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Who do you like better: Jordan or Parker?
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Stealing Parker (Hundred Oaks, #2) by Miranda Kenneally Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks, #1) by Miranda Kenneally

Both books are good! But i do have to admit.. Catching Jordan was better than Stealing Parker. Why? I liked Catching Jordan better because it was slightly more romantic than Stealing Parker which was more about Christianity and hooking up. Catching Jordan was about an independent girl who's going through family issues, having a hot best friend who sleeps over at her house (nothing goes on;)), a whole bunch of sexy, protective football players who love her to death and a discovery on following your dreams no matter how much sexism or non-existent support from your family.
But the question is: Who do you like better, Jordan or Parker?

Definitely Jordan, Parker wasn't that amazing to me ;s

LOVED JORDAN. I want a sequel to see how her football career is going and her relationship with Sam.

Definitely Jordan.

jordan. shes strong and a good leader

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Jordan! Parker just acted stupid.

I totally understand that. I felt Parker needed some backbone. But they were complete opposites, so its understandable.

Definitely Jordan. I didn't even finished Stealing Parker, I mean, it's not the same.

I agree, I thought Catching Jordan was just a better book. I didn't care for Stealing Parker as much. But I have still bought the third book, just because I am hooked on the author.

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jordan!! i didnt even finish stealing parker.. may be some other time.. its a bit boring for me

Hard for me to say because I really loved both books.

Megan jordan
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Ayesha Jordan obviously! I love her character
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I like Jordan because she was a unique girl that you don't find very often. She's a strong , leader who is determine to get stuff done. Parker, is a good person but i like Jordan. From the details , i think Jordan is hotter.

I am going to say Jordan! It was a good read. I liked Parker but I think one big reason that I liked Stealing Parker was because of "Corndog" :P doubt..Parker was good but Jordan was the best..!

Jordan! Shes not afraid to express herself! And its not easy to find badass female characters in books these days >< We need more of Jordan!

Jordan:) She was more unique being a part of the football team and all. She was also stronger between the two.

Jordan! Parker was so irritating and stupid for 98% of the book. The 2% she wasn't annoying was when she was talking about Jordan and Henry!!

i loved jordans personality a lot...she was funny and sarcastic and just more outgoing

but parker was awesome too :)

Parker was a little pampered, but she had some good points too.

I LOVED Jordan. Parker was okay but i really connected to Jordan and liked her story so muck better. She also reminds me of me A LOT. I would LOVE a sequel to Catching Jordan about her college football career and hear how her and Sam's relation is going <3

Jordan. She was stronger character.


Loved Jordan wish the story could continue with her and Sam.

I havent read Stealing Parker, but from some reviews I heard it was deep,irritating, and heart-felt. But Catching Jordan was epic and awsome, it wasnt what i expected so maybe i'll like this one just not as much lol! I want to read Things I can't forget that one I know is like holding-a-pillow-to-my-chest epic and twizzler-straw-in-a-soda cute. Jordan all the way!!!

Jordan by a mile! She was fierce and real whilst I found Parker to be naive and frustrating at times.
I second the notion for a follow-up novel of Jordan and Sam :)


Jordan all the way!

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Out of these two, I defiantly liked Jordan. I personally like Kate in the third book the best and that story was really cute!


Definately Jordan! Guys, c'mon srsly? Parker? No offense but Jordan's THE BOMB. And when I say "the bomb", it means that her personality in the book isn't just a common one. I mean she's practically the girl you can call "one of the boys". Jordan surely is tough as nails! And I admire her character despite being so boyish. But hey, you can't blame her! She's been with his guy friends for what, almost 24/7 because of football! As a matter of fact, Jordan, the captain of the team! The best quarterback in her town! HANDS DOWN TO THAT!

Jordan, totally. Parker was a cry baby. Jordan is totally tough.

Totally agree. Parker was uber sensitive, and had no balls. Jordan was The Man.

I think at present i would say Jordan i loved the storyline of girl and best friend and how strong she was and the friendships she had with the others to., Parker hmmm wasn't bad i did like it but it jumped alot.

I agree it would have been good to follow jordan onto college, but i will say i am enjoying the series.

um...didn't even read any of the others. Wish the author would have just followed Jordan on to college instead of trying to do a "same school, different click" thing. Just my opinion.

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