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Rebecca May Alicia tread down to the White Lake, needing some time outside. Her black boots were ones that laced up at the front, this time. Her black skirt flowed beautifully to where it ended above her knees, and she wore a tight sapphire-blue corset top. Her silver Key necklace made tiny diamonds dance on the ground in the evening sunlight. Her hair, black as night, was wound in intricate plaits on top of and on the back of her head, and some of it tumbled in tight ringlets over one partially-bare, pale shoulder. She sat down on an overhang a little above the water, tucking her boots beneath her and trailing one long, painted fingernail in the water. She sighed deeply, letting the false parts of her persona fade away. Near water, she could be herself, take down the walls around her mind. She closed her eyes, on finger still tracing the surface of the cool water.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace had decided to wake early that morning, and spend the whole day near the White Lake. The night before had been so dramatic for him, and he wanted nothing more than to be on a board, surfing, or swimming or something near the water. Seeing as there was no powerful ocean near, he settled for the next best thing- The lake. It happened to be close to his house, so he'd spent most of the day parting back and forth between his home and the water.
The day was coming to an end, as the Sun began to fade to the distance, making the air a bit colder, but still suitably warm enough for Jace to continue doing as he did.

He'd gotten one of his older surf boards and let it float out into the water as he lay atop it, floating along the current that wasn't there. If he didn't rake his arms through the water, he'd stay still.
So still, in fact, that the activity had soon made him bored, and he traced back up to the house, getting some food before coming back down to the dock.

His bare chest, with it's tanned muscles, came along with him. His shirt had been in the floor of his living room all day long, and he'd traded any sort of shoes for laced sandals, kicking them off each time he got to the top of the hill before the lake.
He jogged down, food in hand, wearing only cargo shorts.

A girl, hair dark and clothes alike, was crouched by the waters when he arrived, running her hand into the water. The way he came, her back was to him, and he slowed his step cautiously. She could be a Lock. And in that case, he was better off alone at home than here with her. He stepped onto the sandy rocks anyway, making it no secret that he was there by clearing his throat rather loudly. He could deal with one Lock, couldn't he?
"Hello." He said, the statement sounding more like a question.

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Rebecca May ((Wow that was a long post :D))

Alicia started, slamming her mental walls back into place and reforming parts of her persona around her. She turned, and the sun flashed off her Key necklace into the eyes of a young man, tall, bare chested and well muscled. She turned properly, settling into the confident, reclining posture typical of the "other her". "Hiya!" she said brightly, waggling her fingers in a friendly way, her red lips curling into another of her sensuous smiles.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((Haha, I would think I was done, and then I'd read over and add more. :P ))

Before he could blink, the dark haired girl was whirling around, a look of concentration and determination in her eye and a sexy smile placed upon her ruby red lips.
The lips contrasted against the rest of her, being dark. He was struck most by her necklace, of which dazzled more brightly than he could've thought a necklace could dazzle.
He nearly dropped his board by the shine, but the shape effected him more, making out a key. She wasn't a Lock then.
He was almost sure of it now, because he felt no dangerous air around her as he walked closer. "Hello." He repeated, more definite now. "I'm Jace. Come for a float? I could get one of my other boards for you... Except your clothes are kind of nice." He said, blushing slightly as he sat down on the ground, criss-crossing his legs to look up at her curiously, his eyes shinning brightly.

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((I feel as though Kai would get very upset seeing this ^_^))

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Holly (peachylee20) ((Haha! I was wondering about that. You can bring her into it, if Becca is okay with it, or something!))

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((I think I'll wait until they get close, then she can be all jealous and such >:3))

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Rebecca May ((:D))

Alicia's sexy, slightly insolent smile lingered on her lips. "Jace... Cool name. I'm Alicia." She laughed as Jace complimented her clothing, and dipped her leather-clad toe in the water, using it to splash him a little. "Thanks, stud. And no problem, I don't need a board," she said. She pulled the ties out of her hair in one brutal motion that she would have winced at if she'd been alone. She shook her head, feeling the plaits and her tight, natural night-black ringlets tumble down her back. She batted her long eyelashes at him over her deep sapphire eyes, and started un-lacing her boots. Damn! Why did she have to wear the complicated laces today? "Care to lend a hand?" Alicia asked, indicating the other boot with a flick of one painted fingernail.

((Is it OK if she swims in her underwear? :D Underwear are like bikinis anyways :D))

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Rebecca May ((Think I would be OK with it, depending on who Jace chooses... Alicia's really very sensitive on the inside, you know... :D))

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Call Me Dangerous ~*Queen of the Morningstar*~ (sabrielmyguardianangel) | 445 comments Mod
((And so is Kai, only that's way hidden >:) shwahaha))

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Rebecca May ((:p))

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Holly (peachylee20) ((Wowzaaa. I'm stuck! This should be interesting. Becca here's been keeping up on Jace a Kai so she knows, more or less, what's going down!))

Jace watched her, having a sickening feeling that she was too much like Kai for safety. He didn't care very much at the moment though, for he wanted to do something, just to upset the hard-set girl that had left him the night before. If she'd even be upset by him being with this.. Alicia. He laughed lightly as she splashed him, grinning over at her. Her hair came falling down her back, and he tilted his head in interest, watching the Sun glimmer off it, making it seem like a dark rainbow.
He rose from his spot, his ziplocked food forgotten on the ground. As he neared her, he nodded as her request, leaning down on one knee to unlace her tall boot, working the intricate lacing free. He didn't, however, go as far as to remove the shoe from her foot. "Alicia... Tell me something? Are you opposed to getting drunk and having sex with a complete stranger, but not in that order?" He asked her, looking up at her while he unlaced her other shoe.

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Rebecca May Alicia raised one elegant eyebrow at Jace's question, and laughed. "I won't ask what's behind that question, hun." She pursed her lips. "A complete stranger? Well yes, definitely opposed to that. If you've talked for a while and at least know each other a bit... It's OK." She stood, and started to unlace the ribbon on her corset top. "You don't mind if I swim with you, do you?" She asked, making it sound as though whatever Jace said she'd go in anyway... Which she would. She was in one of her rebellious moods, but she knew that if she was being the real her she would care, but she wasn't ready to let her barriers down just yet.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace sighed and shook his head slightly, standing up and walking backward a few feet to watch her. "I wouldn't mind to watch you." He said, not wanting a repeat of last night. Besides- He was hungry.
He sat down in his previous spot once again, grabbing his sandwich out of the bag. "Well, I think I'm against it today." He told her matter-of-factly. "Maybe people should just not have sex until they're married or something. Maybe then they'd not have to worry about being alone afterwords." He said, partly to himself as he took a large bite from his sandwich. "I'm sorry-" He said, forgetting who he was with. "Forget about my jibberish... I've just been awake for too long. Maybe I need a nap." He told her.

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Rebecca May Alicia shrugged as she wriggled out of her skirt, looking down to check her lacy blue underwear looked fine- she loved the contrast with her pale skin. "No problem," she said. "And I agree with you. Sex after marriage is best all around." Then she blushed. Why was she being so honest? The person she was pretending to be wouldn't have said that. To cover her blush she turned, and dived gracefully into the water. As soon as she felt the cool water glide over her pale skin, she knew she couldn't keep it up anymore. She surfaced, and glided over to rest her chin on her white arms next to where Jace was sitting. "Do you mind if I drop the act?" she asked him. "This isn't exactly me, you know," she said. She tried to make it sound secretive, to maintain the illusion as long as possible.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace looked away from her as she undressed, blushing at the sight of her detailed bra and underwear. The pair were matching, and she looked beautiful, but thinking about what he'd just said, he couldn't help but turn his head and wait until she'd gotten in the water. He felt so ashamed of himself for the last few years. He'd carted around countless girl, having sex with them all, whether he felt as if he was in love or not, and no matter who it was, they always seemed to separate themselves from him.
He thought, up until now, that it was all okay, and that he didn't mind. That was his life. But now, with Kai acting like she did, he wondered what gain he'd gotten out of any of his past girlfriends. Not love. Not marriage. Just loneliness in the end.
And he wondered what it would be like to find a good girl. One who'd marry him and love him.
Pushing the thoughts away with a shake of his head, he glanced up at last, watching her slide through the water easily, her curly black hair wet now, sticking to her neck and back.
"Do you mind if I drop the act?" She asked him.
Surprised by the question, he shook his head once more. "No, I don't. I'd rather not have any acts really... We can try again." He told her, finishing his food and standing to join her by the water, wading into his ankles. "Hello. I'm Jace. And you are?" He said with a smile, extending a hand.

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Rebecca May Alicia used her power to lift herself up out if the water in a fountain, so that she was his height, rather than looking up at him. It was her way of showing Jace that she trusted him - showing him her power, the most important thing to her, aside from love, which she didn't have. She could feel the brief, very slight tingling on her eyelids, and she knew that her eyes were turning that deep, startling shade of amethyst they always turned when she used her power. She extended s slightly dripping hand to shake his. His handshake was strong, warm and firm, eclipsing her pale, slender fingers. "Hi, I'm Alicia," she said, smiling radiantly for the first time, finally letting all her barriers drop. She used her little fountain of water to propel herself, flipping backwards into the water, laughing joyfully. "Are you... Sure you won't come in?" she asked Jace, leaning back to watch her beautiful hair drift in the water. She'd always loved that. To tell the truth, Alicia was a little shy of swimming with a guy while she was in her underwear, now that she was, well, more herself, but she pushed her inhibitions aside. She liked Jace, and she wanted to share her love of water with him.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace saw her rise, and his mouth shaped an O. This was her power? He loved it! She was able to move water and he was all water! "I'd love to join you, actually." He said, an idea as great as her standing in the water.
Dashing back to the deck, he grabbed a bright yellow board lying on the faded, water splashed wood.
He took off his shorts, revealing Hawaiian style swimming trunks, bright flowers spotting the dark material.
He came into the water too, board floating before him. "Do you surf?" He asked her happily, wading closer to her, the board between them all the while.

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Rebecca May Alicia smiled with pleasure as he eagerly moved into the water to join her. It seemed she'd hit gold showing Jace her power. "Well, no, I don't really surf," she replied to his question, flicking a strand of dark wet hair out of her face. "I mean, why would I have to?" Alicia asked, laughing. She made the water zoom her around in a quick circle, her eyes flashing purple again before she slowed and joined Jace back at his board. "I can heat and cool water too, though I've got a pretty limited range with that," she admitted. "Jees, that made me sound like a housewife. Here, I'll show you." Alicia heated her hair gently until steam rose from her drying hair. She knew how she must look... Glowing purple eyes, wreathed in steam. The steam disappeared, and she felt her eyes return to her usual sapphire blue. "What's your power? If you don't mind me asking," she added hurriedly.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace grinned excitedly, bouncing up and down on his bare feet, the motion slowed by the water. He smiled over at her when she said she couldn't surf, and his smile widened even larger when she dried her hair. Steam rose from the dark locks, and he stood, momentarily stunned by her purple eyes, shining brighter than the necklace clasped around her slender throat.
She returned to normal, and he blushed a bright pink, realizing that he was staring. "My... My power isn't as wonderful, but I can..." He trailed off, looking at her heavy boots, still lying, forgotten on the ground, and he lifted them both using his mind, letting them swing back and forth, lacing and unlacing as they went. "I don't really use it very much."
"You don't know how to surf... Prepare to find out, lovely." He said, moving around the board to her. "C'mer." He said as he took her hand gingerly and placed one hand on her hip. "If this is okay..." He asked, his words coming out question-like.

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Rebecca May Alicia raised an eyebrow at the boots. "Well, I suppose it would be useful... Especially if you were feeling lazy," she said, giggling. Her heart beat a little faster at his touch on her hand and on her hip. Don't even think about it, darling. That's how you get hurt, remember? she scolded herself. Then she shrugged mentally. Whatever. She liked Jace. Whatever would happen would happen, and there was no need to worry about it. "Sure it's OK," she said brightly. "Ready and willing to learn," she told Jace, smiling another one of her sensuous smiles. He deserved that at least after calling her "lovely". Alicia only just stopped herself giggling. Well, she was in her underwear.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace smiled and moved her toward the board, letting her sit on the flat top as he took the small tie at the bottom, securing it around her ankle. "Okay. We can just float right now, and you can play, making waves?" He asked her, looking up through his thick eyelashes at her now, himself waist deep in water, but her a foot or so higher than him now, sitting on the board. "If you can make waves, we can have an ocean right here." He told her happily, joy in his eyes and his hands resting at either of her sides, palms flat on the board, and her knees pressing on his abs.
((Just because I forgot about these...))
His tattoos shined brightly on his skin, and dark black tribal sun design over half his chest on the left side and over his shoulder, and on his other arm, blue waves wrapped around his forearm.
((There's also an anchor on his lower leg, but obviously, you can't see it.))
((I also feel dumb for forgetting about his tattoos!))

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((Anndd... NOW I interfere. >:3))

Kai, growing a bit weary and tired of the distinctive darkness she lived in, needed a bit of light. This was the absolute only way she would manage to force herself to get it. Her own board was tucked under her arm. Long, sleek, and polished. The board was a pitch black on one side, obviously handmade though extremely well done. A white skull surrounded by swirls, which, upon closer inspection, proved to be a swirl of broken bones. It curled up the side like a wave, a thin strip of red adding color to the design. The other side was a perfectly detailed Egyptian Pharoh's casket. All in all, a very Kai like board. Seeing what was going on where she was meant to be relaxing and calming her nerves before she inevitably went back to Jace's house (She just couldn't leave it the way it had been left. She just couldn't.)

Her mouth went dry, and her stomach and heart fell to her feet. Again. He had moved on. Already. After less then a day. Something pricked her sunken heart. Could it be... Jealousy? She thought so. Why was she jealous? Immediately Kai froze, unable to move. She wanted so badly to run, but he had called her a coward for it. Her board clattered to the ground. She stood like that, stuck in time. Bright jewel eyes wide, for once showing through all the way to HER. Ruby lips slightly open.

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Rebecca May ((Haha, don't worry about the tattoos, it's all good. I actually don't know how to surf, so I'm just gonna play this by air. Btw, if CMD is on perhaps it would be a good time for Kai to come in relatively soonish?))

Alicia smiled back into his joyful eyes, feeling wonderful at the thought she was giving him so much pleasure. She also tried not to notice how well muscled and warm he was, especially where her knees were pressing against his chest. "Sure I can make waves," she said, casually making an icicle grow on the end if one finger and then letting it melt again, for the pure pleasure of knowing how beautiful her eyes looked turning from sapphire to amethyst to sapphire again. She zoomed herself out in the water, and then made a wave to carry herself in. She managed to stand for a while, then tumbled off. "Well, that was the most graceful thing I've ever done," she said, surfacing and shaking the water out of her eyes.

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((Too late, already done :3))

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Rebecca May ((Lol, epic timing ay? :D))

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((I know I feel like I came on just in time ^-^))

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace was so caught up in the graceful way Alicia held herself on the board that he hadn't noticed Kai... Yet.
He swam over to her quickly as she fell, and reached over to brush all her dark, soaking wet hair from her face. "That was amazing! We can both go this time!" He said, grabbing her waist to lift her back onto the board.
He turned his head slightly as he did so, seeing another black something glint in the sunlight. He gave it his full attention, and swung his head to see Kai, standing in a shocked state.
He knew how this must have looked, with both his hands on Alicia's hips, her knees once again pressed to him.
It looked exactly like he went to the water to pick up girls everyday.

He was extremely hurt by Kai at the moment, so he decided to wave at her, plastering a big, fake grin on his face. "Come to join the festivities?" He called.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((UCK! I have to edit the whole thing now! Don't comment back. I didn't see Kai enter.))

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Rebecca May ((No! Don't edit! I got it! :D this is a mess!:D))

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Rebecca May ((Ok, just ignore my previous comment as I can't delete if through iPod, and use this one instead))

Alicia smiled. "Thanks, I'd like that," she said, genuinely pleased at his praise. Her skin tingled where his hands were pressed against her. Seeing the angry girl he was talking to, she used a strong current to propel them over to her. "Ah... So this is the one night stand you were opposed to?" She said, just loud enough for the girl to hear, raising an arrogant eyebrow and raking her gaze over the girl. This was when Alicia was most like the "other her " ... when she was angry.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((AH!!!!!!!! I knew this would get confusing, even more for me, since my Internet is slow and I can't refresh the page fast enough. I AM SO SORRY! :D))

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Rebecca May ((Hehe, it's OK, I handled it, didn't I? :D))

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She blinked once and licked her lips, breaking the trance, as if that would stop her mouth from tasting like dust and sand. She took one step forewords, bare foot. She paused again, swallowing hard and back peddling back into her shell. Not, however, before this terribly old, sad look surfaced in her eyes. The same look that had broken a thousand therapist's hearts. This girl in the mask had seen far too much in her short life. Her arms crossed over her chest, the thin fabric of the dress she wore so gauzy it was almost useless to have. "Hello, Daddy," she said, copying his smile. "Just came to soak up the sun, maybe see if I could coax a wave. I didnt expect you to be here. I was going to..." Another hard swallow. "Visit you later." The truth. Kai was actually telling the truth. Quickly, she reclaimed herself. "But I see your schedule is full. Maybe another time." Ha. Yeah, right.

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((Don't worry, I deleted it for you :3))

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Rebecca May Alicia raised her eyebrows at the word "Daddy", but then her eyes narrowed at the implication as the girl spoke of a full schedule. How dare she ruin Alicia's perfect moment? She made a surge of icy water hit the girl, her eyes blazing. "Whoops, sorry," she said, in her most girlish voice. And in her heart she knew she was defending Jace as much as herself.

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Kai took it with grace. "Don't worry about it." Suddenly, she was in the girl's head, pulling away her will to live. "Plenty worse has happened." Another bright flash of smile as she sat down. "I was about to get in anyways. Now the water will be plenty warm." Scrape. Scrape. Scrape. She pulled her board towards her, fingertips running over the surface.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace's eyes widened at the girls 'friendly' banter, and he left the water, bringing himself up onto dry land to be near Kai. "You were coming back? Back to act drunk again, and leave, or back to stay?" He asked, demanding an answer through his icy and hurt gaze.

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Kai met his gaze, looking a bit... Hurt, actually. "To stay, Daddy Dearest. At least for a while. A few weeks, at least, if I didnt bother you too much. I was thinking about while I was about to get knifed." She was quick to add, "Don't worry. He's dead and I'm fine. Not that you were thinking about it, probably." She looked away now, feeling stupid. Then, softly, "you were... Opposed?"

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Rebecca May Alicia struggled against the force in her head, trying to pull up the walls of her persona around her consciousness. Suddenly it all seemed hopeless. This girl was going to take Jace away from her... Her eyes went blank, and she slowly slipped beneath the surface of the water.

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Kai let a bit fall back into her. Not enough to leave her hopeful, but enough to let her feel the instinct to survive. As an added game for herself, she lowered the girl's standards considerably. A depressed whore. Ohh goody. Of course, she planned to fix her, as soon as she won Jace back.

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Rebecca May Alicia came back to herself a little, enough to feel what the girl wanted to do to her, and she fought to keep herself under the water. She'd rather die than become that, especially in front of Jace.

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A slight tsk escaped her, as she raised just the survival instinct into full swing. God, she loved her job. Balancing out the humanity in the human? It was the best feeling in the world. She owned her, in this moment, and she knew it too. Oh, dear. Kai really was a tough egg to crack. Well, they do say old habits die hard. In this case, it was questionable they'd die at all.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((WAit wait wait for me, guys.))

Jace shook his head, watching between the two girls, his face looking horrified.
"Stop that right now!" he said, pointing a finger at Kai. "She's harmless, and you could take a lesson from that." He said. "If you want to stay, my arms are always open, but there's not need to feel teenage jealousy. Let her back up, and play nice." He said, finally taking control of his life.

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A small smirk lit her features, though she raised on finger and brought all of her levels back to normal. Slipping into the water, she leaned up to mumble, "Jealous? I'd say you're getting cocky, Daddy." She moved to support herself against his chest, water easily too deep for her. "Now how about that arm thing. I'd be nice if you closed them, so I don't drown, yeah?"

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Rebecca May Alicia surfaced out of the water, gasping, tears running down her cheeks. She'd heard Jace's comment, even from under the water. Seeing the two of them together, more tears slid down her face. She turned and dove, speeding with her power to the other side. She stumbled out, and clutched at a log for support. Why did she always do this? Every single time. She dropped her barriers and she got hurt.

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Holly (peachylee20) Jace shook his head and looked at Kai, his gaze hard. "I'll deal with you in a minute." He said, lifting her onto her own board, and turning toward Alicia, speeding after her with all her might. He kept up well enough, so when she rose from the water, he wasn't that far behind. "Alicia. Please forgive her. She's... She's not that socially friendly, I suppose. Please... I'm so sorry. Please understand. I only met Kai last night, and she's... She's fierce, and she hurt you, and I'm sorry." He called after her loudly, hoping Kai was looking regretul behind him, but chances were she was looking anything but.

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