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Rose (dottedlines) Full Name: Angeline DeVar

Age: 17 years old

Birthday: May 15th, and don't you forget it

Grade: 11th

Social Status: Former nerd, turned popular who's quickly climbing her way to the top.

Relationship Status: Single

Crush: With homework, soccer, cheer practice and grades to care about, boys are the last thing on her mind.

Appearance: ((Sorry I'm unable to post the full picture. The link won't allow it.))
If you asked anyone what Angeline looked like, they'd give you a one word description: goddess. Her wavy hair, a shade in between light brown and strawberry blonde, cascades down her to the small of her back. It's her proudest assets, aside from her eyes of course. They're a stunning shade of colbait blue mixed with a sort of icier shade. Her nose is perfectly shaped (thanks to the top notch nose job) and has a nice bridge, unlike the bird beak thing she had before. Her lips are shaped like a rosebud and tinted naturally a nice shade of pink. Angeline has a long, angular face that many consider elegant but she hates.

Angeline's body wasn't always fantastic. Before her little makeover, she was pudgy and lumpy with no curves in the right places whatsoever. As for now, she's a total knockout. She's slim, tanned and muscular without over doing it. Her curves finally developed, along with her B cup breasts and killer legs.

Angeline's dressing style is very trendy and feminine with an edgy touch. She loves any piece that is big and bold because her goal is to set trends, which she usually does. Angeline is obsessed with jewelry, purses, and of course, shoes. Her motto, like any girl's, is: "You can never have too many accessories."

Personality: Along with her model looks and stellar body also came a queen bitch attitude. Angeline's a total snob, using her money and appearance in her favor. She loves being the center of attention and you bet she'll do anything for it.

Angeline has also kept a bit of her former nerd side. She still works extra hard to maintain her A average, remain a star soccer player and cheerleader, and stay on her principle's good side (although the last part is a bit hard).

Angeline isn't at all a player, despite some rumors. She'd love to be, but in all honesty, she just doesn't have the time to sleep with boys at leisure. Sure, she'll flirt (a lot), but don't expect her to be looking for a long term relationship.

And yes, it's true, Angeline is a total party animal. Although she's always caught up in her studies and such, she can always find time to sneak out and party hard. Even if that means staying up till sunrise.

History: Angeline was born to a rich couple. Her father is a French man named Ricardo who is the CEO of a big company that runs in Italy, Paris and Japan. Her mother is a Eurpoean mix named Genivieve who collects and sells exotic, antique (and expensive) art.

Together, they raised Angeline in Paris, France until she was ten years old when an opportunity to largen his company made Ricardo decide to move to Rosewood. They moved just in time for Angeline to start middle school.

School was hard for her, even if she was enrolled in a private school that cost a fortune. Sure, she got straight A's and sure, she was on the debate team, but making friends was hard for her. Her slight Frech accent led kids to tease her and her pudgy body shape, nerdy glasses, bird like nose, and frizzy hair didn't help.

Finally, 3 years later, sick of the bullying, Angeline turned to her parents. Genivieve, although a mother, is gorgeous and still the model face for her auction and charity group. Ricardo still looks like the 24 year old model who posed for a magazine in Paris.

With their help, Angeline was transformed from an awkward, gawky tween, into the goddess she is today, and just in time for high school. By the time she stepped through the doors of Rosewood High, she had a new nose, thanks to her nose job. Along with that, Angeline had also discovered conditioner and the best stylist in Pennslyvania, embraced the idea of contacts, grown into a knockout figure, and lost her accent.

Instead of being embarrassed of her French heritage as she was before, Angeline used it to her advantage. Students and teacher alike thought her exotic. Guys thought her hot.

Angeline started out a no one, but she quickly climbed the totem pole of popularity.

Family: Angeline is an only child to Genivieve and Ricardo DeVar. Unlike most of her friends' parents, Angeline's have stayed happily married over the years. Genivieve is a gorgeous strawberry blonde with stunning forest green eyes and a body that matches her daughter's. Ricardo is a handsome billionaire who dresses and acts like George Clooney, although he looks like an Orlando Bloom. Both are very accepting of Angeline changing herself and are all about her being a social butterfly, as long as she keeps up her grades.

Angeline became bored of being an only child so a couple moths ago, she bought a purebred (and not to mention expensive) Chow Chow puppy named Teacup.

Interests: Angeline loves soccer, cheer leading and of course, shopping. She's also a party animal and drinking and doing drugs are not excluded. Secretly, she still loves the debate team, but she'd never reveal that.

Pets: A purebred Chow Chow named Teacup.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Full Name: Mia Thompson

Age: 17

Birthday: 18 July

Grade: 11th

Social Status: Popular

Relationship Status: In relationship.

Crush: -

Appearance: Many says Mia is a beautiful girl. She has long wavy golden blonde hair with pure blue eyes and dark long lashes. She is the type of girl who has the face that even though she not smiling, she still look so kind and soft. Many assume she is a stubborn girl with her sharp chin but she is actually the opposite. She stood tall at 5'8 and with her slim and curvy body, she's perfect for modeling. The asset of Mia is her long finger and her smile. It is not a smile that make a guy drop to her feet, but a smile that make people want to hug her, a smile that make people heart at ease..
(view spoiler)

Personality: Mia is a cool and calm person. Many love her because of that. She's also friendly and smart. But she don't like to tell people including her family and best friend about her problem.

History: She comes from rich family. Her mother, Diana Thompson is an Australian archaeologist and her father is a famous film director who has a bad temper and rarely stay at home. She love her life. Since she was a child, people always being nice to her and in high school she is one of those popular girl that always catch people attention.

Family: Her parents and her sister who's studying art in Manhattan.

Interests: She like to horse riding and reading.

Pets: A persian cat named Jack.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Thanks. >.<

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Rose (dottedlines) Thank you :)

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Full Name: Juliet Hart
Age: 17
Birthday: April 11th
Grade: 11th
Social Status: Rebel
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: Doesn’t have one, no boy is worthy, yet.
Appearance:When people look at Juliet they think one thing: Freak. And when they get past her multicoloured (hot pink roots the get's lighter and the tolight blue at the tips of her hair) hair and hard-headed behaviour they think: Rebel. She has soft, chocolate brown eyes and pretty long, thick brown eyebrows and natural pink plump lips. She has lightly tanned skin and she’s 5’10.
Personality: Juliet likes to be feared, she likes being alone as well, all she needs is her music and books and then she’s all good. She’s never had the need to have friends, until now. She is hard-headed, sarcastic and charismatic but she can be kind and generous when she wants to be.
History: Her parents died when she was three years old and was sent to live with her older half brother and his wife and kids in London, England. But as she grew up she got out of control and it got hard to handle her, so her brother sent her to stay with her Aunt Rachel in America when she was fourteen. Her dad was from Argentina and her mother from Germany, her older brother is half English.
Family: Kind of says it all in the history bit.
Interests: Music; all kinds in different languages as well, books, food, she loves learning, even though she doesn’t show it, but she does want to do something with her life.
Pets: Black cat names Ezra

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Rose (dottedlines) Cool :D

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Hey, so can I rp now?

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Yay! Thanks!

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Rose (dottedlines) *Gasp!* I love her :D Can she and Angeline be in the same clique?

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Rose (dottedlines) Okay, so I'm changing Matthew's appearance just because.

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Rose (dottedlines) Full Name: Matthew McDaunahey

Age: 19 years old

Birthday: July 19th

Grade: Technically, he should be in college, but he's been left back twice. He's a Senior.

Social Status: Rosewood's bad boy

Relationship Status: Single, but he never stays that way for too long.

Crush: Crystal Coldwaters

Appearance: description

Matthew is a handsome boy. His blonde hair and startling green eyes attribute to his strong chin and angled nose. Plus, his lips are totally kissable.

Along with his model face, Matthew has a body that's the envy of most. He works out regularly (4-5 times a week), so he's pretty toned. His arms are certainly strong enough to sweep up his girl of the week and bride style carry her to his car. His legs are pretty muscular as well. His proudest asset is his killer six pack. It puts the Situation to shame.

Matthew's dressing style goes along the lines of anything in his closest. He'll stick with long sleeved tee shirts and tee shirts paired with his sneakers and black jeans. Matthew wears beanies a lot as well. Of course, his clothes are name brand because of his mom's riches.

Personality: Matthew lives up to his reputation. He loves the thrill of car chases, drugs, sex and stealing. Anything that'll get him in troubles excites him to no end.

Around females, Matthew doesn't have to do much. He'll smirk, wink, give an occasional hey but the opposite gender comes naturally running to him (along with the occasional homosexual and/or perverted man in his late forties).

Yep, he's a cocky bastard, but not without his unfailing charm. He's great at weasling, lying and squeezing his way out of trouble, but to him, getting caught is half the fun.

If you catch Matthew's eye, he'll be a total gentlemen: arriving on time, taking you on amazing dates, surprising you with unexpected gifts. Then, he'll sleep with you and the next day it'll be like you never knew him.

Recently, he's been infatuated with Crystal Coldwaters.

History: Matthew is an all American guy born to a wealthy family. His father, the owner of a successful car dealership and a chain of top notch restaurants, divorced his wife, a model and renowned actress when Matthew was 6 years old. It was for the best; the two were constantly bickering in front of Matthew, his older brother Dominck Jr. and his younger sister Kennedy.

Afterwards, the two lived with their mother on the weekdays and visited their father on the weekends. The tradition continued until Matthew was 10 years old, Dominck was 15 and Kennedy was 6. Then, their father remarried a Lebanese model half his age who hated children. As result, they were never allowed to visit anymore and rarely saw of their beloved father.

When Dominick turned 17, he was sent off to war and killed. Matthew was devastated,as was his mother and sister. Before Dominick had left, he had made Matthew promise to take care of Kennedy always, which he has done faithfully to this day.

When Matthew hit 13, the age of his hormonal growth, he became a straddling young man with the urge to get a thrill out of life. That's when he began experimenting with alcohol and drugs. That was also the age Matthew started smoking.

Although his sister feared for Matthew's well being, his mother was oblivious. She was too infatuated with her new boyfriend Antonio, who later on would steal half her fortune and run away to Peru. Eventually his mother would regain her riches.

This has been Matthew's lifestyle for the last 6 years.

Family: Matthew's beloved sister, Kenndy, his deceased brother Dominick Jr. , his mother Vanessa and his father who he hasn't seen in years, Dominick. He also has a stepmother, Julie.

~ Flirting with girls
~Cruising around in his convertible

Pets: His mother is allergic to anything furry, so he didn't have any experiance growing up with pets. After he moved out, he went to go buy a dog, but it didn't work out so well. Right now, he's happy being the only guy in his house.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments ☠❤ ℬℰℒℒℰ ❤☠ wrote: "Full Name: Crystal Coldwaters

Age: 17

Birthday: May 4th

Grade: 11th

Social Status: Rebel

Relationship Status: Single

Crush: N/A


Hair color: Light Brown hair
Eye color: Bl..."

Hei, Belle. Can your charrie be my charrie's bestfriend. Our charrie look almost alike. ^.^

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Cool. :D

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Jasmine wrote: "Whisper wrote: "*Gasp!* I love her :D Can she and Angeline be in the same clique?"

Yes!! :D"


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Mai Full Name: Audrey Powell 

Age: 17

Birthday: February 9th

Grade: 11th

Social Status: ((Popular, loser, unseen, rebel, etc.)) Rebel

Relationship Status: Single 

Crush: None

Appearance: ((A picture, or at least a two line description. Or both.))

Audrey has black hair that flows in waves to her torso. It's usually down and loose. She has icy, pale blue/grey eyes that are cold and unfriendly and always lined with black eyeliner. Thick lashes frame her breath-taking eyes. She has a button nose and full lips. She has fair skin as she usually doesn't like spending time in the sun. She has a belly button piercing and a tiny tattoo of a flame on her hip. She has a slim figure with curves and stands at 5'7. She is a very beautiful as her mother is extremely gorgeous and was a model. 

Personality: Audrey is a trouble-maker. She loves adrenaline rush and enjoys doing adventurous things. She is a big flirt but vows she will not get tied down in a relationship. She is blunt, though, she is an excellent liar when she wants to be. Some may call her a bitch for her bluntness, but As long as no one messes with her, she doesn't care. She has an attitude and she's sarcastic with a crude sense of humor. 

History: Audrey had to take care of her mother after every heartbreak, which were a lot since her mothers choice of men was not very smart. Most of her mother's boyfriend have treated both Audrey and her mother like trash, however, her mother always denied it. She fell in love too quickly. She missed her father very often and none of her stepfathers have ever made her feel like she was their daughter. 

Family: Audrey's mom was a very famous model back in the day, but it all disappeared when she had a public break-down when Audrey's father left her for Her reputation went down instantly and she became a mess; she became an alcoholic and a drug addict. She was in rehab when Audrey was just 5. Audrey stayed with her uncle at the time, who didn't want to have anything to do with her or his "disgrace" of a sister. He treated her like dirt. After her mom got out of rehab, her mother remarried a successful business man, who broke her heart in the end. She became a mess, again, and remarried again. And again and again. Her real father lives in London for his husband's job and really cares about Audrey; he has offered for her to live with them but she has refused to live her helpless, naive mother.

Interests: her motorcycle, her electrical guitar, smoking, partying, dancing and drinking. 

Pets: None. 

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mai wrote: "Full Name: Audrey Powell 

Age: 17

Birthday: February 9th

Grade: 11th

Social Status: ((Popular, loser, unseen, rebel, etc.)) Rebel

Relationship Status: Single 

Crush: None

Appearance: ((A pic..."

OHH!! MAI!!!!

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Mai Lucy (^.^) wrote: "Mai wrote: "Full Name: Audrey Powell 

Age: 17

Birthday: February 9th

Grade: 11th

Social Status: ((Popular, loser, unseen, rebel, etc.)) Rebel

Relationship Status: Single 

Crush: None


Lol is that a god thing or a bad thing? :P

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments A very good thing actually. >.<

message 19: by Mai (new)

Mai Jasmine wrote: "Audrey Powell is approved. "


Lucy (^.^) wrote: "A very good thing actually. >.<"

Why thank you, I tend to make great charries! ;)

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yael Two characters coming up soon.

I believe Jasmine might recognize one. Under a new name.

*cough cough* Jude.

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Rose (dottedlines) Jasmine wrote: "Full Name: Hayden Leroy.

Age: 17.

Birthday: March 15th.

Grade: 11th.

Social Status: The funny, weird one.

Relationship Status: Single.

Crush: None yet.




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yael @Whisper: Ditto with that. His name is Francisco Lachowski @ v @

One of the guys I use as pics for my rolepalys.

@Jasmine: You're really trying to kill me right now. All of your characters....just oh gosh

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Rose (dottedlines) Karkat Vantas wrote: "@Whisper: Ditto with that. His name is Francisco Lachowski @ v @

One of the guys I use as pics for my rolepalys.

@Jasmine: You're really trying to kill me right now. All of your characters....ju..."

Thanks for the name! Now I can go stalk look him up on Google :)

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yael No problemo ;)


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Rose (dottedlines) Full Name: Britain Evans

Age: 17 years old

Birthday: February 21st

Grade: 11th

Social Status: Unseen (she chooses to be unseen)

Relationship Status: Single

Crush: Hayden, but she'll never reveal that.

Appearance: ((Sorry, the link unable's me from posting the full picture))
Hair Color: Bleach Blonde
Eye Color: Light green
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 pounds
Dressing Style: Like her personality, Britain dresses like a total rebel/ rocker/ edgy artist. She loves anything that's big, bold and will make a statement. Combat boots are her main go-to shoes.
Specific markings: Britain's all about piercings. She has a tongue piercing, a belly button piercing, four ear piercings on each ear and a nose stud. She also has the word Nostalgia tattooed on her ankle.

Personality: Britain is a hard core rebel. She loves the thrill of going out and making the most of life. She's a total flirt and a player, so boys, watch out.

Britain loves competition and strives to be the best at everything-- except school work. She's probably the baddest chick you'll ever meet and she has a bitch attitude to go along with it. Get on her bad side and she'll rip you in half-- just saying.

She's not an easy girl to get along with, but she's a whole lot of fun and if she likes you from first sight, expect her to stay loyal to you, always. But if you lie/ cheat/ piss her off, expect revenge, Britain style.

Britain tries hard to maintain the grade in school, but she's dyslexic which makes English class a pain. She's also failing History and Algebra because she just doesn't give a fuck anymore.

Britain trusts very few people in the world because of her past, but when she trusts you, she's sweet, kind, gentle and totally opens up. It's hard to see that side of her though.

Britain has also known to be bipolar. One minute she'll be as giddy as a school girl, the next she'll be snapping at you, her fists curled tightly and ready to hit anything-- including your face.

History: Britain was born in a project neighborhood (that shall not be named for the fear that you may get jumped). She was the middle child of 14 kids (yes, you heard right, fourteen. Her single mother had an extreme love of babies, so she just kept having kids until the doctor said if she tried to have another one, she'd combust. Then she started adopting. Britain left the house when she was fifteen with her favorite siblings, Gemma, Cecile, and Santos when the three were just thirteen, nine, and five. She last saw her mother in the center of the other 10 kids, cradling her fourteenth baby with a crazed look on her face.

Ever since then, Britain, Gemma, Cecile, and Santos have been surviving on their own. Britain got a job as an intern (I know, at the age of 15) and started renting a shabby apartment in the not-so-bad part of their project area-- far, far away from their mother.

They opened a day care for a while, bringing in kids, watching them from 3:00-10:00 after everyone was home from school.

Life went like this for a year before Cecile died in a car accident. She had run out to the street to pick up a ball she had lost and an oncoming truck hadn't braked in time.

Devastated, Britain thought it was time to turn themselves in. She brought the remaining kids to an orphanage where they were adopted. Britain refused to go to a new home, just out of pure stubbornness. Unfortunately, before she could turn 18, the orphanage closed down due to lack of money. Britain lived on the streets for a couple months before coming to Rosewood to live with her rich uncle.

Family: Britain's mother~Anna: age 49, Britain hasn't seen her since she was fifteen.
Britain's father~unknown name, long gone, Britain's never seen him in her life.
Cecile, Gemma, Santos~ The only siblings that really mattered to her: Gemma~age 15, Cecile~deceased; would've been 11, Santos~ adopted; age 7. Britain is currently still looking for Gemma and Santos who were adopted years before.

~Playing the acoustic guitar
~Pissing people off (especially populars)
~Food (yep, her fast metabolism's a blessing)
~She's on the school swim team, so, swimming

Pets: No, but ever since she fed this stray dog, it's been following her after school.

message 26: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Yay :D Question: Is Hayden currently infatuated with anyone or is he free for Britain?

message 27: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) LMAO xD Maybe Britain shouldn't interfere. I'd like to see the whole Juliet and Hayden relationship work out.

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Guys, you're plotting all ready?

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Full Name: Ruby Donavan

Age: 17

Birthday: 4th July

Grade: 11th

Social Status: Popular

Relationship Status: Single

Crush: None

Appearance: She has shoulder length brown curly hair with a yellow streak, brown almond eyes. A small, cute button nose and soft thin pink lips. 5'6, very tanned, but not orange.

Personality: She is quirky and likes to smoke weed, pot, she loves to get high and party. She likes to wear revealing clothing, but she doesn't sleep around. She's your typical tease.

History: She lives with her father and her step-mum, her real mother died when she was 11, and her dad remarried when she was 13, and ever since then she acts like a bitch with whorish behaviour. She has an older sister, but she moved out a few years ago and now lives in Hawaii.

Interests: She loves to get high, to party, to make guys want her. School doesn't interest her, she loves to gossip.

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Rose (dottedlines) Approved Wow her birthday is the Fourth of July? :)

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Yup, she came out with a bang :)

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Rose (dottedlines) Awesome :D

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yael Name: Jude Kingston

Age: Eighteen [18; birthday - 23 June]
Jude is a Gemini, though on the brink of being a Cancer. Born as a cusp.

Gender: Masculine

Grade: 12th
Popularity Scale (1 - 5): ✯✯✯✯
Social Status: None. He doesn't choose cliques. Very choosey about his friends.

Jude has always been told that he's more of the spitting image of his father.Though the topic about his father makes him uncomfortable. He prefers avoiding it as much as possible. Jude gets a little bit of stubble, when he doesn't shave, though overall, he isn't hairy.
(view spoiler)

Personality: As a true person, Jude displays great imagination and tends to be very expressive. He is interested in heredity and ancestors, and this is reflected in his desire to care for relatives and propagate the family. Secretly, he doesn't smoke to often as most of his friends. Jude often has a dual nature and is skilled at seeing both sides of a problem. Jude exemplifies the mutable quality assigned to it by being adaptable and able to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously. What cares about most is his close family ties with his brother. And he would do anything, and risk anything for him. Physical exercise and artistic endeavors, written or on canvas, allows Jude to channel his emotions into productive output. The only friend Jude considers outside of his posse is a seven year old boy named Dawson who lives down the street from his house. Jude expresses mixed feelings towards him, but he’s the only one that is willing to put up with Jude’s messed up head. On the outside, he is a hopeless flirt. He can also be incredibly rude on the occasion, to the extent that even his adopted brother, Carlos, finds him intolerable. When it comes to love, which Jude doubts he'll find, he protective but doesn't keep his girlfriend on a leash. He doesn't like the idea of crowding her in, and shielding her from the outside. He knows being sociable is important, but he doesn't like lieing. It really ticks him off.
(view spoiler)

History: Jude was born to Alleen and Frankie Kingston on a sunny June 23rd afternoon. Both of his parents were immigrants--his father, a Hispanic-American, and his mother, an Italian-American. The family adopted Carlos when he was about seven years of age, and it in the family perfectly. They were always the family of four. It all changed when Jude's father, Frankie, died of what seemed like a hit-and-run, from the group Frankie used to hang out with in his teens. Evidently, they were trouble. Jude knew he had to be the man of the house, and quickly. He took care of his widowed mother, and mostly got his money by hanging out with the Guerreros--the name of his group. Made up of other Hispanic-Americans. Once he got accepted into their group, there was almost no way out for him--and yet he is still associated with them. He just hopes Carlos doesn't get involved.

Jude first met Dawson (in grade school back then) when the kid was being bullied by middle schoolers. That's when Jude's hero complex started to develop, and he told the kids off. Dawson remained forever in gratitude, an believes he owes it to Jude, since many people do not pay attention to Dawson often.

Relationships: ( ♔ ) Father: Frankie Kingston [Deceased]
( ♕ ) Mother: Alleen Kingston
( ♖ ) Adopted Brother: Carlos Terce
( ♖ ) Friend: Dawson Mitchell
( ♖ ) Vanessa VonBuren: Ex-girlfriend
( ♖ ) Crush: None

Other: ❄ Has a pet cat named Mann.(view spoiler)

❄ He smokes once in awhile.

❄ He's oddly active in many school activities.

❄ The Chemistry teacher hates him XD

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Rose (dottedlines) Approved. Karkat Vantas, your character just made me sporadically combust. Seriously, I'm in love with him I think he's cute.

message 35: by yael (new)

yael I edited a bit. More characters to come! One more guy, one girl and that's all for now. Thank you ^ ^

message 36: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) No problemo :3 looking forward to seeing your next charries :)

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Dude...he's so beautiful!

message 38: by yael (new)

yael XD

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Full Name: Kaeden Riley

Age: 17

Birthday: 11 May

Grade: 11th

Social Status: Popular

Relationship Status: In Relationship with Mia Thompson

Crush: -

Appearance: Height 6'3, bluish-grey eyes, dark brown hair.
(view spoiler)

Personality: Kaeden is a charming guy. He can escape from almost every trouble with only his charm. He loves to jokes around and tell every people he met that he loves them. He like to do stupid things like jump from the school's roof to win a bet or get in fight with wrestler because of a dare. He also friendly, sociable and outgoing.

History: Kaeden lives in a strict but loving family. His mother is a dentist and his father works as a lawyer. He have three older brothers and no sister in his family.

Family: Parents and three brothers.

Interests: Football.

Pets: -

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Rose (dottedlines) Agh! So many hot guys!! X_X


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Where do you find all these hot guys! It's too much!

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yael @Jasmine & Xhorxhia: Guess again. That isn't my character XD


message 43: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Jasmine wrote: "Ooooh, Karkat, dayum. XD Your characters are so. . . smexy! :D"

New guy's Lucy's character xD

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments >.<

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

That's who I meant!
But seriously guys, the dudes you find so...words can't describe!

message 46: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Agreed Xhorxhia, agreed.

message 47: by Lucy Tearling (new)

Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Lol! Its alright.

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yael Name: Kylie Blackwood

Age: Seventeen [17; birthday - 12 November]

Gender: Masculine

Grade: 11th
Popularity Scale (1 - 5): ✯✯✯
Social Status: The Jokers. He's friends with some kids in The Dreamers, but doesn't really associate with them outside of art.


Personality: According to his sister Dannielle, Kylie is initially abrasive, and immature and was always sharp-witted (❝My sister has a doll like you y'know. All wide-eyed and vacant...❞). Besides what his family says, Kylie is a strange mix of intellect, emotion, and passion. He is intensely passionate about everything around him. If you look at the surface, he will look totally calm and composed. Sarcastic, a class clown, competitive, and only a tad arrogant. But this is mostly to hide how his life is truly like to the people around him.

And a word of his advice, never ever arouse his temper. He has to win in each and every aspect of life and failure breaks something inside him. Yet, he will display perfect sportsmanship and never even let anyone know that that defeat has bothered him. When it comes to love, Kylie will most likely keep a girl tortured before telling the words “I love you”. Gossip seldom interests him and he is hardly bothered by other people's opinions. He knows what he is and what they say or think will hardly make a difference. Forget strangers, even the views of his friends or relatives do not matter. Naturally, Kylie is jealous and possessive to the extreme. Don't even think of teasing him with another man. He will erupt like a volcano and your male friend may end up in the hospital. On the other hand, you may get plenty of reasons to be jealous. But Kylie has an undying loyalty sown on his sleeve. No matter how much he charms others, he will remain dedicated.

Kylie has some sort of hero complex. Shown as he is clearly very loyal to his friends, family, and allies. Many times over, he had helped them when he could and when he was needed. Though he also seemed to realize the importance--and sometimes necessity--of one having to fight their own struggles.
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History: When his mother--Clair demanded that Kylie should be aborted out of fear that the child would steal her place in Isaak's heart. She threatened to abort the child unless her demands were met. After Kylie's birth, in compliance with Clair's demands, Isaak took the newborn son, and escaped. Sometime in his childhood, Isaak's illness took a turn for the worse. On his death-bed, he told the young Kylie not to be afraid, adding that he would always be with him, even if he couldn't physically see him. Isaak went onto confess that he had wanted Clair to be the happiest over Kylie, because Kylie was "special," and therefore he and Clair were special. After he passed away, when Clair found out that no one had come to get her when Kylie had been dying, she yelled at the young child that he was an unwanted existence, and that she had only been a little toy to amuse Isaak; Clair also added that, because Isaak was dead, no one had any more need of him.

Kylie countered these statements, telling his hysterical mother that his father had loved him; but because of Isaak's parting words, even Kylie himself doubted that Isaak had loved him the most, fearing that he had "lost" to "that woman" (Clair). During his school years, Kylie played it off easy, like there was nothing wrong with him.

Relationships: ( ♔ ) Father: Isaak Blackwood
( ♕ ) Mother: Claire Blackwood
( ♖ ) Twin Brother: Michael Blackwood

Other: • Kylie writes with his left hand, but eats and draws with his right hand. He is possibly ambidextrous.

• He is a Scorpio ( ♏ ).

• British accents anyone?

Character is subject to change.

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