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message 1: by Gouri (new)

Gouri (gourianil) hello!we need to discuss about our dying group..we really do..

message 2: by Gouri (new)

Gouri (gourianil) yeah..I think we should create a similar but new group..without deleting this one..what do you think?we can have different charries..but we can rp our old charries here....I guess..

message 3: by Gatha , :) (last edited Dec 28, 2012 07:04AM) (new)

Gatha  (gatha) | 1275 comments Mod
Hmm....i don't think that will work.We have to find and create more interesting things in this group.

message 4: by Gouri (new)

Gouri (gourianil) yeah

message 5: by Gouri (new)

Gouri (gourianil) :) yeas..I don't want a conflict between the MODs so I made the group myself and thanks for making the charrie Nadira :)

message 6: by Gouri (new)

Gouri (gourianil) Yeah..Will has a crush on Stephanie.

message 7: by Gouri (new)

Gouri (gourianil) :) ikr

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