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Sheri | 6192 comments Mod
Obsidian Souls (Souls, #1) by Donna Augustine Donna Augustine
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Romance
Page Count: 228

Book Description:
When innocent botanist Alexandria is attacked on a cold winter night, she believes it is nothing more than bad luck. She never suspects that her attacker is not human, and that Caden, her white knight, would be more of the dark and brooding variety and as scary as the thug he’s saving her from.
Now strange beings are stalking her every move and she does not know why. The cops are turning a blind eye, and she has nowhere left to turn but to Caden. He’s willing to help, but he is short on answers and his motivations are not the purest. If she does not find answers soon, her life as she knows it is over. But is she prepared for the truth she finds?

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Kelsea  David (kelseadavid) | 32 comments Hey :) I would love to review this on my blog!
my email is and mobi is fine for me :)


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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
sent in your request Kelsea

Kelsea  David (kelseadavid) | 32 comments Thanks :)

Cassandra (closkot) | 68 comments I'd love to read it :)

Thank you,

Lori (lori_hayes) | 146 comments I would love to read and review this book.please send in pdf if i am chosen. thanks.

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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
sent in your request Cassandra and Lori

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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
Lori sent in your request but just realized there is only mobi format can you read that.

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message 10: by Kelsea (last edited Mar 04, 2013 10:35AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

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Have not received.

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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
sent in your request Marquerite

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Tana thank you.

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Hi Donna, received and thank you.

I check my spam/junk mail all the time.

Cassandra (closkot) | 68 comments Read :) Loved it!! Reviewed on Goodreads, Amazon, Amazon UK and my blog :)


Cassandra (closkot) | 68 comments I didn't find the book at Barnes & Noble, let me know when it goes up and I'll post there too :)

message 17: by Donna (new)

Donna | 2 comments Thanks Cassandra! Appreciate it!

Alison (docgussack) | 13 comments Hey I would love to read this book if still available. Thanks!

Alison (docgussack) | 13 comments Donna here's my email if that's easier


Alison (docgussack) | 13 comments

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it. Posted on Amazon as well.

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