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David Davies I havent come across very many anti-heroes over the years that really fit the part, sandman slim was the most recent and before that the only one I can really think of was Takeshi Kovacs (Altered Carbon by Richard morgan). Both characters mentioned have that "I dont care if I die as long as I kick the s***t outa you" attitude.
Prince of thorns the character there isnt really an anti hero IMO, more of a escapee from a psych ward in need of a hug from his mum and massive ammounts of anti-psychotic drugs.
Anyone else able to think of some memorable anti heroes and who their favourites are?

Bill1971 Repairman Jack by F. Paul Wilson.

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Jeni Richard B. Riddick and Dexter Morgan.

Bill1971 Repairman Jack by F. Paul Wilson.

David Davies Reapirman Jack is a great antihero (didnt even think of him as an antihero until Bill1971 mentioned him) but ive sort of given up on the series, there are too many books (14 and counting so far)and beyond the first few books the character doesnt seem to develop anymore...maybe im wrong, its been a while since I read any except for Nightworld, Il have to go back and reread em

Bill1971 Didn't mean to post it twice. The last few leading into the revised Nightworld are great quick reads.

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Goran Logen Ninefingers and Inquisitor Glokta in Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy are as bad as they come.

On top of being born to a harsh land thrust in endless war's, Logen has a split personality problem. His alter ego is a mad killing machine unable to determine friend from foe. Not that he is much better when in his right mind, but he tries alright.

Glokta was once promising officer, but being captured in combat turned him form torture victim to torturer. With a cynical wit and knack for sadism he will cut people into little pieces to squeeze the truth from them for His Majesty's inquisition.

They may seem like an outright villains, but are in fact very likable characters, thanks to writer's cynical and humorous approach, and an amazing ability to depict grey characters.

Benji Glaab If you read graphic novels. virtually all of Garth Ennis' main characters are anti-heroes. Punisher, Preacher, The Boy's, Nick Fury. Great characters. Not to mention Ennis writes dialogue that leaves me with a continual grin upon my face. Unmatched humour for those that refuse to grow up. Garth Ennis

James John Constantine will always be one of my favorites. Spawn, Han Solo, Kratos, The Punisher and Snake Plissken (movie)/Solid Snake (video game) just to name a few.

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Adam Both Red Moon Demon by Morgan Blayde and Staked(the Void City Series) by J.F. Lewis have main characters like Sandman Slim

God Touched (The Demon Accords)by John Conroe and the Bill The Vampire (The Tome of Bill Series) by Rick Gualtieri are two other series that I would recommend but they don't match the character type as well.

David Davies The J.F.Lewis void city books are something I read after starting this thread, and I laughed myself sick with the antics of Eric and Greta his vampire daughter. I would agree that Eric is an anti-hero.
Demon Accords books are another series Ive recently read but I agree, I wouldnt consider the character an anti-hero, nor Bill either. Morgan Blayde's books I havent read.
I read the Preacher when that came out originally, and followed it religiously (pun intended), Cassidy the irish vampire was the best anti-hero in that, followed by the saint of killers...

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HerodotusMao Warren Ellis

Transmetropolitan, Vol. 1 Back on the Street (Transmetropolitan, #1) by Warren Ellis

Jeff Somers

The Electric Church (Avery Cates, #1) by Jeff Somers

Anything, both novels and graphic novels, by Warren Ellis. He writes anti-heroes like no one else save, perhaps, Garth Ennis (an author which a very smart person already suggested above).

"Transmetropolitan" in particular is hands down the greatest comic book I have ever read and single-handedly got me back into reading comics after about 15 years of completely writing them off.

I'm currently reading The Avery Cates series by Jeff Somers, and that as well has a really strong anti-hero as it's main character. If you like stuff like Gibson's "Neuromancer," it's worth checking out.

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Benji Glaab Electric church/ digital plague were pretty rad. Avery Cates anti hero for sure. I like somer's delivery in this series.

HerodotusMao Benji wrote: "Electric church/ digital plague were pretty rad. Avery Cates anti hero for sure. I like somer's delivery in this series."

Yeah, he definitely has the whole Chandleresque feel of early cyberpunk down.

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