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message 1: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey (jguilmot) | 6 comments So, what are your favorite books? By this, I mean the first books that come to mind when someone asks you: "Hey, tell me a good book to read".

Here are some of mine, in no particular order:

- The Alchemist
- Blindness(read the Dutch translation. Did read its 'sequel' Seeing in English but was hell to read because lack of punctuation
- The Hotel New Hampshire
- The Street Lawyer

PS: Feel free to look at my shelves, I'm about 80% done adding books...

message 2: by Justine (new)

Justine O'Sheades (juzky) | 7 comments Mao's Last Dancer is one of my favourite biographies. I've been really interested in reading The Alchemist though.

message 3: by Connor (new)

Connor Hollrah | 5 comments Ender's Game

Then recently I'll add Hunger Games.

message 4: by Silja (last edited Dec 23, 2012 02:13AM) (new)

Silja John Ajvide Lindqvist: Handling the undead
Åsa Larsson: Rebecka Martinsson series
Karin Fossum: Konrad Sejer series, especially He who fears the wolf
Agatha Christie: Five little pigs
Jeffrey Eugenides: The virgin suicides
Oscar Wilde: The picture of Dorian Gray
Roald Dahl: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More
Johanna Sinisalo: Troll - a love story
Edward Bunker: Dog eat dog
Jeff Long: The descent

That was just off the top of my head. I'm sure there's more.

P.S. Harry Potter is more of an obsession so it doesn't count.

message 5: by Kiley (new)

Kiley | 2 comments Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire is hands down the best book I've ever read. As much as I love the musical, it didn't do the book justice.

A Great & Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. Not going to lie, it's a teen novel but it's all about magic and a little sci-fi. I thought it was a lot of fun and very entertaining.

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (momodaisuki) I do not know if this is too late but these are some of my favorite books:

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

And I am currently reading The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers, which even though I am not finished I would recommended to everybody based on the first 200 pages alone.

message 7: by Dylan (new)

Dylan M (thegreatannoyance) | 9 comments Never to late. Ever.

I give the nod to three books

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
The Giver by Louis Lowry

There are others that go for the three spots, but these are the ones I am happiest that I read.

message 8: by Jay (new)

Jay Here are three of my very favorites:

Gates of Fire by Stephen Pressfield
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton

message 9: by Sky (new)

Sky Nerraw (skynerraw) | 3 comments The Night Angels trilogy by Brent Weeks
The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss
The Gentlemen Bastard series by Scott Lynch

message 10: by Bushy (last edited Feb 11, 2013 01:02PM) (new)

Bushy Forestwitch | 3 comments Top three

1. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
2. Lamb by Christopher Moore
3. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

message 11: by Dawn (new)

Dawn | 3 comments To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee
The Secret Life of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd
Ender's Game- Orson Scott Card

I wanted to keep it to three. It was so hard.

message 12: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes | 1 comments The Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks
The Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

.......and so many others. :)

message 13: by Juan Alejandro (new)

Juan Alejandro | 1 comments well I'm only going to suggest one in order to make a stronger case at enticing you to read it:

Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz-Zafon.

If you can read spanish, get the spanish version.

message 14: by Nick (new)

Nick Bui I enjoy books that please me aesthetically as well as intellectually, it's a lot to ask for, but these books do an amazing job covering both:

Blindness by Jose Saramago (Fiction)
Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides (Fiction)

message 15: by Amanda (last edited May 10, 2013 01:51PM) (new)

Amanda Richards (amanda_richards) I just finished reading The Burning of Cherry Hill and that is now on my list (It was written by an imgurian! Woot!)

Also these:
The Burning of Cherry Hill by A.K. Butler Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1) by Orson Scott Card A Latent Dark by Martin Kee 1984 by George Orwell The Warded Man (Demon Cycle, #1) by Peter V. Brett The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, #1) by Douglas Adams Sabriel (Abhorsen, #1) by Garth Nix Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

There are so many more! But those are my current go to's.

message 16: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Lintott | 1 comments I'm sure it will get posted eventually but for me Dune is a must read. Frank Herbert is not only a great writer but the ideas he puts forward in the book about our society will leave you stunned and thinking for weeks.
Also if you're looking for something a little lighter reading I think Jim Butcher is a great fantasy writer. He writes characters that are likeable and fascinating in equal measure with a readable style that is almost friendly in its casual nature. Dresden Files particularly are a fun read.

message 17: by Christina (new)

Christina | 1 comments I really enjoyed Janet Fitch's book White Oleander, so beautifully written it reads like a poem! Also all Chuck Palahniuk, endlessly fascinating (:

message 18: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments Christina,
I absolutely agree with you about White Oleander! It was the first book I read that truly moved me. I love that someone else has read it; I don't know anyone else who has. :(

message 19: by Hiba (new)

Hiba Fatima | 3 comments Catcher in the Rye,
Shanghai Girls,
Brave New World

message 20: by Mike (new)

Mike | 4 comments Last Exit to Brooklyn by Selby Jr,
The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald,
Any prose poems by Charles Baudelaire (Highly recommended!)

message 21: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Adams (psychedchicken) | 2 comments Blindness is an AMAZING book. It is a bit difficult to read due to its lack of punctuation, You are probably the only other person I've talked to who has read it. Its crazy. I recommend it to everyone then wonder what its going to make them think about me. As far as I know, none of them have read it though.

Jeffrey wrote: "So, what are your favorite books? By this, I mean the first books that come to mind when someone asks you: "Hey, tell me a good book to read".

Here are some of mine, in no particular order:

- Th..."

message 22: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Adams (psychedchicken) | 2 comments One last thing!
Every book I would normally recommend has already been mentioned except for:

"The Grandmaster" by Molly Cochran and Warren Murphy

Someone gave it to my husband to read, and I was not expecting to really enjoy it. But he was not reading it so I picked it up and could not put it down. The summary on the back didnt interest me, but the book grabs you. I highly recommend it.

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