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Justine saulnier i love this series i love all books i love it because its something new and fresh alot of the books i read have the same plots over and over again but this one was new and interesting, not that any of the previous books were not interesting but it was good. if you want to know the order it goes in its Fire Within, Ice fire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, Dark Fire, the last book is Fire Works.

Emily Wood i love the book because i love mistical things also im so sad connker died uh-oh spoiler.

Enchanten Enchanten this series is my all time favorite, chris d lacey is a great writer and this book is just unique in so many ways. Not like the other books trying to spin off from each other, proves the author has a true talent for writing

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Lia i remember reading this book back in elementary school i got to say it was not high on my list of favorite books

Maddy Yes I do! I love it! It's my favourite series. I still have to read dark fire onwards but I am looking forward to it.

Justine saulnier Me too so many books so little time lol

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Loved this book ... thought it was very clever. Love to read more like it.

Natalia Padilla i love this book, although Lucy kind of gets on my nerve sometimes.

Justine saulnier It goes the darkfire fire world then the fire ascending

Cheryl Samantha wrote: "Why or why not?"

I love this series because well, no spoilers here. The things that happen in the books, for the reason they happen, are interesting and make for good story telling.

Jayfeather I adore this book a TON!!! I have been trying to read Icefire but then I get caught up in other reads. Otherwise, this is a fantastic book for dragon lovers!

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Kate I like the end the fire tear is awesome but sad

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I love it. It's awesome. While it has a sense of reality, it also has adventure and I love adventure: )

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