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clothing style:
(did i miss anything?)

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Mia  Maria (souflette_girl) | 2 comments Name: Cura
age: 16
height: 5'6
looks: Long red wavy hair and deep emerald eyes
acts: (?)
dragon: Magorian
clothing style: Simple and practical
crush/single?: Crush - None yet

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Amielia Clagett | 3 comments Name: Batwing
age: 16
hieght: 5'3"
acts: untrusting of humans
dragon: Scourge (Nadder)
clothing style: fighting efficient
other: is rather fond of dragon eggs and young dragons

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Name: Charlotte
age: 17
height: 5'10"
acts: Don't let Charlotte's doll like appearance fool you, she is strong and will fight if it comes down to it no matter how shy and cute she looks.
dragon: Anyone?
clothing style:
crush/single?: nada
other: Her greatest weapon is how people underestimate her because she looks like a weak doll.

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Kensi Blye Name: Katarin
age: 20
hieght: 5'7"
acts: TBRP'd
dragon: Night
clothing style: Seen in Picture
crush/single?: Open/Single

Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 57 comments Name: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Age: 17
Height: 5'7

at first glance, what you notice about Hiccup is his tall and lanky form, surprising since he's a Viking and son of a famous chief warrior. Long brown hair constantly falls into his eyes often causing him to adjust and give his dark green eyes a chance at sight. His white skin seems to be paler than the rest of his Viking brethren, most likely due to working in the forge all day before the sudden realization. Nowadays, being head trainer of the Dragon Academy and being exposed to the Sun more, his skin is starting to darken slightly.

Acts: When you first meet Hiccup, you'll first off notice the pity he places upon himself. However, due to his rebellious determination,he has risen from his low ranks as the underdog. Commonly a sarcastic sense of humor can be detected when you befriend him and he is fiercely loyal and dedicated to the problems of his friends.

Dragon: Toothless

Clothing style: commonly a forest green shirt that stretches out to his wrist to block out the biting cold. cold For extra warmth, he wears a vest made of the fur of small mammals found scurrying about in the forest and the same material goes for his boots.

Crush: not interested

Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 57 comments How's this? Should I Change it?

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) I think it looks good.

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 57 comments Name: Robert Stevens
Age: 23

Height: 6'1
Tall and well muscled, Robert was bless with a handsome figure. With shaggy brown hair that never seems to lay nicely and chocolate brown eyes, that go splendidly with his tanned skin, many are charmed by him.

Acts: Robert is highly stubborn and if he has his mind wrapped upon something, that goal will be achieved. Being a farmer, he is highly vigilant and sentimental to his animals and young yet annoying sister. The relationship between his sister, Chartreuse and him is a strong one, even though they constantly nag and tease each other. Once he has the time, he can be a rather amusing person to be around.

Dragon: soon to be Inigo(a Skrill)

Clothing style: Commonly a cotton shirt with long sleeves and always has a pair of sturdy boots.

Crush: claims is too busy for a girlfriend

Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 57 comments Yeah, I got a bit lazy with this second one. I'm probably gonna add more details later

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) It looks good!

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 98 comments Name:Di Keziah
acts: Di usually keeps to himself. He usually doesnt talk to people even the elder dragon riders een if they are only a few years older. He likes to hang around with his little brother and thats the only person he does hang out with.He is overprotective of his younger brother
dragon:He doesnt have one. YET!
clothing style:[like the picture]
crush/single?:none/ single
other: He has a little brother

Name:Spike Keziah
acts:He likes to talk to people especially his older brother. He tries to talk to the elder kids to hang out with his older brother, fearing he might stay alone forever
dragon:Tick[terrible terror]
clothing style: the picture
crush/single?: to young
other: has an older brother

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
They look good! :)

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Alexandra (alexbaddour) Name: Sasha Tamok
age: 15
height: 5'3
acts: Is a perfect girl and very nice. Has been good for too long and bottles her anger up. Takes out anger by singing and practicing her fighting. Is friendly.
dragon: Kagit, a night fury
clothing style:
crush/single?: single but open
other: Zones out sometimes.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 30 comments Mod
acts:Same personality as Merida from brave.
clothing style:I guess her usual dress.
Other:She is not the Scottish Merida from brave. She's the Viking merida. Also, her weapon of choice is her bow and arrows.

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Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments CAN SPELLFIRE PLEASE BE HER DRAGON?!?!?! X3 That'd be sooo awesome! Spellfire's a Fleshfang, one of the most deadliest dragons apparently :P she's awesome! X333

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 30 comments Mod
Um... sure.

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Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments :3 yay! thank you! Sorry, I'm hyper today ^_^

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
haha U R every day! :P

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 98 comments Name: Poseidon
dragon:none yet
clothing style:picture
other:he ALWAYS carries his sword

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Audrey ~AudgPaudg~ (audgpaudg) | 3 comments Name: Safara Hotaru
age: 13
hieght: 5' 4''
acts: Can be shy around new things and people, but cruel when fighting.
dragon: Blaze (Boy)
clothing style: Simply stylish... as seen in picture above.
crush/single?: Single?
other: She prefers to keep her daggers with her... but not as many when relaxing.

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GonnaWingIt | 4 comments To be finished

Name: Tora Mountainmover
Age: 19

(view spoiler)
Eye Color: Sea foam green, almost glows in the dark
Hair Color: Dreamy, cream-colored chestnut
Skin Color: A nice, even tan that looks very natural
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 143 lbs.


Dragon: Noire; The Whisper of Death
Clothing Style:
Crush/Single: Single, but I don't know what Noire will have to say about that. :P

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Very good, guys! You are s creative!

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Tyki Mikk (tykithenoah) | 10 comments Name: Arya
age: 16
hieght: 6'1
acts: Arya is brave and stubborn. She has a strong connection with her dragon, and is VERY protective over her dragon and friends.
dragon: Saphira (will make her in a second)
clothing style: kinda like Arya from Eragon (I'm weird)
crush/single?: single and no crush
other: she likes to read.

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E [Name]
Evan Louis Evgeniadis
6 foot 4

He is a great leader and will often take charge. He is adventurous and will always look for the excitement in everything he does. He is never afraid to speak his mind and will often do so if he thinks something is not right.Always happy and fun loving he is energetic and excited and will always make sure people around him are happy. He has a short temper though he barely shows it. He is caring and warmhearted. He is friendly and is always open to making new friends. He is rather easy going and laid back. He is kind and confident and rather modest.
[Clothing Style]
None, Single

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ Name: Jack

age: 17

height: 6'4


acts: Like he does in the move "Rise of The Guardians"

dragon: Spirit; Fleshfang

clothing style:

crush/single?: Single

other: none

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Name: Bryn
Age: 17
Height: 5’8
Looks: (I’ll have to add this later. Sorry.)
Acts: ?
Dragon: Mist
Clothing style: warrior style. Always carries some kind of weapon with her.
Crush/single?: open to all (ask first)

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Elentiya AKA Aelin -heir to the throne of Terrasen (sighforkai) Name: Krystal Zion Chase
age: 19
hieght: 5'9
acts: She is very responsible to a point where most would say that she has no life. She has a bright personality if you can get her to let go and have a little fun.
dragon: none(yet)
clothing style: (view spoiler)

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Maggie, is yours still in the making because it doesn't look finished...

Elentiya AKA Aelin -heir to the throne of Terrasen (sighforkai) Yeah I did that on my PS3 this morning and it deleted a lot of the stuff.

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
OK! MAke sure you finish it when you can. No rush though.

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Kensi Blye Yes Krystal can have Firebolt

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Maricrystal (slapthatbih) | 3 comments Name: Maricrystal
looks: description


acts: She's a free soul,she loves to make trouble, fool around, doesn't like to feel pressured or given certain expectations. Clever and a quick thinker. She loves to laugh but hasn't in a while. Self protective, wears these when there are huge meetings to protect her self from anyone trying to even touch her.(view spoiler)

History: Her reputation of being a thief has cost her great suspicion and hate towards her. She was caught only once,she stole food and her parents were ashamed. They fed her well but Maricrystal had another reason to steal the food. After that she was blamed for almost every disappearance of anything. Her heart hardened against her people and found peace in the woods. On top of that her parents were great dragon riders always pushing her to find a dragon to ride and care for. She can't deny her fascination for the dragons but she fakes hating them.

dragon:Later On I'll Make one for her

clothing style: Usually wears boy styled clothes with lightweight leather shoes on fine day's, when it's cold she wears leather boots all the way up to her knee with a heavy jacket.

crush/single?:She hasen't met anyone of interest yet.

other: I might add more later

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 1 comments Name: Kama Uchiha

age: 16

hieght: 6 foot 7


acts: She is very nice and caring. She loves every kind of animal you can think of. She is a competitor. She speaks her mind, but only if it doesn't heart other people. She makes friends easily, just how she treats other people. She treats people with respect, and doesn't bring anyone down.

dragon: I haven't made a dragon for her yet

clothing style:

crush/single?: single


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Melissa Name: Starla
Age: 17

Height: 5'6"

Personality: Starla is very sweet and kind most of the time but is ferocious on the battle field, often scaring even her allies with her cutthroat attitude and disregard for the safety of anyone but her own dragon. Aside from that though she doesn't really act like a viking.

Dragon: Nightwing

Crush: Open

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Name: Vera Grentint
age: 16
height: quite tall for a 16 year old I suppose
looks: she is quite tall and has coppery brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes.
acts: she has a fiery temper and is quite outspoken and loud. She is not afraid to speak her mind.
dragon: ( I really don't know dragons from series so I am getting this from my personal favorite dragon book Dragonology by Dr. Drake ) Australian Red
clothing style: she dresses like a proper gypsy hair pulled back by head scarf. Loose billowy shirt, colorful skirts and dangly ear rings and bracelets.
crush/single?: single
other: nope
(did i miss anything?) nope
Boom sha sha boom

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Name: Austin Woods
age: 21
hieght: 5'11
looks: Looks like Chris Paul
acts: Like a boss. Is very nice and cares about everyone and his dragon.
dragon: Zeus
clothing style: A normal viking clothing style
crush/single?: Single
other: Has a tattoo with ripped skin with machines under his skin.
(did i miss anything?)

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Beastly | 2 comments Name: Lancelin
nickname: Lance

age: 16 1/2
gender: male
birth day: April 13

personality/acts: Lance is often quite mysterious and hard to figure out. Lance is like a jigsaw puzzle its hard to understand it till you find all the pieces and figure it out.When he is angered or up set he will go into the forest and practice his Swordplay and bowmanship for hours till he has cooled down. He is mostly kind, caring and Happy. He will do anything to help and protect his viking and dragon friends. When having akward, he will often become very quiet. Lance is a great friend and very unpredictable

eyecolor: brownish Amber
hair color: jet black
skin and body build: slightly pale, He is tall for his age, he is lanky but pulls off his look
scars and tattoos: he has a tribal viking dragon tattoo on his right shoulder blade

dragon: Silence(a boneknapper)

clothing style: its all in his appearance pic

sexuality: straight
crush/boyfriend: n/a

history: Lance was originally born and raised on out cast island. He grew up as the adopted son of alvin the terrible. Lance never really liked being the son of Alvin. He pulled through with tough training and hard punishments. One day he spoke out of term over the way Alvin treated the dragons so poorly. Alvin and lance fought. Lance lost and banished from out cast island. Lance was given a smalk boat and very little supplies. Lance wandered the ocean. His small boat could not handle the large waves and storms. While in a huge strom his boat was torn to pieces. The next day Lance washed ashore a island covered in bones. Lance was at first afraid and frightned, he caussly looked around the island. Soon lance found he wasnt alone, he saw a larger than average boneknapper Dragon. The dragon saw how thin and weak lance was, the mighty dragon nursed him back to health. When lance awoke in a large face, the dragon and simply smiled. From then on, Lance and the boneknapper dragon were best friends. When hiccup and his crew arrived they saw Lance and his dragon friend, the took them back to the island. Stoick offered them a home and freedom, After they trusted and new he was not a enimie.

weapons: bows and arrows
many swords

other: n/a

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 4 comments Name: Brittany

age: 17

hieght: 5'5


acts: Brittany is stubborn and she loves dragons. She is kind and caring.

dragon: Starfire

clothing style: Casual

crush/single?: Single

Weapons: Swords, bows and arrows, and basically any weapon she makes

other: None

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