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Sasha | 8 comments Erika walked with her chin up in the arena with her 500$ coat and 2000$ saddle and bridle. She was a snob. A daughter of rich. But, she cared about horses more than her own life. Aphrodite was everything to her.

"Hello Jaice. My name is Erika and i own this lovely Akhal-Teke mare named Aphrodite. Am i on time for the lesson?" she asked, placing her expensive crop in her left hand.

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Sasha | 8 comments Erika smiled at Jaice and mounted Aphrodite. Aphrodite was one of those horses that are scared by everything. As she mounted her horse, Aphrodite bolted into the airs, throwing Erika on the ground. She rushed to her and calmed her down.

"It's okay, i'm here." she said, petting the lovely horse's neck.

She brought Aphrodite back and mounted again.

"Sorry Jaice. It's normal. She's really nervous but she just needs some calm and she's fine."

Erika squeezed her legs as she lead her horse to the track.

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Sasha | 8 comments Erika smiled and started toask Aphrodite for a quicker walk.

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