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Should I read it?

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Hi I have three weeks to do nothing and I really recently just found this book and I was wondering whether you think its worth the read. I have read a couple of faery books like the Iron fey series and I loved that series! The reason I am debating on whether or not to read this book is because the author maggie stiefvater wrote shiver and no offense to anyone who like this book, but i hated this book so much i threw at the wall. I love the summary of this book but I'm scared its as mushy gushy as shiver because its by the same author can you guys tell me what you thought about this book! thank you!!!

Tatajana I never read that other book you are talking about, but this book I loved. It's very dark tho, so I assume not for every one, and there is a love interest in it, but it doesn't get all gag worthy mushy.

Robin I enjoyed Lament and didn't find it "mushy gushy". I haven't read Shiver, so I can't compare the two.

Sarah I've read both. Shiver is very tame and pretty. Lament is dark and harsh. I don't remember the love story in Lament as being mushy gushy.

Of the two, I think Lament is a much better book. Ballad, the second written in the world, I thought, was even better than Lament.

Vanessa I think you should read it if ur into faries trying to kill people thing also the author makes it seem realistic which is a good thing as one can connect with the characters better.

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Jem Lowe Yeah, i borrowed this From my friend and I enjoyed this but The shiver trilogy is the best!

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Zoe yeh read lament its amazing but ballad isnt as good xx

Leah I've read both books. I enjoyed SHIVER so much. I read all three books in the series. I then read LAMENT, like everybody has said, they are completely different. But after reading LAMENT, I started BALLED, I read the first few chapters, then got bored, I've never finished it.

I was a big fan of Maggie, but I've since read books by other authors and really enjoyed their work compared to the SHIVER series. but the SHIVER series is the only books I liked. Like I said LAMENT and BALLED kind of bored me, but we might like different styles of books. I've also read a book by Maggie called 'THE SCORPIO RACES' I really liked this book, but I like the mushy stuff and THE SCORPIO RACES doesn't have it, so you might like it. Hope I've helped.

Jaye i really enjoyed the protagonists voice, and if you're into YA, you'll love this. the prose was good, too. an enjoyable story overall. however i didn't enjoy the faery aspect so much, and found the overall vibe to be a little too sinister for me.

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Erin Please don't read this book...I love the mythology, but the main character is infuriating, especially as she pines after a foolish boy in a stereotypical way. There are also too many coincidences in this book that make it a bit unbelievable. I am a bit prejudiced in how I view this book, but I assure you that a much better read would be Drift House, The Sea of Trolls, or the Ranger's Apprentice Series.

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