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Is Tessa too good for Will or is Will too good for Tessa?

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Sy The books reveals why Will cannot love people. So he sacrifices his own happiness for others. But despite this barrier between Will and those he loves, Tessa falls in love with him nonetheless. Is Will being "noble", and like Brutus (from Julius Caesar) is this honor/nobility his "downfall"- perhaps in this case his love for Tessa sort of distraught him?

Alexandra I wouldn't phrase it that way exactly (the purity of one pushing the other out), more like Tessa being stupid and Will being noble. (I do like Tessa though...for the most part.)
So yeah, Will.

Julianna Blackburn Will

Erin I don't think it's the case of one of them being too good for the other. I think they are good for each other. I don't really understand why people don't like Tessa. I think they are both noble. She is unwilling to hurt Jem because he is dying and is willing to sacrifice her love and her happiness to make Jem happy. I have been in the situation where I was dating a dying person. I didn't want to leave them and was willing to stay with them despite the pain it would cause me in the end. He did the noble thing and left me so I wouldn't have to go through watching him die. I think Jem put Tessa in a really hard position that isn't fair to her. But she stuck by her promise to Sophie and Jem no matter how much it hurts her. I've always liked Tessa. And I've always liked Will and I want them to be together in the end. That's how I feel about it anyway.

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Grlpwr00 i think that in the end tessa should be with jem because even though will only pushes people away for a reason it is still not fair to hurt those (like tessa) in the process.

Cátia Susana Silva I don't think we can make that question. Neither Will is better than Tessa nor Tessa is better than Will. Both are good people that are trying to do the best they can possibly do with the facts they know. It's a fact that Will is being noble, pushing away Tessa so that she didn't suffer from his curse. And Tessa... well Tessa fell in love with both boys... can we blame her?

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