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North America / Caribbean > Why Won’t We Talk About Violence and Masculinity in America?

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What will it take for us to have widespread, open, public dialogue about gender and violence in this country? About masculinity and identity?

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Robert Zwilling Maybe if people started using complete sets of facts instead of using selected facts things would be different.
There are a lot of meaningful statements in the article but I think this one misses by a mile.

"Other countries understand the vital importance to society of understanding gender constructions"

This statement does not qualify the number of countries that don't, like India for example where 15 percent of the worlds women live, and if it did include all the countries that don't understand then the discussion would not be about white men but about men of any color and the people who stand by them.

A smaller subset of data is always easier to manage for discussion sake rather than a larger set of data which yields fewer red herrings.

The article points out all the shootings and domestic violence that involve smaller groups of people. These events are written up like some kind of fictional entertainment where people read the article and forget about it until the next one comes along.

If there had been a ban on assault weapons the shootings still would have happened as the killer had 2 powerful hand guns to use even if he never did have an assault weapon in his possession. Not that people need to own assault weapons for any reason. Maybe less people would have been killed and it would have been just another article that slips away into the dark of night like the rest of them. Then again, those two hand guns probably hold a lot of ammunition in regular size magazines.

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