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message 1: by Silja (new)

Silja It looks like The Hobbit might be our first group read, but I wanted to start a separate discussion on the movie. Was it as good as you expected? What didn't you like?

I know this is the hot topic now all across the internet but I kinda want to hear Imgurians' opinions.

This thread will propably have a lot of spoilers so don't read if you haven't read the book/seen the movie yet!

message 2: by Jacob (new)

Jacob (jawright) | 10 comments It has been quite a few years since I read the book, but the movie was fantastic. The only thing that bugged me was how long the tie-in to the LotR trilogy was. I think if Peter Jackson had shortened that by 5-10 minutes, it would have been perfect.

message 3: by Jay (last edited Dec 21, 2012 11:05AM) (new)

Jay I really kinda like how their tying up some LOTR "loose ends", the story plot that didn't get into the LOTR - The Necromancer in Dol Goldur, Radagast (with expanded role), the backstory about the dislike between the dwarves and the elves, etc. I also liked how they opened the film just right before the opening to The Fellowship.

But I have to admit there's a little tiny bit of purist deep inside me that that was slightly appalled that they're deviating even slightly from the book.

Edited to Add:
For me the bottom line is LOVED IT! Props to Peter Jackson for having the audacity to deviate from the book but the sense to do it right.

message 4: by Silja (new)

Silja Oh yeah, I forgot about that. The Erebor scene left the biggest impression on me. It was so real. I can't wait for the 3rd film.

The bad guys could have been scarier, like the uruk-hai in LOTR. The CGI definitely made a cleaner effect, but maybe they wanted it that way, Hobbit being a more whimsical, bedtime story type of book.

Oh, and one other thing, I hate it when movies use falling down a cliff etc. as a plot device. And no one ever gets hurt! It's just goofy.

Other than those things, lurrrvd it! :)

message 5: by Taylor (new)

Taylor | 2 comments I really loved the movie!! I haven't read the book in few years but the movie was great.

I really loved how light-hearted it was since the book is very different from LoTR in that perspective. It was serious a lot, but it was also very funny which made it much more enjoyable.

Even though they did deviate from the original book, it was really well done. It did not bother me as much as I had expected it would.

So, I really loved the movie and I cannot wait until the next!!

message 6: by Aethia (new)

Aethia | 12 comments Mod
I myself have never read the books, but I have watched the movies. And the Hobbit was definitely worth watching, though not in 3D, which is a waste of money at this point. It was a beautiful movie. Some of the scenes were slow, but with storytelling things tend to be that way.

If the Hobbit does end up being our first read, I am anticipating it! If something else beats it out... well then I might just have to read it anyway!

message 7: by Connor (new)

Connor Hollrah | 5 comments I've only read the the first six chapters which covers the movie and then just saw the movie. I thought it was great. Since the book is fresh in my mind they definitely changed a few things so that they could set up the second and third movie and an audience that hasn't read would understand the entire plot.

There were a few things that were in the movie that I don't remember at all in the first 6 chapters. Not sure if I don't remember them or they come later in the book and they decided to include them in the first part of the movies.

message 8: by James Haikin (new)

James Haikin | 20 comments Mod
They're actually co-opted from the Silmarillion, AFAIK.

message 9: by Dylan (new)

Dylan M (thegreatannoyance) | 9 comments Now that I've read the book to the point where the move ends I am more than happy to lay down my essay of opinion for the discussion. (That was humor, golems would find that to be appropriately funny)

I enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. I saw it three times with different groups of friends and enjoyed it all three times. From what I can tell they added the whole characterization of Thorin, as well as Azog the Defiler and the battle scene which was glossed over in the book. They also added the Ratagast subplot, where in the book Ratagast has been only mentioned once. The music was awesome. The scene where the Dwarves sing was bloody beautiful.

The only scene I hated was one they added, where Gandalf is getting in trouble for starting the quest with the Dwarves. He got that sword from Ratagast and Lady Galadriel keeps telling us thing we already know in crappily written dialog. Stuff like "You have that thing. Ratagast gave it to you". When we saw that in a scene like fifteen minutes ago. She does it again in the next scene but we have Gandalf's nice speech about the little things to make up for that.

And thats all I care to mention.

message 10: by Zebulon (new)

Zebulon | 2 comments I had a really good time watching The Hobbit. I thought it was very appealing visually. Bilbo was also a very charming character throughout the movie. Many of his scenes had an element of humor that I really appreciated.

The Hobbit is the only Tolkien book that I have read, and that was a while ago. The details are a bit fuzzy, but maybe that's a good thing. I enjoy books, and I enjoy movies... but those don't always go together.

message 11: by Golfimbul (new)

Golfimbul | 4 comments I absolutely loved the movie!
I think I spend 75% of the time with my mouth hanging open.

Before seeing it my thoughts about it were mainly negative because I thought it could only disappoint, but I was proven wrong big time.
I had been excited to see it ever since it was announced and it was definitely worth the wait.

At first I was a bit sceptic while watching about the elements that they added to the story but as the movie went on I started to enjoy these elements some more, so everything turned out for the best.
I thought the casting was done brilliantly, especially Martin Freeman was an excellent choice.

Negative things about the movie to me are:
The voices of the trolls.
The big scene in which the mountain giants fight.
And I didn't really like the goblin kingdom, but that's just because I imagined it as tunnels and large cave chambers. Especially the scene with the goblin king was not really to my liking I imagined it to be a great stone hall with a great throne (I think it is described like that in the book but I'm not sure).

But overall I really loved it, the acting was great and Peter Jackson gave Tolkien's story the honor it deserves once more.

message 12: by Silja (new)

Silja Golfimbul wrote: "And I didn't really like the goblin kingdom, but that's just because I imagined it as tunnels and large cave chambers. Especially the scene with the goblin king was not really to my liking I imagined it to be a great stone hall with a great throne (I think it is described like that in the book but I'm not sure)."

I had similar problems with that scene. In the book the tunnels were dark and scary, and the dwarves didn't know how many _days_ they had been there. So the whole pace of the scene was different. I felt that they rushed to the fight scene and the goblins were far to comical to be taken seriously. Think about it, if the final battle in the forest had been between the dwarwes and the goblins (like in the book) and not with Azog's crew, would it had been as exciting?

About the mountain giants I have to disagree. I thought they were awesome. :)

message 13: by Kay (new)

Kay Gardner | 3 comments I liked the movie but I didn't enjoy that 1. It came so far off plot. I am now hearing some great justifications for this: IE. tying in loose ends from LOTR trilogy. But during the film it felt EXTREMELY drawn out like they were working very hard to make it into a two part. (I like two parts, but I like succinct stories too!)
2. Did it seem like all the creatures looked very similar? Like, trolls looked like big goblins, orcs looked small trolls, Goblins look like fat Golems? All of them were pasty and pale, had wrinkly skin, sparse hair, big eyes, and misshapen noses. It's a picky little thing, but I was hoping for more creativity. (Like in the illustrated book the goblins had cat faces.)

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