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Terri How old is he.

Halle 14

Terri Thanks, I was thinking 13. I think that he should wait for Emmi. She is a much better choice.

Halle I don't know why he likes Saba. She's mean, disloyal, and clearly insane.

Terri I agree, I liked her much more in the first book. I do not think that it would have bothered me if she was killed off in Rebel Heart. I cannot understand why everyone wants her. All of the other female charcters are better choices. All of the other characters are better except Lugh. What is with that family? Emmi got all of the good genes.

Halle Ha. My favorite charrie was Maev, but...

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Terri I liked Nero and Tracker. :) I liked all of the supporting characters. I think that I liked Slim most.

Halle Tommo is my new official favorite.

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Terri Tommo is in my top 3. Slim, Tommo, Emmi.

Halle My was Ike, Maev, and Tommo.

Terri My mistake....Slim in in Rebel Heart. Hope that I did not ruin anything for you.....

Terri Ike was definitely my favorite on BRR. He reminded me of a good ole Irish man. Not really sure why.

Halle I've already read Rebel Heart.

Terri Cool, I was worried I may have revealed something.

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