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Shadow Falls: the television series.

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Sarah Shadow Falls series have been optioned by producer Steven J. Berger and his Provenance Pictures to be developed as a television series.

So, which actor would you cast to play the characters?

Sadie Scott i have no freakin clue im just so excited for the series!!!!

Scarlet Cool. Any news on what network the show will be on? Shadow Falls seems like something that would be on the CW. I don't have any ideas on actors.

Sarah Steven J. Berger is trying to sell the series to the networks. I also think it would be a great fit with CW.

Audrey Yeah it would go great with all the shows, like TVD, and Beauty and the Beast. plus I have a feeling that at least one of there new shows won't be have a second season...

Scarlet I'm not a fan of CW's Beauty and the Beast, but I love TVD. If the CW were to get Shadow Falls it would be great to put on the same night as TVD.

Audrey Yeah I don't like Beauty and the beast, they really need to stop trying to make a new TVD... last year it was Secret Circle, at least I got to episode like five in that show, I couldn't watch more than five minutes of Beauty and beast.

Sarah Oh man, Beauty and Beast is my guilty pleasure.

But I'm not a fan of the police aspect of the series

Audrey I just never got into it.

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G Oh my God, I didn't realize someone's trying to make a Shadow Fall TV show! I don't have any specific actors or actresses, but Lucas (maybe Derek) has got to be a hot guy. THAT'S for sure(;

Summer If it's made into a TV series, I would hope that UNKNOWN actors/actresses would portray the characters. I just think it'd be better than have some well-known people playing the characters I've loved since the first book. Mainly because I can't picture anyone famous as these lovable characters. I would fume if someone was casted only because they're known and they're horrible for the part. Looks- or talent-wise.

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