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These characters are characters that have reached the maximum level (100) of any character and have become masters of their class(es). They are considered legendary and are famous among all people of Aber-Toril. They are looked upon as leaders of society.

Because these characters hold such tremendous power, only members who have proven themselves masters of the D&D roleplay style and the unique characterstics, rules, and restrictions of this group are allowed to create characters of this character type.

These characters are at the maximum level of 100 and MUST be level 100 to be considered an Epic Character. While single-class characters will have their only class as level 100, multi-class characters will have thier classes total to be level 100 with no class being above level 50.

This character type has no character setup as only those who truly prove themselves worthy are allowed to create characters of this character type and because characters of this character type are not created as new characters but are transfered over to this topic from a different character topic WITHOUT any changes except for changes to the character's level(s) to total to level 100.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 264 comments Mod

Name: Xithen Xeriandael
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Mystra

Primary Class

Class: Sorcerer
Specialization: Evocation
Feats: Iron Will, Quick Learner, Peace of Mind
Level: 50

Secondary Class

Class: Fighter
Specialization: Defensive Fighter
Feats: Endurance, Swift
Level: 50

Skills: Weapon Crafting (Magic), Potion Brewing
Weapon Proficiancies: Longsword, Shortbow
Armor Proficiancies: Heavy: Plate Armor

Familar: Pseudodragon

Basic Weapon: Raiga
Basic Armor: Crystal Armor of Magic Nullification

Personality: Strong (Mentally), Intelligent, Wise, Resilient, Kind, Loyal, Honorable, and Self-relient.

Family: None.

Other: Xithen is one of the great Archmagi of the world and is one of the seven great Sages of the Abeir-Toril. He is also the Grand Archmage of the Mage's Guild.


Name: Ethryl
Species: Pseudodragon
Gender: Male
Age: 125
Alignment: True Neutral

Feat: Spiritual Connection

Personality: Wise, Kind, and Loyal

Other: Ethryl has been a life-long companion with Xithen since he was a young boy. He has served and helped guided him throughout his journies and has always aided him when he needed it.

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