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Movie or Book?
Binarybug Binarybug Dec 20, 2012 08:37AM
has anyone watched the movie (Now is Good) which is based on this book. Should I watch the movie or read the book?

Loved the book! The movie not so much. I felt that Tessa wasn't very likeable in the movie....

Did anyone care more about Tessa's dad than Tessa herself? I felt that way in the book, I didn't like Tessa much at all, and I just finished watching the movie and cared a lot more for her dad again.

Read the book, then watch the movie.

Cry and eat tons of ice-cream

Jess The book! fell asleep watching the film -_-
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Ashley (last edited Apr 20, 2013 03:34PM ) Apr 14, 2013 06:55PM   0 votes
I just watched some of it. It sucked. -__- I stopped watching after like 45 minutes.

You should to read the book, really. :)

Gerd (last edited Dec 30, 2014 08:44AM ) Dec 21, 2012 09:58AM   0 votes
Haven't seen the movie yet*, but either way - I would always recommend to read the book first when possible, for there's no more amazing cinematography to be found in this world than your own imagination. :)

*And the poster kind of doesn't make me want to, but gosh, the book is so great that it's hard to see how the movie couldn't have turned out at least decent.

Well, after having seen the movie... it's not quite as terrible as I feared, but it doesn't even come close to the book. Although you can still see the story in there somewhere, I have to give it that.

But seriously, if you watched "A walk to remember" and "My life without me" back to back you would have got much the same - only in good.
To me "Now is good" felt lackluster, the book pretty much made me cry from start to end, the movie not so much - a smile here and there but you never get to a point where you really care.

First, read the book
Then, watch the movie

Last chapter/scene is beautiful

The book! The movie wasn't alike the storyline in the book. Besides, it was more dramatic reading it than watching it. Although some scenes in the movie were really heart-warming.

I always found the book is way better than the movie

Honestly, I prefer boths, the movie and the book.

The movie it's good, not GREAT -for me it didn't get all the emotions of the book; but definitely you should read it first then watch the movie, specially because we see what is happening from the perspective of Tessa a girl with so many dreams and wishes making literally every second count.

Jesse Rocha Sure I'll, Definitely. ...more
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The movie was so horrible!

i loved the book but was disappointed in the movie tbh

omg! i didn't know they had a movie i so want to watch it!!!

Definately going to have to see the movie, i LOVED the boook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to see this movie, but to be honest this book was good but wasn't for me. I rated it 3/5. I'm hoping i will enjoy the movie more, although that's rare because books are always better :D

My Review:

I prefer the book, i cry all i could with this book

I read the book then tried to watch the movie, it may have been all right as a stand alone but after reading the book I only got through 10 minutes of it before having to turn it off, it does not do the book justice.

The film was alright I didn't fall in love with Tessa (Or Adam) that much but the book was AWESOME

Yep, defo read the book first. Then watch the movie - both are brilliant!

I have read the book and really want to c the movie. Which is best???? X

i didnt even know this had a movie!!now i have to watch itA!!! the book was really good you should read it.. do what i do read the book first then watch the movie (:

Only book

Book is obviously better ;)

Binarybug wrote: "has anyone watched the movie (Now is Good) which is based on this book. Should I watch the movie or read the book?"

Definitely read the book. It's wonderful. I recently watched the film and although it was good, some bits varied greatly from the book which slightly annoyed me at times.

Read first, watch later. But I assure you that the movie sucks. Too many stuff left aside.

I liked the book so much better. It had all the makings of a good film but for me it just didn't work at all. Definitely read the book and skip the film!

there's a movie?!

well, most movies they make which are based on books, suck, so they flop at the BO and i never get to see it, this one - i will.

ug, i'll try, since evryone is all negative for it...

Read the book first, then watch the movie. It is incredible!!! Both are amazing and worth it!!!

OMG there's a movie?!! I have to watch it !

book, movie was shit

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