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Rules :(

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Mia  Maria (souflette_girl) | 50 comments Mod
Hello! Any questions or ideas can go here (or if you just want to say hello)

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Mia  Maria (souflette_girl) | 50 comments Mod
Okay, tedious, boring rules. I'll keep it short and more informative than rules.
Actual Rules
1.Please keep cussing down! I don't mind cussing in say one or two paragraphs, or in like a roleplay fight but please not in every sentence.
2.Please keep the romantic roleplay at a maximum of kissing. You can have hints but that's it.
3.When ever I get my friends to roleplay, this is the biggest problem. Please, please, please stick to the roleplay!
4. Last one, I promise, is try to be as detailed as possible. Example of what NOT to do:
Name: Mary Jones
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Happy
Appearance: Brown hair.
History: Has a family
Crush: None

Okay! Now we're done with rules, here are some helpful things that may assist you charrie creating.
1. If you are not very creative, try base it on someone you know. Also, for the name, I know it's strange but i use baby name generators or slightly change celebrities names and put look alike photos in.
Happy RPing everyone!

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