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Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden: Summer of 1994 (OJBG, #1)
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Otessa | 3 comments Hello writers!

I wanted to say happy holidays to all of you and let everyone in on a giveaway I'm holding for my ebook "Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden." It will be free on Amazon from December 21st to the 25th-- Christmas day! You can get it here: http://amzn.to/Ri6OEu

I hope you enjoy it! And feedback is always welcome!

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden Summer of 1994 (Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden, #1) by Otessa Marie Ghadar

Here is a description of the book:
You know that summer, right… the summer where EVERYTHING changed? Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden (OJBG) is that summer. And Bishop's Garden is the place where it all happens. It's the summer of '94 and naive and rebellious teens are engaging in all kinds of underage tomfoolery. Think grunge, Doc Martens, raves, the invincibility of youth, and epic first loves.

This book details the lives of a group of teenagers navigating high school and growing up in DC during the 1990’s. It's all about teen magic-- creating new and marvelous mischief with best friends, listening to mix-tapes and reading Sassy magazines, missing the last Metro, and getting stuck miles from payphones. Accompany the young heroine, Sarah, as she gets herself into idle summer misbehaving, love triangle betrayals, and friendship fallouts. This is a story about what her life is like before school's truly over and she knows it's all going to change for good. It's about the friends she'll never forget, those first mistakes, and her childish dreams not yet polluted by reality. She and her friends will engage in typical teen idolatry of hot musicians and renegades. They'll set each other up and tear each other down. They'll crash house parties and realize that sometimes in life, there are no 'do-overs.' They'll steal cars, candy, and hearts. They'll make you wish you were a teen again.

This book contains the full collection of scripts from season one of the oldest and longest running teen web series, Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden. It's part recollection, part urban legend, and part pure fiction, and completely inspired by my memories of growing up in DC and the enchantment of my youth. I tried to capture teen life as it is lived--dramatic, filled with self-discovery, and the pain of growing up. Together, as a whole, the stories and the characters ring true. Read the book and you'll realize you've either been-- or known-- one of these characters before.

Venture into Bishop's Garden and remember what it feels like to have your whole life ahead of you! Best part is, when you're done reading, you can meet the characters by watching the webseries adaptation online (www.ojinbg.com).

Thank you! And again, happy holiday wishes to you all!


message 2: by Kyra (new)

Kyra (Nikara) | 364 comments Mod
Whoa. That's a pretty mind-blowing description. I'm going to have to break the "no-books-before-Christmas" rule and go get that now...

message 3: by Otessa (new) - added it

Otessa | 3 comments Aww thank you Kyra!!

Oh PS book 1 is free on the OJinBG.com/shop site. And book 2 is free on Amazon// just in case you want to load up on freebies and are in need of any more holiday reading/procrastination ;)

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