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Anne Charnock (annecharnock) | 14 comments A Calculated Life - a dystopian novel by Anne Charnock

I’m a journalist-turned-artist and I published my first novel last month as a Kindle ebook. I operated as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, Africa and India and I’ve drawn on some of my experiences for specific sections of A Calculated Life.

Chester and London are my home bases today though I still travel around Europe (and Morocco earlier this year) in my campervan. In Spring 2013, I’ll be heading to Italy on a research trip for my second novel – brilliant excuse to visit some of my favourite places.

In my local community in Chester I've been active for six years in a grassroots carbon reduction project. This interest stems from my studies in environmental science at The University of East Anglia. Climate change forms a part of my novel's backdrop.

My website/blog is http://www.calculatedlife

Just for fun, I write lists of book recommendation for The Huffington Post and you can find these on my website at
They include a list of 12 dystopian novels, 10 novels about art, artists and art world shenanigans, and a list covering novels with fractured narratives.
Have a look and see if agree or disagree with my selections!

So here’s something about A Calculated Life, which will be free on Amazon from 25 -29 December:
UK kindle store -
US kindle store -

A Calculated Life is a dystopian vision of corporate life later in the 21st century when big business and state institutions are thriving thanks to a compliant, stratified and segregated workforce. Hyper-intelligent professionals live in affluence within the metropolis while menials live out in the subsidized, but spartan, enclaves.

There are upsides for everyone. Advances in genetic engineering have freed the population from addictive tendencies. Violent crime is a rarity.

Mayhew McCline, a corporation that detects global trends, recruits a young woman, Jayna, who instantly becomes the firm's star performer. No one seems to be jealous. After all, she guarantees they all make their bonuses.

Despite her flawless track record, Jayna is feeling twitchy. She knows she’s making stupid mistakes. But no one has noticed, yet. Working on a hunch that she’s too sheltered from real-world unpredictability, she embarks on an experiment to disrupt her proscribed daily routine.

Unwittingly, she sets a path that leads to clandestine forays beyond the metropolis, forbidden relationships and disloyalty.

NOTE - possibly not relevant for this group but I'll be having a Giveaway in late January - as soon as the paperback is available.

Geoff (G. Robbins) (merda constat variat altitudo) (snibborg) | 9052 comments Downloaded the book, Anne. I look forward to reading it.

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Anne Charnock (annecharnock) | 14 comments Thanks, Geoff!

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