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message 1: by Bob (new)

Bob In the future there is a horrific war between all of the comic book companies. After the dust settles only two are left. They are Marvel and DC. You must swear allegiance to one company or the other or be locked up in a jail cell for eternity with Pee Wee Herman who will be singing "The Song that never ends" time after time after time. Which Company will you choose?

message 2: by Stefani - SpelingExpirt, White Rabbit (new)

Stefani - SpelingExpirt (speling_expirt) | 307 comments Mod
I'll take suicide because Image doesn't exist anymore! Or if I'm feeling reasonable I'd pick Marvel but possibly cheat on them with Batman/Batwoman.

message 3: by Mari (new)

Mari | 12 comments I'd have to go with DC only because Vertigo is an extension of them and I love most Vertigo titles! You have Y the Last Man, Fables and all its spin offs, American Vampire and its mini series, Unwritten and Sweet Tooth. I know I am forgetting some others...

message 4: by Abigail (last edited Dec 22, 2012 12:17PM) (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) | 13 comments I go for MARVEL 'cos of the x-men, avengers, gardians of the galexy and the MARVEL superhero civil war

message 5: by Hhfields (new)

Hhfields it will depend entirely on who j. Michael strazynsky is writing for at the time.

toria (vikz writes) (victoriavikzwrites) @Mari snap I would have to go with DC. But, I would be praying for the 're-creation of image comics

message 7: by Mari (new)

Mari | 12 comments I'm with you there Victoria. Image has really stepped up. Lots of great series.

message 8: by Bob (new)

Bob Victoria (vikz writes) wrote: "@Mari snap I would have to go with DC. But, I would be praying for the 're-creation of image comics"

Image does have a lot of great comics a few of which I collect. Lets hope that war never happens. :)

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