his ass." She laughed.

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Mai "Well I get the best of both worlds; vodka and smokes." She winked at Claire, taking another drag. "Oh, I know the feeling! One of my stepfathers used to work in the business;I had access to all sorts of alcohol. It was awesome. Anyways, Mia told me there was a party tonight. That Jill's hosting it, I heard she has a sexy brother." Audrey leaned against the lockers and chuckled lightly as the hallways began to get deserted. "I am all up for it, but I'll think he'd notice if the hottest girls in class aren't there."

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Mai "I just hope he and his friends are actually hot, not college geeks. You know how that Jill exaggerates." Audrey rolled her eyes then her eyes lit up when she saw the vodka. She dropped the cigarette and smashed it on the ground. "Give me a swig," she said nonchalantly to Claire. "Oh, I know her! Ugh, she's awful! She's so full of herself even though she's fat and hideous." Audrey huffed. "Once, she was like, oh that shirt makes you look fat!" she copied her in a nasally, annoying voice. "Please, if I am fat then she must be an elephant. She's just jealous she doesn't have my curves." Audrey flipped her hair over her shoulder with a playful wink.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline laughed. She knew Megan; she was a total attention whore and a slut. "So you're coming?" She asked Claire, not quite sure of her consent. The late bell had already rang but Angeline knew Mr. C. wouldn't care. He was always too busy trying to resist not rubbing her ass. Angeline knew this for a fact. Once he had "accidentally" rubbed up against her.

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Mai "Oh, come on, Angy! Skip, just this once! Pretty please!" Audrey begged, wideneing her eyes and pouting. "Trust me, Claire, not all of them. I once went to this college party and there were some total geeks there! Perverted and clingy and God-awful!" She let a fake shudder pass through her. She laughed. "I don't think she has, have you?" She inquired Angeline, raising an eyebrow.

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Mai "Yeah, most high school guys are lousy, sloppy kissers. My best hookup was a college guy." She sighed dreamily. "His abs were heaven!" She giggled and Waited for Angeline's response.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline smirked at Claire's question. "Mmhhhmm. Best night of my life. The guy was a real hottie if you know what I mean." She laughed. Then when Audrey asked about skipping gym, Angelinr nearly jumped at the offer. "Okay, let's skip. We gives a fuck about gym anyway? It's not like we're all gonna be Olympians or fat, sweaty gym teachers in the future anyway." She said with a flick of her hair. Angeline took a cigarettes from Claire's pack and lit it. As she inhaled, she sighed. God the smoke tasted so good.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline nodded at that statement. "Tell me about it." She muttered, taking a long drag before blowing it out slowing. Had smoking always felt this heavenly? If so, she'd definitely have to take it up again. Angeline glanced at the clock on the wall casually. 12:30 Ugh. School wouldn't end for at least another two hours. "Let's leave now." She said, putting out her cigarette butt on a nearby locker, opening her own and retrieving a jacket.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline nodded as she fixed her already perfect hair and reapplied her gloss. She slammed her locker shut, not even caring the slightest bit that it made a tremendous noise. "Chris Hemphry is having a party on his college campus in half an hour. Shall we crash it?" she smirked. Technically they wouldn't be crashing since Chris had desperately told her to come after they had made out in his backseat, but hey-- crashing was half the fun.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline nodded as she took out her own gum. Like Claire's, her gum was fruity flavored, her favorite. Gum was essential, especially at parties with hot college guys who'd 99% want to kiss them. "Much, much hotter than all these losers." She smirked. As if by demonstration, a nerdy hall monitor walked by the trio. He didn't try to reprimand them; that would be social torture.


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Rose (dottedlines) ((Yess! ^^))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((BRB in like, half and hour))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((I'm baaacccckkkk *creepy horror movie voice*))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Going to it right now :D ))

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments The conversation between the girls totally tuned out by Mia while she busy grinning to herself reading text messages from her boyfriend. But when she looked up, she found herself alone in the hallways. "Shit."
She opened her locker back, grab her book and before she close the door, her phone vibrate shows that she got a new message. She smile again but when she saw the message, she frowned.
"What is this? She read the text again and shrugged. "Wrong number, perhaps."
She put her phone into her bag and walked to her next class with a sigh. "Audrey left me again."

Text to Mia: Always watch your back, sweetheart. --A

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Rose (dottedlines) ((OMG! Yay! Someone's finally bringing the PLL theme in :D))

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