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message 1: by Ned (new)

Ned Rifle | 33 comments 1947 Land of Sin
1953 The clairvoyant
1966 Possible Poems
1970 Probably Joy
1971 This World and the Other
1973 The Traveller's Baggage
1974 Opinions that DL had
1975 The Year of 1993
1976 The Notes
1977 Manual of Painting and Calligraphy
1978 The Lives of Things
1980 Raised from the Ground
1986 The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis
1986 The Stone Raft
1989 The History of the Siege of Lisbon
1991 The Gospel According to Jesus Christ
1995 Blindness
1997 All the Names
1997 The Tale of the Unknown Island
2000 The Cave
2001 Children's Picture Book
2003 The Double
2004 Seeing
2005 Don Giovanni, or, Dissolute Acquitted
2005 Death with Interruptions
2006 Small Memories
2008 The Elephant's Journey
2009 Cain

message 2: by Ned (new)

Ned Rifle | 33 comments I've only actually read 8 of these so far, 4 of those being in the same month. He has a voice that makes you feel as if you could listen to it endlessly, after those 4 I felt I was beginning to go a bit mad but I think I'm ready to re-enter the fray.
Along with Kobo Abe he has the most appealing synopses of anyone.

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