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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Rosalinda walked into the old gym and layed down on the old bench. She looked up at the crumbling ceiling and kept up the illusion of breathing.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Rosalinda's eyes trailed down the faded wallpaper of the decrepit building, her gaze landing on a single dent that had been firmly embedded within the wall. Her fingers composed in the air, the shape that the dent was carved in as. She wondered if it was meant to be intentional for the dent to so resemble a human heart. Even as a vampire, with access to any scientific fact could not prove to what point and by whose had that was done. It was such small details that would be what claimed her sanity for sure, a few more decades and functioning would be the least of her worries. She pulled herself to a seated position, her gaze torn from the wall, occupying itself with the outside world. The windows had been removed or broken to the point that nothing remained, either way it left small bird to fly among the rafters creating an echo that refused to cease. Her mind was unfocused, continually drawing toward the outside world. An instinct she had managed to harvest with decades of practice and patience. She focused in on the location and decided that it was time for her to do her sworn duty to her species and create order from the modern chaos that plagued her. She shut out all emotion, allowing her mind to be set on the singular goal of setting the order once again into place. She only hoped it would not be at the price of a life.

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keyle walked in ....

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keyle left

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments Lucas jumped in front Keyle,"Hey whats up?"

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Roxas wrote: "Lucas jumped in front Keyle,"Hey whats up?""

((he already left he is in his room now))

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments (Ok im coming to talk)

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments Lucas enters with an unconcious Kacy he lays her on the ground near a wall.

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After awhile Kacy groaned sitting up slowly holding her head

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Now wake up you twit."(gtg in school be on later)

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"God. What the hell is wrong with you!?" She yelled

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments (back)

"Hey I was told to bring you here he wants you."

Paul comes from the shadow,"Hello again Kacy."

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"What do you want?" She asked her head was on her knees but she knew that voice

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "I want to recruit you for my special project and thank you brother."gives Lucas a high 5 and hands him some money


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"No. I tend not to help people who hit me in the head with a mace, tell me to die already, then have their brother kidnap me." She said finally looking up at glaring at him

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Oh come now surely we can compromise something."goes to her and strokes her chin.

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She slapped his hand away "not a chance."

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Alright then Lucas strip her down and tie her up."

Lucas cracks his knucles,"Yeah yeah yeah."

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"Wait what!?" She said jumping to her feet

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments starts doing what his brother said at a fast speed her clothes were off and she was tied up.

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She was screaming and fighting "what are you doing!!!!????"

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments Paul just stands there chuckling he thought all of this was amuzing."

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She stopped moving looking at the ground her eyes closed tightly

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments She was tied up,"There happy?"

Paul answers,"Quite."starts chuckling again.

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Tears fell down her cheeks. She stayed silent though

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Look whos not talking big now."-Paul

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"I will never help you!" She snapped

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Oh will you."Paul Slaps her lightly on her face.

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She turned her head from him "go to hell."

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Been there done that please I will have Lucas do what you want?"

"WAIT WHAT!!!!!!!!!"-Lucas

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"I want to be let go." She snapped

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Lucas."snaps.

"Dont snap at me doofus."-Lucas unties her.

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"Clothes?" She asked holding out her hand

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Hum but I like you the way you are now."starts laughing and Lucas snickers.

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She glared at him

She quickly grabbed her clothes and dressed before running. She felt blood dripping down her face

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"u bas**ed dare u do that to her ...she is my gf u now u dead"shouted zack at paul and keyle killed lucas by surprize n taring him into pieces. he burnt him to ash...."my my u alone now arnt u "he commented

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justin sprinted in n anger........fangs ready to tare any throt off

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments (thats mean)

"You hurt me you hurt her we inplanted a pain drug so if pain happens to me she gets hurt too."

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(I have to play as them for now. She asked me too.)

Zach growled "you wouldn't dare."

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments (its cool)

"Already been done."flicks himself in the face,blood drips from his face.

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"What is the matter with you!?" Keyle shouted

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "I play to win so I want you to join me because you just killed my little brother."points to Lucas.

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"You hurt Kacy, I think we're even." He growled

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments starts laughing manically,"You think I care about a bitch like her she is only a tool in my conquest"

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"Then leave her alone." Zack snapped and Justin pulled him back

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Alaster (aquarionred) | 325 comments "Dont hold him back come at me lover boy."

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"I won't risk hurting Kacy." He growled

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