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Convince me to read this book, please!

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Jacen I wouldn't bother reading this book until you've read The Coruscant Nights Trilogy which introduce the characters and take place before this book. Try Jedi Twilight. Either way, check out reviews for the series. I enjoyed the first and third book. The second was a mess.

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Maya Bohnhoff Derrick wrote: "I read Shadow Games and I was completely disappointed. Not because anything was bad, but because the whole book was so mediocre.

So, why should I read another book by this duo and chance seriously..."

I can tell you that it's nothing like SHADOW GAMES, which was intended to be a light read. I can tell you that it's gotten 5 star (or metal bikini) reviews from some experienced SF reviewers. I can tell you that it's a bit dark and that the main character has to face some pretty nasty choices. I can tell you that this book was a more natural fit for me than SHADOW GAMES was (although I did have fun working on that one too.)

Ultimately, I can only tell you that I put my heart into it. If that convinces you to read it, great. If not, well, it is what it is.

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Maya Bohnhoff Derrick wrote: "I've read the CN trilogy, and they were ok. If this were by the one author alone, I'd be convinced already. But the duo, I just don't know..."

Actually, my first work on the CN books was Patterns of Force. Just so you know...

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Maya Bohnhoff Derrick wrote: "Yeah, Vader [spoilers removed] Don't be to proud of that.

But I will be reading this. But please, no more acid trips, ok?"

It wasn't a acid trip. It was turning the amp up to 11 and being completely unprepared for the resulting feedback. Vader doesn't make the same mistake twice.

But, no, there's no bota in this one. ;-)

Morgan Elizbe Most certainly read this book. I might agree with the first poster, and I think their point is good. Still, I /did/ read this one first and the emotional weight in each situation was still effectively communicated. I never felt confused. It works well enough as a stand-alone if you really want to read it that way.

I've been craving more SW books that are about characters we--the readers--aren't familiar with so much (from the films, or offspring of those characters) and this book satisfied everything I wanted in that area.

My only criticism: it doesn't really explain what the Antarian Rangers are about. I had that knowledge going in.

Bookreader1972 I had started reading the The Coruscant Nights Trilogy long before Disney bought Lucasfilm & threw away the expanded universe canon, but still read this one to see how it all wrapped up.
I gave it 3 stars. Liked it, but didn't love it.
If you didn't read the first three, I don't know if i'd bother.

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