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The Park

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Emily Alice speed walked through the park, Royal secured on his leash. She took a deep breath in, trying to let her anger dissolve. How could her parents do this to her!? Marie could find somewhere else to live, she did't need to lean on Alice and her family! The girl was almost 18 anyways! And now she expected them to pay for her college tuition?! And why can't she live with her parents? Because her mom was in rehab and her dad had left them. What about Grandma? She wouldn't be able to support both of them. Why wasn't their family bigger? Now her stupid cousin was living in the same house and to make matters worse, they had to share a bathroom! Life was so unfair! "What do you think, Royal?" Alice said aloud to her dog. He just glanced at her and kept jogging. "Thanks, pal." She grumbled.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 24 comments Athena walked to the park thinking about her fight with Johnny. She wished there was someway to show him she really did love him. She sighed and sat on a bench she turned her music up to drown out the sounds of kids playing.

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