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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie was in the kitchen making dinner with her mom, awaiting Jasper's arrival. It was Christmas night and they were just about ready to eat.

message 2: by NewtStein (last edited Dec 21, 2012 01:38PM) (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper, gripped the strap of his backpack tight. He was a bit nervous, since he was about to meet Josie's family. But he brought presents, and was wearing nice clothes, like any good boy would. He left his hair windblown though, since he hadn't forgotten the fact that Josie seemed to like his hair this way best. Quietly, he knocked on the door, bracing himself, swallowing down his nerves.

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie heard someone at the door.
"That must be him," Her mom said. "Go get the door, will you, Josie?"
Josie put down the plates and went to open the door. "Merry Christmas!" She said and greeted him with a slight hug.

message 4: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper smiled, hugging her tight, refusing to care about anything else at the moment.
"Happy Christmas, love" he whispered, kissing her forehead.
He was so glad to see her it hurt. He hadn't seen her for weeks, and it bothered him some...

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "It's so good to see you!" Josie said and motioned inside. "Come in. We are just about ready to call everyone in for dinner. You came at just the right time." She said, smiling.

message 6: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper nodded, shouldering his bag full of gifts. He slipped his hand into hers, giving her one last kiss on the cheek, before stepping inside with her, closing the door behind him. But he made sure to shake off the snow before coming inside, so there was no snow in the house at the moment.

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie's mom walked over from the kitchen. "Good to meet you, finally. I have heard so much about you." She said with a smile. "I'm Josie's mother. Go ahead and put your stuff upstairs, I'm sure Josie would be glad to show you around."

message 8: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments "Please to meet you, Mrs. Pepall" Jasper gave a single bow of his head, and held his hand out politely for a shake.
He smiled warmly, not letting go of Josie's hand.

message 9: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Mrs. Pepall shook his hand and headed back to the kitchen with a smile.
"I guess I'll give you the grand tour then. Let's start upstairs." Josie decided and guided him to the stairwell.

message 10: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper nodded, and walked with her. He was excited to meet the rest of her family, yes. But he was nervous. It was the first time he even came to meet her family. And this was important, very, as he was serious when he claimed to love Josie. And he felt both families should know this.

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments As they approched the top of the stairs, Josie turned to Jasper. "I'll show you my room first. Then we can head over to the boy's room." She said and turned left into the nearest door. They entered a small, very clean room. On each side there was a bed, dresser, and bookcase, almost a mirror image of the other side. "This is it." Josie said. "Nothing much but we have our ways. Go ahead and set your bags anywhere over here for now." She said motioning to her side of the room.

message 12: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper nodded with a smile, walking inside. He set down his bag beside her bed. He knelt next to it, and opened it up. Out of it he pulled a a gift, wrapped in simple, yet pretty red, holding a green bow on the top. Jasper stood, and walked for Josie. He handed her the gift, giving her cheek a sweet kiss.
"Happy Christmas, love" he whispered softly, his smile sweet and warm, like his eyes.

message 13: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie took the gift from his hands, a smile emerging on her face. She carefully unwrapped the gift.

message 14: by NewtStein (last edited Dec 27, 2012 06:44PM) (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper had gone to a bookstore some time ago. He knew Josie enjoyed reading. But he didn't find anything good enough. So he bought a thick brown notebook, journal style. And he wrote her a story instead.
His mother always said, the gifts people treasure most, are the ones that come from the people gifting. And so, he took this seriously, and tried his best on writing that story. It took him months, but he did it.
It was their story. In his point of view. Because he had always wanted to know exactly what Josie was thinking, and he reckoned she might have wanted to know what he thought. And so he tried his best, going further than winter break and writing what he wished would happen next. There were illustrations as well, painted by himself, of their sweetest moment.
About three things he was absolutely sure of.
One, he loved his Josie, more than anything or anyone.
Two, he wanted to do everything with her. He wanted to marry her some day, when they were old enough, already graduated from their seventh year in Hogwarts.
And three, their story was worth telling.
And so, this was her gift.

message 15: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie took the book from the paper and opened to the first page. She read it quickly and look up at Jasper. "You wrote this?" She asked in awe. "Oh, Jasper, this is absolutly amazing!" Josie praised.

message 16: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper smiled, shifting a bit.
"I just... wanted you to know what it feels like... to be in love with you, I mean..." he blushed a bit, but kept the sweet little smile on his lips.

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "I'm sure it will be wonderful." Josie said. "You definatly know what I will be doing tonight before going to bed." She said.

message 18: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper shifted from foot to foot.
"Well, I really hope you do enjoy it" he said, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

message 19: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie smiled. "You know I will." She saud and quickly kissed him back. They stood there for a moment before Josie broke the silenceq. "Ok, so this is my room, any questions?" She asked.

message 20: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper looked around for another moment, before answering. "Do you share this with anyone?" he inquired, turning to face her again.

message 21: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie nodded. "I share with Cara. She is downstairs, O believe." She replied.

message 22: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper nodded. "Then... shouldn't we go downstairs now? I... I thought your family was waiting to have their dinner" he felt like a trespasser, having them wait for him this way.

message 23: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "Oh, yes. It may be close to done by now." Josie agreed. "And don't worry. You haven't kept them waiting. When you arrived it still had about

message 24: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments half an hour to go."

message 25: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments "Oh..." Jasper sighed, relieved.
"Grand... grand... Then... Um... Who exactly is waiting down there for me? Any grandparents? Aunts and uncles? Along with your parents and siblings, I mean..."

message 26: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "No one besides my direct family." Josie replied. "We celebrate with the rest of our family on Christmas Eve." She added. "So you kind of lucked out." Josie laughed. "Only a few people to meet, not that many."

message 27: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper breathed a sigh of relief.
"Oh... good. Because I don't think I could have gotten everyone to like me... There is always one family member who will dislike another. And me... there's not much to like..."

message 28: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie smiled and took his hand in hers. "You have everything to be liked for. It would take more than one dinner to list them all," She said. "And I doubt anyone wouldn't like you...The whole night at least."

message 29: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper smiled. He kissed her forehead gently.
"Thank you, love... Yet... why is it you always make me feel whole? And new?"

message 30: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "Because I love you." Josie said, smiling. "That's my job." She added. "Now let's go downstairs for dinner. I am sure you'll be fine."

message 31: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper nodded, still slightly nervous, but knowing that wasn't going to help, he tried to ditch it. He could just focus on Josie through dinner if he got too nervous. He took another deep breath. He allowed her to lead him down the stairs, though first, he kissed her cheek again.
"And I love you" he smiled sweetly.

message 32: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie blushed as she lead him downstairs. When they reached the dining room she guided him to the table. "I believe we are supposed to sit over here," Josie said, pulling out a chair for him.

message 33: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper nodded a shy 'thank you'. Then he took his seat and straightened his shirt. He was quite nervous still, hoping Josie would sit next to him, or atleast across from him. If she were to sit close enough to him, he would feel better.

message 34: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie pulled out a chair next to Jasper just as Ian and Aaron walked into the room, in heated conversation. But their conversation faded away when they realized Josie and Jasper were already seated. "Oh, hello. We weren't expecting you to be down before us." Ian commented and took a chair across from them. "Good to see you, Jasper, when I'm not on the job."
As Ian spoke Aaron took a seat on the other side of Josie.

message 35: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments "I am very pleased to see you, as well" Jasper said honestly, with a bow of his head and a smile. he glanced down to Arran and gave him a shy smile, as he, technically, already knew him, but had never been formally introduced around Josie. "Very nice to see you again, too, Arran" Jasper nodded.

message 36: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments " Yeah, you too." Aaron answered unenthusiastically.
Cara appeared in the doorway. "Mom wants you to help serve" She told Josie.
"I'll be right there." Josie replied and nudged Aaron. "You be nice," She whispered to him just before leaving, hoping that the boys would get along.

message 37: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper looked down nervously at his hands, then back up at the boys, bashfully, not sure what to say or do. Really without Josie in the room, he was melting out of nerves, for some reason.

message 38: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Aaron thought about what Josie had told him and didn't want her to think that he couldn't accept Jasper. "So, you're a Hufflepuff, correct? What sort of things do you do other than school?"

message 39: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper opened his mouth to say something, then closed it, thinking. What to say, what to say...
"Um... well, I like to draw... A lot. And paint. Play Quidditch, of course..." that was stupid to say. Everyone knew he was the Seeker for Hufflepuff.
"And... I like to write... some..."

message 40: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Aaron nodded. "Yeah, I kind of recognize you from Quidditch games." He said and then thought for a second. "Hey, I should look for my broom tonight. Maybe we can have a mock game tomorrow. Josie would definatly like it if Ian and I look like we think you're cool."

(Sorry, that last part sounds mean, but I don't know how to phrase it better))

message 41: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments Jasper learned not to take offense at things, which is why he smiled. He kind of was a Hufflepuff at heart. "Of course. That sounds like loads of fun" he nodded quickly, excited some.

(( It's fine. Kharo and Jasper understand. ^-^ ))

message 42: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments "Awesome," Aaron said just as Cara and Josie entered the room with a serving dish in each hand. "We are just about ready," Josie said, directed more to Jasper than the others. "Dad just has to finish carving the ham and then we will be all set." She told him and sat back down. Cara sat next to Ian.

message 43: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((Dinner has finished and Josie and Jasper relocate upstairs to the family room while the rest of the family are in the downstairs family room doing other things))

Josie entered the family room hand in hand with Jasper. She turned to him. "Was that as hard as you thought it was going to be?" She asked.

message 44: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Sorry! Meh... My time these days on my computer is very limited. I'm sorry... ))

Jasper shook his head, with a smile. It showed in his eyes that he was more than relieved. It went great, if he said so himself. Really. He thought something would have happened, something bad, somehow. But nothing did. It was one good thing after the other.

message 45: by Rachel (last edited Jan 15, 2013 03:47PM) (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((It's ok, I undersyand...))
Josie smiled. "I'm happy to hear that." She said. "To be honest I was expecting probably pretty close to what you were. I didn't think that everyone would get on so easily." Josie told him.

message 46: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Thank ye, dear. ^^' ))

"Am I that predictable? Jasper smiled lightly, joking of course, just wanting to play with his girlfriend.

message 47: by Rachel (last edited Jan 27, 2013 05:45PM) (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments Josie grinned. "Not as much as a certain someone else in my family." Josie said. "But I'm glad you got to experiance everything going well. You have no idea how much I have been worrying about this all." She continued. "I mean, think of how many things could have happened. Aaron could have decided that he wasn't in fact ok with me being with you, Ian could have accidentally let slip that you and I have been in the hospital wing multiple times since we met causing Mom to have a conniption, Cara could have had an episode which probably would have freaked you out," Josie went on with noticeable stress in her voice. "You would never want to come visit my family again."

message 48: by NewtStein (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Thank you for sending me the link! This time, it was Kharo's fault: I forgot... DX ))

Jasper took her face in his hands, trying to meet her eyes and get her to calm down a tiny bit, even though it wasn't very necessary. He smiled slightly. "It's fine. I would have come anytime you'd have wanted me to. Anything for you. I promise" he whispered to her, kissing her cheek.

message 49: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (wildbooks) | 2134 comments ((Tis ok! I always have bad timing though... I had to go eat dinner like right after I sent that, otherwise I would have answered sooner!))

Josie took Jasper's hand and plopped herself on the couch behind them, meaning for him to sit down as well. "THat's good to hear, because I'm sure that something will happen eventually." She decided unenthusiastically.

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NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 1335 comments (( Good... Good... ^^' ))

"Like what" Jasper asked her, taking the seat beside her, twining his fingers with hers gently. He blew some of his hair away. He felt he needed a haircut soon... He returned his eyes on Josie, getting distracted.

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