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Peris and Tally

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BubblesTheMonkey I was just wondering... were you angry with Peris when he told Tally about his reluctance to leave and thus withheld her from jumping out of the hot air balloon when she was supposed to? I can't believe Tally wasn't more angry with him.

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Geena No I thought it was annoying of him to go through all that stuff with her then bail, but I got over it. It was his choice, so I guess I figured I might not do it so why should I be angry at him for making that call :)

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Nichola On a side note, I so didn't see the point in the tribe she encountered after she jumped :/ I really can't see what they added to the story.

I do mention that for a reason, normally I would say there would have to have been a reason otherwise certain other things couldn't have happened. In this case, if she had jumped with the rest then she never would have met the tribe but I'm still lost as to what purpose the tribe had.

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Kelli Have you read Specials yet? It's been a while, but I think it makes a little more sense to the story in Specials. But there is a point, and more than just to point out how the Committee is running the lives of everyone, even those outside the city. It adds another layer to how devious the Committee really is.

With Peris, I wasn't really angry with him. I understood how he felt. He had thought it would be some grand adventure, but when it came time to act he got cold feet. He realized the danger. And in staying, he did help, from what I remember.

I really need to reread this series sometime soon...

Erin The way it was set up, I always figured that they would get together. It was disappointing to find out he didn't play a bigger role in the series. But I don't blame him for staying. It is safe, secure, and all he has every known or wanted.

fabby right he felt secure in what he new and it sounded like a more realistic reaction from him the adventurous and brave was tally

Ilana i was a bit surprised and annoyed. especially since in Uglies it seemed like he didn't want tally around. granted that was due to his pretty-headedness but still...i think that he's very self serving. i'm glad that Tally stuck her ground even though it didn't end as she wanted it to.

Jasmine J Erin wrote: "The way it was set up, I always figured that they would get together. It was disappointing to find out he didn't play a bigger role in the series. But I don't blame him for staying. It is safe, sec..."
yeh i was hoping for him to have a bigger part too, i just wished he hadny wussed out

Shannon I think Peris' personality was pretty well established that way from the start. He's a tad wimpy.

Novie Chryss I kind of understood Peris for staying. But initially, before I encountered David or Zane in the story, I thought Peris would be Tally's love interest in the story because he was tally's bestfriend... they grew up together since they were still littlies. So the way the story turned out is a bummer on my part for rooting for Peris in the first few chapters of uglies. But then, yeah, I got over that eventually when Zane entered the scene.

Jackie At first I was super upset when Peris chickened out, especially since it cost Tally a safe exit. But it makes sense in the end because Westerfeld can't just change Peris's personality. From the beginning, Peris is established as a follow-the-crowd sort of guy. He was never cut out to be a Crim. So it just makes sense that he never jumped. Plus, that would make the whole love-square a love-pentagon with Tally, Shay, Zane, David, and Peris.

Miranda Bahr I felt absolutely nothing about the chickeneed out part. I mean, I'd do the same if I were him hahaha

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