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): I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this.
no one should...

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So i am restarting this....with a few thinhs about me...

-i am 15
-i am female
-i am lesbian
-i am 5'5 ish
-i weigh near 120
-i have three other siblings
-i have a mom and dad
-they all know i am lesbian
-i have been bullied my whole life
-i am anerexic
-i self-harm
-i hate myself
-i have tried to kill myself twice
-i have black hair and blue eyes
-i love reading and watching anime and manga
-i draw, sing, write
-i have a ton of animals
-i am depressed
-i have OCD
-i have BPD

(I'll put somemore later)

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I have hated myself since i was a child
i was bullied since childhood
all i know is pain
all i know is tears
and sweety
i hated every second
becuase i never fought back
and i want to die
and i was numb
i cant rember my past
it's blank
idont know what happinese or love feels like
just hate
i've tried to end it twice
and going to kill myself tomarrow
baby please
we are here
i am so weak
so stupid
i know this
i hate it
i hate myself
i hate my weight
i hate my looks
i hate self-harm
i hate it all so much
and i cant cry
and i cant smile
i can fake
but please
this is not the end
not ever
push through sweety
and sweety
it makes me so sad
to think that all my freind on goodreads
in my groups
and others
are in pain
i want to take it all away
hide it in myself
make them happy
when i cant be
i want to see them all smile
i try my hardest
but i am to weak
i say i am fine
i am okay
but it is a lie to prtect them
and i am crying right know
becuase i care so much
for you all...
and i just
what to do
i am losing it
i am falling
i know ill hit
rock bottem
very soon
and when that happens
i amy not be able to get
i may be gone
i just need
you all
to be strong
for me


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i love you.
you're amazing

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I am back!!!

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