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N.P. Statham (npstatham) Whether you're with your family and friends irw or online, have a wonderful holiday season :)

Thank you so much for the friendship and support - you gals are amazing! Being part of this group has not only been fun but has also inspired me to reconcile my true self with my writing.

So geek girls, this one is for you! :)

Hacked Off: System Czech
Hacked Off System Czech by N.P. Statham


This is a must read for all the girls that know that WIG really means Women in Games.

With Christmas creeping around the corner, all that Tove wanted to do was to hide from family drama and the real world into the safety of cyberspace with her pug girl, Q. Stockpiled with enough coffee to wake the dead, Tove was ready to take a well-deserved break from hacking and sharpen her blade in the Mists of Pandaria, to the sound of Big Bang Theory and re-runs of X-Files. She might even try her luck at DayZ – hopefully without having all her stuff pinched.

Well, if only.

Press-ganged into action by Interpol, Tove finds herself stuck in Prague, with a target painted on her back, and forced to play spy-games with her BFFs computer whiz Arnie and the gadget guy of the group, Ota – who also happens to be determined to set her up. Running against the clock, going undercover, chasing terrorists, and fending off a group of black-hats, what could go wrong?

Special Christmas Smashwords discount (100% off), just for my sisters in geek. PQ33D

/N. P.

Note to moderators: I meant it as a Christmas present to all my sisters, but if you feel it should go in another post/ category because it links to a book, that's ok.

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Nicole (NikkiSticks) | 413 comments Mod
Thank you for sharing your book with all of us... GGBC has so many amazing members, and I'm so happy that you are one of them!

message 3: by N.P. (new)

N.P. Statham (npstatham) Thanks Nicole! :)

The free code is available until this Tuesday, 15th January, and to kick off the New Year I'm also holding a Giveaway of the printed version. You're all invited to join :)
System Czech Giveaway

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