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List of dragon types:

■Basic Brown
■Brainless Leg-Remover
■Burrowing Slitherfang

■Common or Garden Dragon
■Cuckoo Dragon

■Deadly Nadder
■Devilish Dervish
■Dragon Classes
■Dragons of the Red Death


■Fire Dragon
■Fireworm (Riders of Berk)

■Giant Bee-Eater

G cont.
■Grapple Grounder
■Grimler Dragon

■Hideous Zippleback

■Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent
■Loafer Dragon

■Marsh Tiger
■Monstrous Nightmare
■Monstrous Strangulator
■Murderous Dragon

■Night Fury

■Poison Darter
■Poisonous Piffleworm
■Poisonous Puffleworm
■Poisonuos Piffleworms
■Puff Nadder

■Ramming Roller
■Red Death
■Red-Hot Itchyworm
■Rocket Ripper

■Sabre-Tooth Driver Dragon
■Sea Dragons

S cont.
■Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus
■Semi-Spotted Snowpecker
■Shortwing Squirrelserpent
■Smothering Smokebreath
■Sniffer Dragon
■Stealth Dragon

■Terrible Terror
■The Skullion
■Thunder Drum
■Toxic Nightshade

■Unidentified Driller-Dragon

■Vampire Dragon
■Venomous Vorpent

■Water Dragon
■Whispering Death
■White Dragon

( )

size:(head to tail)
eye color:
special abilities:
something it dosn't like:
fighting stlye:
(did i miss anything?)

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Mia  Maria (souflette_girl) | 2 comments Name: Magorian
age: Unknown
gender: Female
size: Medium
looks: Changes
eye color: Changes
type: Mood-Dragon
acts: (?)
special abilities: mind reading
characteristics: bold, boisterous and full of fun
something it dosn't like: haddock
fighting stlye: prefers not to fight
rider/owner: Cura

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very good! accepted~

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Amielia Clagett | 3 comments Name: Scourge
age: ?
gender: male
size: it is bipedal and possesses winged forelimbs and they are about the same size as medium sized theropod dinosaurs such as Allosaurus
eye color: yellow
acts: sweet until provoked or until his rider is in danger
special abilities: The Deadly Nadder isn't the largest or fastest dragon, but it possesses the hottest fire in the dragon world. The blast of a Nadder can melt steel, or turn a man to ash in seconds. But the dangers of the Nadder don't stop there. The tail of the Nadder can be whipped around, releasing a volley of giant spikes that can penetrate trees, walls, and Vikings.
characteristics: encouraging, friendly,
something it dosn't like:
fighting stlye: fights simaler to how a fighting rooster would, but if nessisary, he will use his spiked head as a sort of wrecking ball
rider/owner: Batwing

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name:Night
age: Adult
gender: Female
species: Night Fury
eye color: Ice Blue
acts: Curious about many things. Otherwise TBRP'd
special abilities: Amazing hearing sense, fire, speed, claws.
Speed: Unknown, but faster than light.
characteristics: Unusual White Coloring with Rare Ice blue markings
something it dosn't like: It's a Picky Eater
fighting stlye: She's a skilled fighter, agile in the sky and quick on her feet,
rider/owner: None
other: Light Fury Eggs look like this while the Hatchlings look like this Then the Females grow lighter as they grow older while the males get darker
Crush: Toothless

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Anyone can be the Nightfury now. Just tell me

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Is Night approved?

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Oh, yes. Great picture btw! ;)

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GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Name: Chusi
Age: young adult
Size: um, usual, I guess
Species: Skrill crossed with Nightfury
Looks: Dark purple with black lightning bolts all over her, Nightfury tail and legs(Skrill doesn't have 4 legs and it looks bad).
Eye Color: Gold
Acts: curious, defensive, wants to fit in
Special abilities: She can breath lightning and is a very strong flier and has the speed of both a Nightfury and a Skrill. Can ride lighning bolts.
Speed: as fast as a lightning bolt
Characteristics: in looks
Something it doesn't like: TBRP'D
Fighting Style: She knocks victims over with blast of wind from strong wings and either shoots with lightning or rips open with claws. She is most powerful in the air.
Rider: none
other: none

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Thank you

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) I'll be toothless, but someone else has to make Hiccup.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Okay

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) description
Name: Toothless
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male


Toothless is much larger than his book counterpart, being much bigger in size than Hiccup. He has jet black scales covering his whole body, his sides having small light patches in a pattern similar to that of a manta ray. Toothless possesses at least two sets of wings (one main pair and one smaller pair near the base of his tail). He is missing the left of his tail fin, lost when Hiccup takes Toothless down with his Bolas-Shooting Ballista. This is later replaced by a mechanical fin that Hiccup constructs himself. Toothless' eyes are a greenish-yellow. He can narrow his pupils to slits when threatened or angry, similar to that of a cat. But when he is docile or happy, his pupils become larger and more dog-like. Toothless gets his name from his sets of retractable teeth.

acts:He proves himself to be a very able fighter, such as when he rushes to Hiccup's aid in his battle with the Monstrous Nightmare, Toothless quickly causes the larger dragon to back down. Toothless also shows himself superior to most Vikings, as proven against Stoick in a quick skirmish.
Toothless is very intelligent and seems to have a dry sense of humor, similar to Hiccup's, which he may have picked up from Hiccup. He does not take kindly to being offended or anyone offending or endangering his human friend, but is usually playful, docile, maybe even a little teasing when not threatened. He also shows a great curiosity, imitating Hiccup's actions and mannerisms when they initially encounter one another like when he was observing Hiccup draw him, he then tries to draw with a tree branch. Toothless's intelligence shows many times throughout the film, being able to understand Hiccup's words and commands as well as agree with some of what he says.

Special abilities:
-Intelligent: He is extremely intelligent and can almost completely understand everything said to him. He also seems to be able to command other dragons to an extent. He is an incredibly strategic thinker. He and Toothless work together to cripple the Red Death and then use his fire against him. Also when Toothless is captured and imprisoned by the Outcasts in episode 20, he manages to outsmart the guards on his own. He tricks them into thinking he is unconscious so as to get them to remove his muzzle. It is a surprisingly clever plan, and it completely fools the Outcasts.Toothless also seems to be one of the few dragons who attempts to show creativity.
-Speed and Agility: He remains the fastest and most manuverable of all the dragons in flight. The Art of How To Train Your Dragon book notes that he can fly over one hundred miles per hour. He keeps up with Hiccup easily in a free fall, and humans reach terminal velocity at around one hundred and fifty miles per hour. He is the only dragon so far to be able to do a vertical take off. He and Hiccup work extremely well together and are practically in sync. Even when not flying he can tear along the ground at terrific speeds. His jumping abilities are phenomenal.
-Senses: He also has been shown to have an uncanilly good sense of hearing. He is able to hear Hiccup's cries for help all the way from the cove even when Hiccup is in the kill ring. This good sense of hearing plays into his ability to use sonar. He is seen using it in the film in order to locate dragon island. He tracks Hiccup by scent throughout episode 20 but loses him when Hiccup takes to the air on the back of a Nadder.
-Skilled Combatant: He is a very deadly opponent in battle. He has been seen defeating Hookfang, Stoick, a Typhoomerang, a Whispering Death (though only with Hiccup's aid), a wild Gronckle, and several Outcasts throughout the franchise. His large and powerful wings allow him to actually wrestle much larger dragons out of the air.
-Night Camouflage: He is extremely difficult to see at night due to his dark scales and blazing speed.
Fire Blast: Toothless is also able to shoot several forms of fire (see Fire Varieties ). He can also weaken his blasts enough to use them for non violent purposes (like knocking people out of trees).
-Saliva: Oddly, Toothless' saliva actually has an incredible amount of healing properties. This could explain why dragons "lick their wounds".
-Echolocation: In the first part of the season finale of Riders of Berk, it is revealed that Toothless can use echolocation to guide himself and Hiccup out of the cave they were trapped in.

Characteristics: See Acts^
Something it doesn't like: Eels and threats
Fighting style: See above^
rider/owner: Hiccup

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Accepted!!! THAT IS THE BEST YET!!!!!!

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Its cause I copied off wikipedia.

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 57 comments I'm gonna write the whole proffie, if it doesn't work out, there's Wikipedia

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
whichever works! :P

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 57 comments Name: Inigo
Age: unknown, but is currently in his prime
Gender: Male

Inigo is slightly larger than the average Dragon being fifteen feet from head to tail, but has an enormous wingspan of twice that length. With the body form similar to that of a Nightfury and an enormous wingspan, he is granted speed challenged only by Nightfuries, and their subspecies Light furies, and Typhoomerangs. Once on the ground, Inigo is noticeably darker than most of his brethren, his scales slightly overlap and are a dark violet or purple. Glowing purple spots fleck his hide in various areas. Due to only having back legs, his choice of locomotion is of that of a pterasaur. Even so, he moves as fast as most dragons on land.

Acts: Inigo tends to be highly territorial, especially towards males. A certain tolerance can be found for females,but little Terrors are out of the question as they are a common pest. If an intruder is found wandering about his territory, a relentless pursuit occurs until the foe is gone. Once in a while, he may allow the presence of a smaller Dragon, but if someone messes with it, he isn't shy to defend them.

Special abilities: Lightning bolts- instead of a fire, a Skrill has the power of electricity and is most powerful during a storm. Afterwards, they stay super charged for hours. It is also with their electricity that they find a mate, showing off with a magnificent light show.
Spikal defense- a row of spikes are aligned with their spine starting from the top of their head to the end of their tail. In courtship or anger, lightning dances between these spines that can be raised and smoothed back down at will.
Bite- Thanks to their broad head, a Skrill has a pretty impressive bite force and can manage to snap bones. With its jaws though, it usually gives out painful nips to others.
Camouflage- At night, a Skrill can be most difficult to see. The only hint you have of one are the glowing dots that seem to be floating towards you. These supposedly floating dots are what confuse their prey and make for an easy attack.

Dislikes: Tiny pest dragons
Invading of space
Getting shocked by itself when drinking water (a Skrill has to be calm when drinking. Even though it creates electricity, it can still shock itself. Not enough to stun itself as it does with other dragons)

Fighting style: the goal of a Skrill, would be to simply stun you first. Afterwards, they simply choose a choice of a bite that sinks deep in or numerous slashes with their thalamizers(spikes on tail)

Rider: currently none

Other: unlike most other species, Skrills enjoy the taste of eels.

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) | 57 comments Finished my Dragon. I made up some facts about a Skrill too, if that's okay. So the glowing dot lure, drinking caution, and courtship dance are made up. Are they okay though? Hope it makes sense

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 98 comments Name:Tick
eye color:orange
acts:sweet and innocent
special abilities: is good at being sneaky.
characteristics: smaller than normal of his species
something it dosn't like:eels
fighting stlye:cautious
rider/owner:Spike Keziah

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Nala
age: Adult
gender: Female
size: A head shorter then Shadow
looks: And keeps the markings after she get's to Adult size
eye color: Purple
acts: Like Toothless
special abilities: Same as Toothless
characteristics: Same as Toothless
something it dosn't like: Eels and Threats
fighting stlye: Same as Toothless
rider/owner: Charlotte
other: Has a Crush on shadow

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Yes, Dahlia it's great! I noticed the Skrill facts because Skrill is my FAVORITE dragon EVER!

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Since I don't get on much, you guys can just make your charries and RP from now on. THANX!

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Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments Name: Spellfire
age: Unknown but is considered a young adult dragon.
gender: Female
size:(head to tail) 9 meters
Species: Fleshfang

looks: Black, extremely hard scales, silver eyes, purple under-belly and around her eyes, a cream set of horns on her head as well as a nose-horn and spikes down her neck that end at her shoulder blades. She also has a hard, very sharp scythe-like knife at the her tail.

eye color: Silver

acts: Brave, determined, friendly, clever, hyper, random, kind, funny, stubborn, easily angered, shy.

special abilities: Horns, teeth, talons, can slash with her tail-weapon. She can also breathe a black/dark purple fireball from her mouth that is both fiery-hot and icy-cold, this can leave a meter-deep crater in the earth, but if it hits her rival...

characteristics: (see acts) She also likes talking and flying around at night.

something it doesn't like: Eels, Mean Dragons/Humans, and Loud noises/bangs.

fighting style: She blends into her surroundings and likes to surprise attack her enemies, sometimes she will just jump out and charge, slaw and bite like a big cat. She also picks her enemies up and drops them from a height.

rider/owner: Open~ ((:D))

other: She likes lazing around on the beaches of the island and watching the stars at night.

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um, which one can slice through trees??

Jane Isles-Rizzoli The Timberjack can

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

ah! thanks!

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Name: Seder
Age: Early adult, though exact age unknown.
Gender: Female
Size (head to tail): 12 meters
Species: Timberjack
Eye Color: Amber to hazel
Acts/Personality: Seder can be a little feisty once irritated, often cutting down a few trees. She prefers things her way, but doesn't fight it if things don't.
Abilities: Her wings can cut through most objects...
Characteristics: She is often seen resting in the shade.
Dislikes: Eels (like any other dragon) and not getting her way.
Fighting Style: She swoops out of the sky.
Rider/Owner: None, though feel free to offer.

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
She sounds cool! I LOVE the pic!

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thanks! :D

message 31: by Spellfire, (new)

Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments X3 that's awesome! :D the pic is amazing :O

message 32: by Spellfire, (new)

Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments X3 She's awesome! :3333 I wanna hug her

message 33: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra (alexbaddour) Rules say only 12 Night Furies. Are there any left?

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Only Three are taken, but the Night furies have to look different too.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

i noticed they're all Toothless for the most part. but they add their own markings, so it's cool!

message 36: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra (alexbaddour) I see...Yay!

Name: Kagit
age: unknown
gender: Female
size:(head to tail): rather small for a night fury
eye color: dark aqua
acts: sweet, intelligent, fast,
special abilities: agility, fire ball attacks
characteristics: wades in shallow water, agile, curious, solitary, perceptive
something it doesn't like: certain seafood, things that have many sharp points
fighting style: sneak attacks
rider/owner: Sasha Tamok
other: poor camouflage at night

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Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments Pruedance Marie (Faith, Prue, Jade) wrote: "Name: Nala
age: Young
gender: Female
size: Small Same size as a Cat for now but after she grows up she'll be just a head shorter then Toothless
looks: When she's a Teenager She has these markings ..."


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Jane Isles-Rizzoli Name: Lilac
age: Teenager
gender: Female
size: Unknown but Very Large
eye color: Lavender
acts: TBRP'd
special abilities: TBRP'd
characteristics: TBRP'd
something it dosn't like: Eels
fighting stlye: TBRP'd
rider/owner: N/A
other: Lilac is currently pregnant with a Clutch of six Eggs [image error] She's looking for a safe place to nest and lay her eggs, Lilac's Baby Hatchlings will look like this: Males [image error] Females [image error]

When it's dark the Membrane on Lilac's Head, Back, tail, and wings glow a lavender color

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
I LOVE ALL of them!

message 40: by Spellfire, (new)


message 41: by Audrey (new)

Audrey ~AudgPaudg~ (audgpaudg) | 3 comments Blaze- the Silver Phantom
Name: Blaze
age: 5
gender: M
size: 7 ft?
looks: Silver wings and silverish black tail. Breathes blue fire and the element of surprise.
eye color: yellow
special abilities: The Silver Phantom can fly higher and paster than most other dragons, eluding pursuit and hiding out in the clouds before swooping in for the attack. (Copied by How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel)
characteristics: Vicious, loyal, secretive, sneaky, awesome...
something it doesn't like: Other's dragons and losing prey.
fighting style: As said above, Hiding out in the clouds before swooping in for the attack. This dragon and the rider can see invisible dragons. The Silver Phantom is awesome!
rider/owner: Safara Hotaru
other: The Silver Phantom is a reeeally cool dragon and is Valhallarama's dragon in book 10. Blaze, however, still isn't used to being ridden so he tends to make Safara swim to shore.

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GonnaWingIt | 4 comments
Name: Noire; From the French word for 'Black'
Age: Unknown, but is observed to be an early adult.
Gender: Male

Size: 95 feet, about 30 meters
Eye Color: Pearly White, but neon yellow at night

Acts: Noire is much like a piranha at the bottom of a lake. He is docile and quiet, and only becomes wild when attacking. Furthermore, it is clear that Noire heavily prefers debate compared to argument (Although this is something most dragons don't agree with and can't even do.) Noire is silent most of the time, but can roughly communicate with his owner with his teeth. This gives Noire extreme power in his owner's opinions, and Noire seems to try and give his owner advice. Noire isn't totally protective of his owner, and isn't afraid to let them fight their own battles. He doesn't have any problems with them getting into fights, mainly because of his distaste in fights.

Noire's intelligence is shown to be as that of a human, seeing as he can communicate with his teeth towards his owner, and can understand more than gestures humans show him. Although it is unknown if he can understand human language or not, it is shown he has the rough ability to read, when he finds a map that was left behind Vikings, and was able to pin point their location and find villages just by using the map. Noire is shown to have great observation skills, but is not necessarily curious or incredulous.

Even though Noire has these amazing skills, he can only understand human gestures, and cannot imitate them, such as nodding or shrugging, nor can he laugh. It looks like Noire doesn't have much of a humor, seeing as he never shows the fact he is happy. It is observed Noire does not know how to express emotion very well, except when agitated. However, it is unclear whether he just doesn't want to or not.
Special Abilities: Noire has the strongest jaw you'll ever find, because when he bites, he cannot stop himself from chomping down harder than a piranha grasping its victim. Noire's jaw strength has the ability to crunch up boulders and minerals, such as quartz, granite, and even obsidian. Its teeth can rotate as amazing speed, giving him the rare ability to drill through the ground and, and even mountains.

It's fire is puffed out in the shape of thin, bright orange rings. His fire isn't generally his strongest attack, but it sure can be annoying when he uses it, seeing as it's difficult to dodge consistently. Noire also shifts and scratches his teeth together, making a soft whispering sound, that he uses to communicate with his owner.

When Noire is flying, his tail will erratically whip around in the air, making an earsplitting lightning-strike noise. Stubby spikes decorate the entire, snake-like body of this beast, making Noire able to direct these dagger-like needles into his opponent's flesh.
Characteristics: Noire is basically quite and observant, always patiently waiting and watching from afar. He's a trustworthy ally, even though it may not seem like it. Noire is always wary including when he sleeps. He rarely ever shows emotion.
Something it Doesn't Like: More than anything, Noire hates sunlight, and in general daytime. It hurts his eyes greatly. Noire is also slightly annoyed by Dragon Nip. It makes him sneeze... Maybe he's allergic to the stuff? Along with that, Noire also seems to highly dislike flying, seeing as the Earth is his home ground.

Fighting Style:
Underground Technique
When up against a dragon, Noire patiently circles around the dragon until the dragon loses sight of him. Afterwards, Noire delves into the ground and drills up to 134 feet down, snaking around. When Noire can feel the air of the dragon's wingbeats pounding against the ground accurately enough, he shoots upward, mouth wide open. It's far to late when the victim dragon realizes Noire's location, and Noire takes this opportunity and chomps down into the dragon's wings tail.

After getting a good grip, he'll stab his tail into the ground and drag the dragon into a hole. Noire will then leave the dragon there, probably burying it by piling rocks into the hole. Until Noire can sense the struggling has ceased, Noire won't let the dragon escape the pit.

Above Ground Technique
Noire will run zig zag patterns around the dragon, occasionally jumping up and firing rings of its flames at the victim. After the victim is tired out, Noire will wrap himself around the dragon and rotate its teeth rapidly to frighten the dragon into panic. When the dragon Is in full panic and struggle, Noire will instantly release his hold on the dragon, hurling it down the ground. Once the dragon is disoriented, Noire will repeat this sequence until the dragon has passed out.

Specially Trained Technique
Noire chews up hundreds of pounds of granite and obsidian, and partially swallows the lot (He does this before the fight.). When the battle starts, Noire will dig a small hole and travel under the ground. Once the enemy's location is revealed, Noire will resurface and immediately belch out the chewed up shards of rock, launching them at bullet speed at his enemies. He only shoots for a heartbeat, though, and will quickly burrow into the ground again. He repeats this process until he runs out of ammunition, and when he does, he jumps out at the enemy suddenly, then dives directly under the enemy and back into the ground. Half a moment later, he resurfaces behind the enemy and headbutts the enemy from behind. Noire will take flight and repeatedly bash the enemy for a short while before flying down and close to the ground. When the enemy pursues Noire at a close enough range, Noire will whip around, flinging his thorns are the enemy. Noire will then continue to bash the opponent's head until victory.
Rider/Owner: Tora Mountainmover
Other: Noire belongs to the Boulder Class

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Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments :O OH MY GOOD GOD I LOVE HIM HE'S SO PRETTY! *Q*

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
He is so pretty!

message 45: by Spellfire, (last edited May 16, 2013 02:10AM) (new)

Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments I WANNA HUG HIM!!! X3333 lol

message 46: by GonnaWingIt (new)

GonnaWingIt | 4 comments XD Lol not a good idea with the spikes~

Sho~ Ish he approved? :33

message 47: by Spellfire, (new)

Spellfire, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? (Spellfire) | 32 comments I AM SPIKE-RESISTABLE! >:D *hugs le dagon* >X3

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Yes, Approved

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Tyki Mikk (tykithenoah) | 10 comments Name: Saphira
age: unknown
gender: female
size: large
eye color: yellow
acts: ?
special abilities: endless fire, can talk to her rider through their mind.
characteristics: friendly, protective, can be VERY patient.
something it dosn't like: being seperated from Arya, jerks, and eels.
fighting stlye: blowing fire?
rider/owner: Arya.

GlitchObsession-Eridan's Matesprit (DontlaughIknowwhereyoulive) | 184 comments Mod
Just an annoying question, but isn't Saphira Eragon's dragon? :) :p

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