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Moshira El Balamony While you were reading the book, you must've pictured the characters. So, who do you think should play Tris and the rest of the characters in the movie adaptation?

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I think Four should be Nicholos Hoult or Max Irons :)

Kieran I really wanted Saoirse Ronan for Tris.

Moshira El Balamony I think Dakota Fanning would be perfect for Tris, I still haven't made up my mind yet on who would play Four.

Lauren Stoolfire Colton Haynes for Four/Tobias.

Moshira El Balamony Well anyway Shailene Woodley is playing Tris, so what do you think? I like her, think she fits!

Kiki~~다은이♥♥ I go with Saorise Ronan for Tris.

Brittany Well Tris is already picked:Shailene Woodley...Now on to think about Four and the others.

Brittany Also hear Shailene Woodley was casted as Mary Jane in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man...Weird.

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Joey Graceffa as Four!

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