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Do you like the whole Lex and Driggs thing?

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Celeste So I love the Driggs and Lex relationship, it's too good. Like seriously, i love them as a couple. Sometimes they get mad at each other and fight, but they always seam to make up ;) *Wink* *Wink* Maybe it's just me that thinks they are so cute together. Team Driex All the way! Here are some favorite quotes from the book.

“And as much as I’d love to continue exploring the existential implications of Damning roadkill, the truth is” he plunged his hands into his hair until it stuck up even more than usual---‘you’ve been back here in my presence for two agonizing hours now, and if we don’t properly make out soon, I’m going to hurl myself off the roof.”

"I call the shower," they said at the same time.

"I never got grounded before you came here,"
"You never touched a boob before i came here either."

"By the way," Uncle mort shouted up at them on his way down," you know what i love about my roof? How thin is it! Yes sir, when it rains, i can hear each rain drop!" (Oh my god i died right there laughing)

"Good grief," He said. "As if i didn't have enogh to worry about."
Lex and Driggs jumper apart and wiped the spittle from their mouths. "What's up?" Driggs said in a terrible attempt at nonchalance.
"Hormone levels, obviously."

Hachton Those are all the parts that i laughed at. seriously, you cannot read this book in public. You'll start laughing and people will stare at you. The cover doesn't help matters either...;)

Samira not really, i think it would be better if their love was true not lustful. like the constant mention of wanting to rip each other clothes off.

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