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message 1: by Ms. Flagg (new)

Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 43 comments Mod
Choose a nonfiction book that is AT LEAST 100 pages.

2 paragraphs:

1.) Do you think reading nonfiction books/articles is important?

2.) Discuss why you chose the book.
+What interests you about the subject?
+What do you expect/hope to learn?

message 2: by Monica (new)

Monica | 43 comments In general, people think nonfiction books are boring. But that is not the case. Nonfiction books are not only stories in newspapers, biographies, and autobiographies, but in the lives of teens from all over the world. That is why I enjoy reading nonfiction books. These stories of teenagers facing social issues inspire me to write a story of my own and think about all of the obstacles they teens faced so far. Aside from fiction, nonfiction books are completely true! No imaginary things come to mind when you read, you can easily compare your life with the protagonists and antagonists in the book. It is very important since people's life are never filled with fiction, news are on television and they are all filled with facts and things that happen overnight. There are no dragons towering over buildings, wanting to eat all the people underneath, no magic you can use to save yourselves, and no games where you brutally kill other people to survive.

The nonfiction book I chose is a memoir. For people who doesn't know what a memoir is, it is a true story based on a specific theme that you learned throughout your lifetime. Smile for the camera, by Kelle James is a true story based on a young girl that endured lots of hardship than the average teen and decideds to escape that life through the uncertainty of leaving home and finding a new family in the middle of her darkest hour. What inspired me about this book is that the protagonist is a teen. By reading this book, I could easily connect my life with hers and learned what she learned while she fought through hard times. But we should all know that these things happen all the time in real life and even on the news. I hope that after I read this book, I would learn the necissties of life so then when I turn into an adult, I can learn how to take care of myself in the future. The dialogue and context are sure to be as exciting as fiction books, and I can be sure it is even more influential than fiction. Teen life is common and in general, people should learn more about it and help teens live in a special place further on.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Non-fiction books and articles happens to be very boring to many people, but they're not to me. Many people rather have a fiction book because they're more interesting, but interesting to me is non-fiction books. I think non-fiction books and articles can be very important in this world. A part of everyone's knowledge comes from non-fiction articles or books. They tell us real life information about a person's life, facts about things, and much more. There is so much information that non-fiction can be shown in sections of biography, auto-biography, and more. Non-fiction tells us so much stuff that it affects us daily. For example, if you read the newspaper in the morning about that a hurricane may occur. Then, it affects you to get prepared for it. That is a reason why non-fiction articles can be very useful and important. Without non-fiction books and articles, the world might have gone crazy with fiction books. Fiction books can't be trusted in the real world, only non-fiction books can. In my opinion, I think non-fiction books and articles are very important to read about.

Having to read a non-fiction book for the winter break, I decided to chose the book "Shaq Uncut: My Story", it is a biography by Shaquille O' Neal himself about his life. This book as of now is very interesting to me learning about someone growing up to be a star. Being a New York Knicks fan for such a long time, I started knowing tons of players in the NBA. One of them that happens to be the best center and class clown is Shaquille O' Neal. That was what interested me. He is a very big player unlike others which makes me wonder how he grew up. I really hope to learn a lot about how Shaquille O' Neal's everyday life used to be as a kid and how he grew up to be good at basketball. I know he grew up with tons of struggles and I would like to know more about them. This biography book is told in like a timeline way which makes me feel like I'm in his place. The non-fiction book "Shaq Uncut: My Story" is very entertaining to me in my opinion.

message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark | 33 comments Nonfiction books can seem boring for various people. However, people should read more nonfiction books because of the important facts and knowledge the book symbolizes. Even though personally I prefer some fiction over nonfiction, I still believe that they are very important for learning. I say this because what you learn from a nonfiction book cannot be learned in a fiction book. For example nonfiction books are about real things, people, events, and places. While fiction books are made up by the author and are not true. Nonfiction books are used to learned history, perform research and provide facts on health and weight lose. In addition, most readers can relate to nonfiction books and memoirs. In fact, many are inspired to write and share their life story. In my opinion, I feel fiction books are interesting but non-fiction books are very important to read for true information.
The nonfiction book I read for winter break was With Their Eyes. This book is based on true monologues from students in Stuyvesant High School, which is located only a few blocks away from the World Trade Center. The students share their experience that transformed their lives on that dreadful Tuesday morning of September 11th. To hear in their own words the tragedy they witnessed of a day we will never forget was overpowering. What mostly interested me and why I chose this book was to learn and hear how the tragedy affected young adults. Listening to the stories from the perspective of teens allows me to relate since I am about their age now. What I had hoped to learn is how people reacted in this disaster, what was done to help others who were in need and how the tragedy affected the surroundings and education for the children.

message 5: by Justin (new)

Justin Yu | 20 comments Though not many people read non-fiction books because it is not interesting to others but reading non-fiction books will teach you something about the topic you are reading. An example is you read a book about crocodiles then you learn about crocodiles. Non-fiction books may not be the most enjoyable type of books but they can offer something to the reader. Non-fiction can often be find in small places of other books. As you are reading other books, they can have small bits of information. Whether it be a biography, auto-biography, memoir,etc. reading a non-fiction book is important.

The non-fiction book I chose for the winter break is You Will Make Money in Your Sleep. This book is based off a man named Dana Giacchetto who was "forgotten" in the Hollywood business. Hollywood producers cut him off from the movie making business. Celebrities acted like he wasn't there. His whole life has been a downfall but even then, he still didn't give up. He still has a lot of hope left in him.

message 6: by Elva (new)

Elva C. | 40 comments Many people believe that reading a non-fiction book is boring and has nothing interesting in it. Lots of people prefer to read other genres of books such as realistic fiction or fantasy stories. However, non-fiction texts are very important to us. Without non-fiction texts, we would not know anything about what is happening to the world. The newspaper that we read is non fiction, and everyday people read it to get information from it. Therefore I believe that non fiction texts are very important to our community.

The non-fiction book I chose to read is a book called Do Fish Drink Water? By Bill Mclain. It is a question and answer book that has been researched. I chose this book because of the interesting facts that he put in and the question audiences ask him to answer. As I read on further into the book, I hope to learn a lot of great facts and lots of other stuff too because this book is full of interesting things to learn about.

message 7: by Jack (last edited Dec 31, 2012 03:58PM) (new)

Jack Brill | 41 comments Many people prefer not to read non fiction books because it is not as interseting as other genre but non fiction is my favorite genre and it is the most interesting to me because it is about real people and real life situations and I think it should be everyones favorite because they can really learn something.

The book I chose was The Captain by Ian O' Connor and the book is very interesting to me because it is a real life story about Derek Jeter and I hope to learn how to make better decisions in life from this book because that is what Derek Jeter did in order to be succesful.

message 8: by Steven (new)

Steven Lin | 27 comments People don't read non fiction a lot because most people think that it is boring and it's just information. Non fiction dose not have any story line or any things else but information, but even though it's boring it gives us knowledge and it helps us to learn. With out it we won't know much, it's still important to read because it's one of the ways we learn things, so i believe that it's important to read non fiction books.

The non fiction book that i chose to read is called Yell-Oh Girls! by Vickie Nam. I chose thins book because it seems interesting and it contains a collection of personal writing of people that come together for the first time in a dynamic conversation about what they faced in their lives. I expect to learn what they had learned from their how experiences and how did they deal with it.

message 9: by Ramsey (new)

Ramsey (TheRamsey3000) | 7 comments Personally I'm not a fan of nonfiction, but there are some non fiction books that I really like. Most people think nonfiction is a bunch of boring articles, it's partly true, but it can also be a very interesting story. Nonfiction can be a interesting way to learn facts and history rather than reading a bunch of facts listed on paper. I think it's important to read nonfiction so that we can learn things and be better informed. For example, if you want to know about Harry Houdini it would be a good idea to reads nonfiction book.

I chose the book "Endurance" because it seemed good. It's about a voyage and some sort of survival story, I really like stories like that. I'm also not to good at finding good nonfiction books, because I don't really know how to find good nonfiction. However, I think this will be good. I think it will be interesting to learn about how the people survived and what happened suing the voyage. Although nonfiction can be boring, it's pretty important to read so people can know about history and facts.

message 10: by Trinity (last edited Jan 08, 2013 07:38PM) (new)

Trinity Burgos | 31 comments Reading non-fiction texts I actually seem to like because even though it may not be that much fun as a fiction book or a made up story, it either shows things that happened in real life or true facts. Personally I think reading Non-fiction is better because sometimes it may teach you new things in life and it also can be very interesting. For example, a book about how the black and the white's weren't treated equally and how they were seperated and why, that would be something people would be most intrested in a non-fiction book about history and it's something people are most intrested in and talked about in school.

I chose the book Ophelia Speaks by Sara Shandler, because it seems like an intresting book. Its about how girls in their struggle toward womanhood and basically their life issue and what they go through. WHat interests me about this subject is that sometimes these non-fiction books tells about a persons life like in a autobiography or a biography which I think is pretty interesting. I think this book is going to turn out to be good becuase i think people would be able to relate to the book which is good because it makes the reader want to read more.

message 11: by Anson (new)

Anson Wong | 12 comments I honestly think non-fiction books are very important and is personally love the book that i chose "asphalt angels" which is about brazil kids being abused and how they live on the streets making money by selling their bodes or pan handling or stealing. i would love to learn more about how kids are living on the streets or the battles and hard-ships of being abused and escaping

message 12: by Ivan (new)

Ivan (ivanski711) | 30 comments Lots of people all over the world view nonfiction books to be realy boring. Actually they could up date you on whats going on in the world . To me that is a huge advantage, because if you want to impress some one you can use what you have learn from that text. Nonfiction comes in many forms meaning g that you can find it in many places, such as news papers, books, and encyclopedias. If you like to read about people then you like nonfiction because that is just another form of nonfiction. Because of all of this i do believe that reading nonfiction books is important.

The reason that brings me into reading nonfiction books is the fact that i could read about my favorite thing, place, or person. so because if there is ever something i want to deeply discover, then nonfiction is the way to go. When i choose a book i expect it to inform me on every thing i wanted to learn ad more. I also want to have the book cover everything about that topic.

message 13: by Jevel (new)

Jevel Gilbert | 18 comments I belive that readin nonfiction books is important because kids like us need to know about whats happning in the earth.sometimes people don't know about people in the news and whats happning in the past. People need to read articals about the past so they can have history behind them.

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