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Kate Hello, I've just discovered Baz Luhrmann has made a new film of The Great Gatsby, Staring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, which I can totally see working, and Tobey Maguire as Carraway, which I'm struggling with because he will always be Spiderman.
Casting of other characters I'm struggling with too, but Lahrmann's extravagant style should make for a very good adaptation of a tale of glamour and glitz.

Would love to hear other people's thoughts....

Jools The Great Gatsby is my all time favourite book. I am so excited to see this movie and was quiet upset when the date was put back from a Christmas release to May 2013. From the two trailers i have seen it looks amazing..... I have total faith that Baz Luhrmann can pull of the extravagance, excess and glamour of the 20's. I am happy with all the castings even if i have not seen the two actors who play Jordan and Tom.

Leonardo,Toby, Isla and Carey i have seen in a number of films.

For me Leo is a perfect Jay.....

I get chills watching the trailers. I know people are confused by the soundtrack not fitting with the times. I have to say it gives the film a good edge.

Kate I haven't seen any trailers yet, but I think Leo is absolutely perfectly cast for this, it's like he was born for the role!!

Benjamin Thomas I can't wait for this movie. I think the soundtrack is perfect to capture the tone and vibe that Lahrmann's going for and if it is anything like his rendition of Romeo & Juliet with DiCaprio then may he use whatever soundtrack he wants! When the original trailer came out the movie was supposed to release on Christmas day and I was honestly thinking of going to the movies for the first time on Christmas but I'm just as content waiting for May if it means that much more perfection from such a good cast.

Sandra Thank God for Goodreads! I didn't even now they were going to make a new movie of "The Great Gatsby". I just watched the trailer and it looked like it would be a great movie. So excited!

Mondo Bongo Eagerrrrr to watchhhhh !!!!!!!

Kaylyn I have really high expectations for this movie based on both of the trailers and the cast list. I feel like this will be an Oscar-winning movie especially for DiCaprio; he is the perfect Gatsby.

I hope this movie does the book as much justice as it deserves!

Ayesha I did an exam on this book as part of my college course in English Literature and I absolutely hated the book. Didn't find it enjoyable. However, I have seen Baz Luhrmann other work like 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Moulin Rouge' and both have give me a lot of enjoyment watching the films. So despite not liking the book, I have high expectations in the execution of the film.

Claire I really love the book and I think DiCaprio, like other people have said, is practically the perfect Gatsby. I'm a little dubious about the other casting but Baz Luhrmann has made some phenomenal films so I do have high expectations for it.

I can't wait!

Annemarie Donahue DiCaprio is excellent. He's really grown into his acting and carries himself through this film in a way that makes you believe he really is Gatsby. I'm not going to lie though, the movie looks terrible. While I'm convinced all the actors will be fantastic, I'm not sold on Baz Lurhman's ability to tell this story. His last few films have either been over-the-top or got lost half way through. I'd hate to see either happen to my favourite book.

Benjamin Thomas I can understand the skepticism in Lurhman's version - or in anyone's attempt at visualizing such a classic tale. However, I think that Baz's style of directing may actually benefit Gatsby due to the focus on such lavish and extravagant parties but only time will tell!

Jools I agree Gatsby is all about lavish excess of the 20's and I cannot think of a director who does this better than Baz

Ifrah Alia The trailer looks AMAZING! I can't wait to see this movie. I think Baz Luhrman's style would totally work for this movie and as far as I am concerned, Leo DiCaprio can do no wrong.

I read this movie in 10th grade (4 years ago) and we had to do a project in which we made a movie poster for this book and had to cast all the main roles. I casted Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and it turned out to be true! Haha.

Melissa I am so torn. I absolutely hated the Great Gatsby but Lurman makes such visually compelling films that I really want to see it. In the end, my boyfriend and I will probably see it because we like shiny things and directors that make super-saturated movies.

Lilyan Grubach-hambrook Love Fitzgerald. Loved the 70's movie. Don't think Luhrmann is the right director for this. Don't think DiCaprio is Jay Gatsby but can see Tobey McGuire as Carraway. Past Luhrmann movies haven't convinced me he can update an American icon. Ugh!!! Leo was awful as Hoover but that may have more to do with the treatment and Luhrmann likes flash. The Great Gatsby is not about flash. Double ugh!!

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I didn't hate the book, just thought it was okay. But the visuals look beautiful, I think they also did a good job with casting.

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A.H. Pellett I'm disappointed that Toby McGuire (aka Spiderman) will play "Old Sport". I prefer mysterious characters to be just that. Spiderman? Please.

Allen James As an English teacher who has taught TGG for 25 years it's been difficult for me to appreciate any other movie than the Redford/Farrow version of 1974. There have been four other versions besides the 2013 version; 1926 (silent film), 1949, 1974, and 2000. I've shown all of them through the years. It was all I could do to sit through the 2000 version.

However, I'm looking forward to the 2013 to come out on DVD. It will be interesting to see the spin which is put on Toby McGuire regarding the issue of homosexuality which has NEVER been a topic rising to the surface from ANY of my classes, high school or college, over the past 25 years.

Charles Schmidt I saw the preview and thought it looks atrocious. Hopefully I am wrong. I agree with Allen, the 1974 version was great.

Colleen I hated the 1974 version. I thought Redford was stiff and completely unbelievable. Mia Farrow was insufferable and pouty...could hardly get through it. The previews looked amazing and Toby McGuire is exactly how I pictured Nick. The preview looked like how I pictured it in my head.

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Bill The Great Gatsby is one of the consensus great novels of the 20th century. The Modern Library list has it at number 2. The alternative Radcliffe list has it as number 1.

It is, however, the kind of novel that should never be made into a film because it depends largely on language.

Allen -- the notion that Nick Carraway is gay -- unconvincing as that is -- is an oldish lit crit argument. It not original with Baz Lurhman.

Edward, from everything I've ever read, the "real" Daisy is Ginevra King, although the courtship of Gatsby and Daisy is based on Fitzgerald's experience courting Zelda in Atlanta.

I would expect very, very little from the movie based on its release date. Movies that expect to compete for awards are released in the late fall.

There was a scene with Daisy, I think, or another character saying, "That's so cool." For that alone, Luhrmann should be sent to a prison camp for the rest of his days.

Edward Young Bill wrote: "The Great Gatsby is one of the consensus great novels of the 20th century. The Modern Library list has it at number 2. The alternative Radcliffe list has it as number 1.

It is, however, the kind ..."

agreed on all counts - nevertheless, perhaps indeed all the more, you mint be interested in the story of mona williams bismarck. above all else, the great gatsby is a work of fiction, and a masterpiece~

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R.a. Per a previous post, so many of the actors are too old.

Edward Young @R.a. That's why they call it "acting"!

Allen James In the book Nick was turning 30 on his birthday. Gatsby and Daisy hadn't seen each other in 10 years and she was in college when they met still living at home (what, 19 - 20?).

I agree the actors SHOULD reflect the true ages of the characters in the novel to provide a true appreciation of the literary expression.

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R.a. Acting? An alternate casting?

Meryl Streep as Daisy, Jack Nicholson as Gatsby, Gary Oldman as Tom, and, Chris Cooper as Nick.

Edward Young ha ha ha! how about GARY cooper as nick~

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Adam Large My least favourite film director making a film based on one of my most disliked books. It's almost worth watching to see how bad it'll be. Almost.

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Feliks Uh, ple-e-e-e-ease. Who the hell is 'Baz' whats-is-face; why should I be impressed with his name (you mention it right off the bat) and why the hell should I care that some hack (as he inevitably is) is being paid a lot of money to do a crapola re-make when the project is obviously way beyond his abilities? Why even give the entire 'event' a glance...(unless you are so tied in to what you hear other people are watching that you don't want to feel left out)? That's my question. Peer-esteem (in my opinion) accounts for more than half of people's movie-watching choices these days. Your friends are going to see a flick, so YOU have to go see the same one, am I right?

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Kate Baz Luhrmann is an Austrailian director whose directorial debut was Strictly Ballroom, which won him critical acclaim. He went on to make Romeo and Juliet (staring Dicaprio and Claire Danes), for which he won a BAFTA for best adapted screen play. His other big picture is Moulin Rouge.

He is an acquired taste, but his vision is progressive and inspired, and my personal opinion is that his style will suit the story and period of The Great Gatsby.

If either book or director are not of your taste don't see the film!

Jools Well said Kate........

Heidi Isla Fisher as Myrtle, does not meet the discription in the book at all! I cant picture Toby as Carraway either! Leo will make an awesome Jay Gatsby! I guess we'll just have to see...

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Kate I thought the same Heidi.

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Feliks I apologize ..alright. But oh boy am I tired of seeing 'Buz Luhrman' at the top of this page every day. I just despise name-dropping, that's all. Pointless hype. What next, raves for Madonna and Ben Affleck's remake of 'Casablanca'?

Carolyn I can't wait for this film! I think Leo will be the perfect Gatsby! I loved Romeo and Juliet and Moulan Rouge that Baz Luhrman directed so I think this will be great!

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Kate @ Adam; I didn't have a problem with your comment, everyone is entitled to their own likes and opinions :)

Patrick I think Leo's going to do a fine job but I can't take Tobey Maguire seriously. He looks so goofy and from the trailer, his attempt at a Midwestern accent (yes, I'm from there, so I'd know) is pitiful. I just personally don't like Luhrman's style and think it takes away from the emotions of the story many times. Romeo + Juliet, I think, would have been a VERY BAD movie were it not for DiCaprio's work in that.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor ever, so I decided to check out the book before the movie came out. I ended up liking it way more than I expected! Now I can't wait for the movie!!! I keep taking pictures with those cardboard cubes.At least we get one more romantic movie from DiCaprio before his long break from acting *sobs* .

Patricia I read TGG after watching the 2000 movie version - Toby Stephens as Gatsby, Mira Sorvino as Daisy, Paul Rudd as Nick. Then I watched the movie again and simply loved it. Toby embodies the perfect Gatsby - to my understanding, of course. But I'm willing to give Di Caprio's interpretation and Buz Luhrman's vision a chance.

Angela Tijam-cochon I enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby and for it to be turned into a Baz Luhrmann is quite intriguing. I love his films! I just hope that this will not be disappointing. I did not like some movies that are based on books. I end up walking out of the cinema disappointed because they either changed the ending, deleted some important details, or completely changed the characters.

Susan Rodgers Magic. This film will be magic, if you like the Luhrman edge and the updated soundtrack to punctuate the already heightened emotion in the film. I'm not a purist, I love what music can do to elevate film...Not so sure about Tobey Maguire, I'm not really a fan and would not have cast him but I'm willing to give him a chance. The Great Gatsby is my all time favorite book for a thousand reasons, one of which of course is the surreal prose - which, of course, will be a challenge to portray in the film medium. But images like Carraway's first visit to Daisy's home, with the two women reclining on a chaise with their skirts billowing will be fun to watch for, if Luhrman chooses to include such images in the film.

I've seen the trailer a few times and can't wait. But I think it will be important to remind ourselves that film and the printed word are two entirely different mediums, so let's enjoy the book for the greatness that it is, and allow ourselves to have open minds to welcome another creative genius' visual interpretation :)

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Luke this film is going to be an epic disaster....

Grace I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby (1974) film with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow despite the average to slightly negative reviews it received but I am excited to see this movie! From the two trailers I have seen it looks amazing..... I have total faith that Baz Luhrmann can pull of the extravagance, excess and glamour of the 20's. It is definitly going to be an epic film, no doubt!

Margaret DC Bill wrote: "The Great Gatsby is one of the consensus great novels of the 20th century. The Modern Library list has it at number 2. The alternative Radcliffe list has it as number 1.

It is, however, the kind ..."

I agree Gatsby is one of the all time best American novels written, but I haven't seen any of the trailers for this upcoming version. However, I can also tell you all that when I taught my kids about Shakespeare (we used to have summer reading projects when they were kids), I had them watch the Luhrmann/DiCaprio version of Romeo+Juliet. They really got it because of the modernistic, colorful way Luhrmann told the story (running around like gangsters on Venice Beach, with helicopters instead of horses, and guns instead of swords). It was a bit uncomfortable for me as someone who has read R&J and was used to the early 70s movie version. But it got both kids really interested, particularly my son who was historically and notoriously bored in English class. So now I personally can forgive Luhrmann for letting Nick be gay or letting Daisy say "That's so cool" if that's what it takes to get today's generation to put down their video games and get that light in their eyes that happens when a person gets interested then grows to have a love for classic literature

Lauren Considering that I loved Moulin Rouge, the remake of Romeo + Juliet, Strictly Ballroom AND that I've read The Great Gatsby three or four times, I guess I'm pretty excited for this movie. I agree though, Toby will always be Spiderman.

Katie McNeil Lauren wrote: "Considering that I loved Moulin Rouge, the remake of Romeo + Juliet, Strictly Ballroom AND that I've read The Great Gatsby three or four times, I guess I'm pretty excited for this movie. I agree th..."

I'm very excited for this movie but so far, I don't like the choice for Daisy. I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't judge but I think Carrie Mulligan may be to calm or I don't what word to use but not Daisy like. I really hope she proves me wrong.

Lauren Katie wrote: "Lauren wrote: "Considering that I loved Moulin Rouge, the remake of Romeo + Juliet, Strictly Ballroom AND that I've read The Great Gatsby three or four times, I guess I'm pretty excited for this mo..."

I saw Carey Mulligan in Shame and I thought she did pretty well. Then again, that entire movie was pretty confrontational so I might be wrong.. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

Katie McNeil Lauren wrote: "Katie wrote: "Lauren wrote: "Considering that I loved Moulin Rouge, the remake of Romeo + Juliet, Strictly Ballroom AND that I've read The Great Gatsby three or four times, I guess I'm pretty excit..."

I saw her in that movie too and she did really well but for some reason I can't see her as Daisy.

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Bill Margaret,

Yes, but...did the bored kids then return to the Romeo and Juliet itself, the language in it, did they develop a love for Shakespeare or did they just enjoy a movie?

But I think theater is a special case -- it was written to be dramatized, not read. The language in it was meant to be spoken. Shakespeare was an actor as well as a playwright.

"The Great Gatsby" was meant to be read.

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Kate I think Bill has raised a very good point. Plays are written to be performed and seen.

But so many of the world's best loved stories are being dramatised. Look at what Disney has fact a grown up friend of mine thought Disney had created all those characters, not that they had come from beloved tales.

I think the danger with setting to film a great book is that what you are offering, as a director, is your interpretation of what you have read. As with the Harry Potter films (just because I am currently rereading them and have rewatched the films too) somebody else's imagination doesn't do what your does.

However, these ideas should be explored and viewed, and we are all entitled to have an opinion about it.

I do agree with Margaret, that this medium can get kids into classic literature (I watched R&J with my 9 year old daughter and she loved it, she also watched Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet with me and loved that too), but there are those who will only see 'a film' and not an interpretation of great classic literature. :)

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