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yael After the small encounter at the mall, Veyda and Amber parted their seperate ways. It didn't strike Vey until then, considering if Amber didn't like the diner like most kids. Amber was a Smart-E after all, and she never noticed her friend act loud to others like she did around Veyda. Puzzled, Veyda sat on a spinning stool. The diner was so...vintage. The 50's style place looked cute nestled in between two other stores. The waitress neared Veyda with her small notepad and pencil that was tucked behind her ear.

"What can I get for ya hon'?" the woman asked.

"A vanilla shake and curly fries please," she ordered. Normally, these types of food weren't her style. But at Rosewood, anyone who came to the diner seem to order stuff like this. Back in Guyana, it was always something spicy and flavorful. When her order arrived, Vey eyes the two straws the waitress put in her milkshake from under her dark lashes. But I'm alone. Why two? The blonde woman winked, then walked off to serve the others. A dissatisfied scowl appeared, then disappeared as fast as it came. Picking up a fry, she popped it in her mouth and chewed.

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yael ((I changed my mind. I have such a wonderful idea right now :'D (view spoiler)))

The waitress collected the empty bottle and carton to dispose the leftovers. Vey stood up and left the diner, her white Converse squeeking on the tiles.

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yael (((view spoiler)))

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yael Jude sauntered in the diner. Confidence oozing from his every step. Which was just a facade, because deep inside, he wasn't really that cocky. Jude sat down on the stool and ordered a strawberry milkshake, despite the coldness of the winter. Even if he preferred hot chocolate as something warm opposed to coffee, today was one of his days. Care free, and relaxed.

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"You are so cheesy!" Juliet laughed, stepping out into the pavement.
"Food..." She muttered, sighing happily as if she just saw her best friend in years.

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Juliet stepped inside the diner and sat down at a table like her life depended on it. She could alarmist smell the hot, greasy food being cooked in the kitchen.

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Juliet smiled, feeling comfortable as be scooted closer to her. She looked through the menu while biting her lip, debating whether to have the classic burger and fries, or a roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes.
"Um...I guess I'll have the burger and fries" she decided, tuckering a strand of her hair behind her ear.

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Juliet was a little shocked that he ordered for her, usually the guy just waits until the waiter comes to take our order and then he asks what you want and then he leaves you to say it. A bit rude don't you think?
Juliet smiled at waiter in a friendly way, she lives just across the street so she comes here a lot.

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"Oh nothing" she replied, clearing her throat, giving little chuckle.
"It's just I never thought you'd be, you know, this nice" she added, looking away. She felt a little embarrassed at that, she didn't want to seem rude or anything.

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Juliet sighed when she saw the food, she gained 10 pounds right then.
She grabbed a fry and chewed on it, grabbing another, and another and another. She always finished her fries before she started the burger, always.
If only there were...
"There you go" said the waitress, placing a small tiny bowl of sweet chilli sauce on the table, giving me a wink.

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"Of course" he stated, dripping a fry in the sauce and plopped it into her mouth, doing the same again and again.
"Don't you?" She asked, looking up at him while chewing with her mouth closed, that wouldn't be pretty.

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Juliet laughed, finally finished all her fries and started to eat her burger, not caring about who was looking at her as she stuffed her face in a ladylike way, if there even is a ladylike way to eat a burger with your hands, just as long as she didn't have anything on her face she's all good.
"Hey, what time it?" She asked him, grabbing a napkin and dabbed her lips.

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Juliet frowned slightly, not rely wanting to go home at the moment. She was about to say something when she caught his eyes with her own, not wanting to look away.
"So, would you rather bathe in ketchup or lick a hobo's foot?" She asked randomly, her eyes still locked with his.

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Juliet laughed, placing her hands in her lap as she leaned back on the chair.
"I asked you the question not me" she stated, beaming, everyone else thought she was a little weird when she asked that.

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"I don't really know what she thinks of you" Juliet admitted, finishing off her burger before resting her back against the chair, patting her full flat stomach.
"But she did tell me she'll beat me with a chair if I get pregnant" she tried to joke, frowning just a little.

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She shrugged, clearing her throat.
"I sure hope so, it's gonna hurt if she beats me with a chair" she chuckled, scratching the side of her head, a little embarrassed.

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Juliet laughed, getting over the awkward moment.
"Well, do you really want go back?" She asked, raising her eyebrows playfully.

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"I don't mind" she replied simply, clearing her throat, a little embarrassed when he said he'd rather spend the day with her.
Urg, she was getting too soft and she knew it, why did she always get embarrassed when he says stuff like that to her?

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Juliet frowned at his expression, she didn't mean to sound distant or anything.
"Not really, do you want to go back?" She asked him smiling softly, trying to tell him that he's doing ok.

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Juliet shook her head smiling.
"Ah huh, I know what you mean" she winked teasingly, since it is day 2.

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Juliet grinned, leaning forward to give him a quick peck before resting back against her seat.
"Shouldn't we get going then?" She asked, raising her eyebrows playfully.

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((Dude finally! I thought you were dead or something!))

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Juliet followed him as normal, finding it cute when he would turn around to check on her.
"Oh Shit!" She cursed, running to Hayden's car before he did and ducked low when she spotted her aunt laying down on the front lawn.

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"Get down! She knows what you look like" she said, dragging him down to her level, nearly pulling him over her.

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((Uh, I know what you mean, homework sucks, ass))

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Juliet frowned, flicking his forehead.
"We're skipping school remember" she mocked, shaking her head.

((Yay! I missed you ^^ ))

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Juliet laughed, hopping in the car and turned to look at him, startled at his expression.
"What?" She asked him, tilting her head to the side slightly, gazing at him with curiosity.

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Juliet frowned at his answer, sitting back against the car seat comfortably. Her head snapped in his direction when he put some music on, it was loud and it was rock, she didn't even think guys like Hayden listened to this kind of music.
"Are you ok?" She called out over the loud music, a little confused. He was acting really different from before.

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Juliet raised her eyebrows at him, scoffing silently as he smirked at her.
Really? Are we going back to jerk Hayden?
He groaned quietly, shaking her head at him as be zoomed past the houses like he didn't give a damn, stopping to a halt in front of his house, which looked more like a mini mansion.
"Wow" she commented, gazing at the house in awe.

((Where is it? The folder for the house is not there))

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((Ah ok ^^ ))

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