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Second book series please!

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Reed Marie The story ending was not quite good especially when Mary turned her back on Nick and started telling that the Chocolate Orge which is Nick is supposed to be evil and takes little kids to some scary place. While Nick cant go to where he's going to go because he still has a job to finish in Everlost. While Allie rode off on a horse's back with Mikey the former McGill and set out to make Mikey be a good person. I wish that they might, you know, be together meaning liking and loving each other not as a friend. After all Mikey is willing to change and Allie accepted the fact that she is really sort of a ghost already! And of course we still dont know what happened to Vari who was the new McGill and whose looking for new crews and sailing the Marine Sulphur Queen!

Actually this topic is more of a comment. I really just want a second books series and maybe turn it intoi a movie! I could nearly imagine it!!

Caroline This is a trilogy the second book is Everwild and the third is Everfound The series was amazing.

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