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Natasha Hey guys.
LOVED this book. Love, love love. Its hard to compare with this classic-style romance, that has modern writing and a heartwarming plot, along with amazing characters.
Anyway. I'd like to ask what you've read next, after Edenbrooke, to ease into the same type of book?
I'd like to request the same historical romance type, with characters that are as loveable.
Also, I've already read Pride & Prejudice.
Thanks guys!

Christine Have you read any Georgette Heyer? She wrote many historical romances, and they're classics.

Another of my go-to authors is Patricia Veryan. Unfortunately a lot of her stuff is out of print, but you can sometimes track them down at the library or at used book stores. One of my favorites is "The Noblest Frailty."

There's hardly any sex in these stories, but the romance is very much alive and well. The plots are well-developed and the dialogue is great.

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Nicole D. Like Christine said Georgette Heyer is a great writer of clean Regency and Georgian Period romance.She is said to have created the genre.

Have you read Jane Austen's other works?Like Persuasion and Emma.Persuasion is very romantic and highly recommend it.Her other books are great also.

Leah Well, Julianne Donaldson is writing another book called Blackmoore set in the same time period, but I don't know when it'll be out.

Natasha Thanks for all the feedback guys! You've all been extremely helpful. :)

London Mabel Georgette Heyer is definitely the *must read* cause she basically invented the Regency Romance as a genre. But my big discover this year was Jude Morgan! He's a nice combo of Heyer and Jane Austen. If you loved Edenbrooke, try Morgan's Indiscretion, I'm sure you guys will love it.

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A. I definitely second Patricia Veryan. Her characters are amazing and her stories are addictive.

Erika Boncz Victoria Holt is another great writer, suspense and romance. She is my all time favorite.

Janae I followed up Edenbrooke with Sarah M. Eden, and while I enjoyed Eden's books they were not quite the same level as Edenbrooke. I will have to look into the other recommendations!

Cjpeffer Moonraker's Bride by Madeleine Brent....a much-loved classic. Hard to find but worth it!

Emily Colby I had the exact same question. All of these answers are great!

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Annabelle So I just finished reading Julianne Donaldson's new book called Blackmoore. This novel is very touching and I recommend it to all of you =)

Madge Jones Leah wrote: "Well, Julianne Donaldson is writing another book called Blackmoore set in the same time period, but I don't know when it'll be out."

Madge Jones Sorry, Leah. Your's didn't post ,I guess, so it posted under my name when I tap it.

Blackmore was as good if not better. I don't remember any spiritual content, but it was a wonderful story.

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Amy Winters You HAVE to read North and South. I think (don’t start stoning me yet!!!) that it is almost better than Pride and Prejudice. Think of it as P&P with a passion for social justice!

Madge Jones Who is the author and is it clean?

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Amy Winters Madge Jones wrote: "Who is the author and is it clean?"

Elizabeth Gaskell! Yes, completely clean and written in 1855.

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