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Quantum Thief - Lost in Wonderland of Books (nevermagixx) | 68 comments Prolouge:

It starts at the beginning at the border of the Kukiko Territory. In a small town of Istas an unknown prince by the name of Rhage Vxerx has a scar that looks like ice cracking on the whole left side of his face.Rhage calls it the Frozen Scar.This unknown prince lives chained up in a old stone basement when a oracle came to visit him.. This oracle tells him to go on a mission to search for the Ice Crown of Eryi. Then the oracle broke the chain around the unknown prince before disappearing into fog itself.Hesitantly,the unknown prince left the basement to venture outside with the only two swords on his back.

Soon he came across two one eyed spies, a forgotten prince,a forgetten thief,a rebel, twin archers and two mismatched eyed warriors all over town.They all welcome him with ease as they adventure into the unknown.When they entered a small town,the Unknown Prince gets kidnapped by the townspeople,only to be stabbed repeatedly.Enraged,Rhage's guard battled off the people then took Rhage to safety.Little did they know,danger surrounds them from all sides.

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Allie Awesome prologue, but can you please move this to the creative writing topic? If everyone creates their own post under writing the folder will be huge!!!!!! Plus it is just easier if all creative writing is under the same category. Or if you want i can create a folder for it?

Quantum Thief - Lost in Wonderland of Books (nevermagixx) | 68 comments yeah you can create a folder for it I don't mind :)

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