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Cubby Walls and the NRA press conference (spoilers)

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Kressel Housman I don't know how many of you listened to the press conference, but one of the rep's suggestions was to create a national registry of the mentally ill. It seems to me that would raise more constitutional issues with the right to privacy than gun control presents to the second amendment, but it's also got me thinking of the paranoids of the world. Mr. Walls was an ineffective father and principal, but not a criminal. Would putting him on a national registry have prevented anything, other than depriving him of his job and son? And would that have been a good idea?

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Gretchen To be fair Cubby suffered from an anxiety disorder which a vast amount of people do at some level. Severe OCD is not to be compared with a Paranoid Schizophrenic or an individual with Schizotypal Personality disorder. However, no I do not think a registry is necessary that would be the equivalent of making people with AIDS be required to register as having a contagious auto immune disease and that would be unjust as well.

Kressel Housman But it was a form of paranoia. His fear was that he would be accused of something terrible, or that he would be found guilty of doing something he didn't know he did. Imagine a person with those kinds of obsessions on a national registry. My gosh, what an idea!

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Gretchen OCD is a very ritualistic form of anxiety. Where the individual often feels if they do not perform certain habits or rituals, something bad will happen, this can also occur with the thought process, where if they think something now they have released it to the possibility of happening.
It still does not put him in the category of an individual who is a danger or a threat to anyone else.
Even so with the majority of these cases of a person going "crazy" that final snap is usually unpredictable and often these people were only beginning treatment and had not been diagnosed. You will always have people say in retrospect "oh they were this or that," however, hindsight is always 20/20. The majority of people we know or encounter do not go off kilter so to put every mentally ill person on a list would be unethical.

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