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message 1: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Dear All, For a group to be interactive thought that we should all be knowing each other very well, So starting this round of introduction for all. Hope everyone would like to know about their fellow friends & group buddies.

message 2: by MPM (last edited Dec 20, 2012 06:07AM) (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) I start with myself. Hello all am Aniket basically from Mumbai settled here in Pune, working in a MNC in Pune & reading varied types of books in Marathi/English & discuss about them is my passion.:)

message 3: by Vikas (new)

Vikas | 2 comments Hi, I am Vikas,live in pune,currently working with a mnc .I love reading books,mostly in the mystery and crime genre.

message 4: by Sunny (new)

Sunny | 2 comments Hi, I am Chintamani from Pune. I have my own fabrication business. I like all kinds of books.

message 5: by Kiran (new)

Kiran | 3 comments hi, i am kiran, live in bangalore, financial analyst by profession, love to read classic and modern literature,mostly sci-fi.

message 6: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Hi Kiran/Sunny & Vikas, its nice to know 'bout you...:)

message 7: by Sanket (new)

Sanket | 4 comments hi , I am sanket from mumbai . i am currently working in software company. i love to read books but mostly i like marathi books. pls suggest me good marathi books.

message 8: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) hi Sanket, great to know that ur fond of marathi books,hope through this group you will get to know more of them, be in touch n keep posting...:)

message 9: by Sanket (new)

Sanket | 4 comments sure . i also launched page on facebook as 'marathi book lovers' where you can post your reviews about books you read .pls join this page and share this with your friends .

message 10: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) yes :)

message 11: by Kiran (new)

Kiran | 3 comments thanks aniket, nice to meet you all too.

message 12: by Ravindra (new)

Ravindra Soman Hey guys,
nice to meet you all.
I am Ravindra from Mumbai. I am a software engineer by profession. I like reading various kinds of books in marathi as well as english.

message 13: by Bharat (new)

Bharat | 1 comments Namaskar Mitranno,

I am Bharat from Pune. I love to read Marathi and English books. I am found of Biographies.

message 14: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Dear ALL, its been nice to know you all, keep contributing towards the group activities

message 15: by Sandesh (new)

Sandesh Kolgaonkar (sandykolgaonkar) | 1 comments hi this is sandesh, I love to read Marathi and English books.
माझे आवडते लेखक - पु.ल.देशपांडे आणि आचार्य अत्रे

message 16: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Great to know your likes Sandesh, by the way where are you getting this marathi font...
@Chetan/Surjit, have seen you guys are also using it..

message 17: by Surjit (new)

Surjit | 14 comments Its google transliteration IME

Just go this link and start typing its very easy.
You can download this tool on you PC and use it with any other applications (word, excel, facebook etc)

message 18: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) @Surjit,धन्यवाद ....!

message 19: by Shweta (new)

Shweta | 2 comments नमस्कार!!! मी श्वेता.. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and work with a MNC in Mumbai. मला मराठी वाण्ग्मयातील सर्व साहित्य प्रकार आवडतात.

message 20: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Good going Shweta, U opened the first account in discussion thread from ladies side, now atleast we can wait for other girls in the group too to introduce themselves & see MBW comments account debited further with it...:)

message 21: by Shweta (new)

Shweta | 2 comments Honored to do so sir. Glad to be part of something like MBW. :) Sure that the account will get debited with many more introductions.. :)

message 22: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Thanks...ur comments will help support our confidence...Happy Makar sankranti to you & all my friends in the group. "Tilgul ghya god god bola"

message 23: by MT (new)

MT (mtregan) Hello and thanks for letting me be a part of this group! Matthew here from the USA. I'm an educator/librarian in NYC. Unfortunately I only know a few phrases in Marathi, but I would love to learn more! I have a lot of appreciation and respect for Indian languages and literature (in translation or in English). Have traveled to India several times and would like to visit again soon. I speak a little Hindi and can read Devanagari. Would greatly appreciate any language learning recommendations you have for Marathi--good books, websites, etc. I also hope that by taking part in this group and seeing titles of books and reading what is written will help with exposure to a new language. All other recommendations also welcome. खूप धन्यवाद!

message 24: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Hi Matthew, its been a pleasure to see you in the group, we are sure you will njoi being the part of it..all of us will try to help you learn Marathi & basically to recommend good translations....

message 25: by SHON (new)

SHON | 1 comments Hello all...I am Sujit from Pune. There is nothing specific that i read, but nowadays am more into history and mythology. Depending on mood and availability i read other things too...Marathi as well as English. Planning to read Rashmi Rathi by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, that will be my foray into Hindi Literature.

Am always in search of good books, let me know if you know any. Thanks :)

message 26: by Makarand (new)

Makarand | 1 comments My name is Makarand. I live in the Detroit area, currently visiting Pune. Always looking for good Marathi books to buy while I am here. Also, don't know if there are any meetups planned in the area -- if so, would love to attend the next one. I am focusing more on writing these days and have had some articles published in Sakal Madhura, Express Computers and elsewhere. Would be happy to connect with writing enthusiasts as well.

message 27: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Hi Shon & Makarand, welcome to the group & nice to know about both of you, hope you will participate in the group activities.

@Makarand, currently we have not planned any meetups, but that one is a good idea, we all will surely have one..!

message 28: by Gauri (new)

Gauri | 1 comments Hi, I am Gauri from Mumbai. Love to read anything on any subject, because the best literature is Marathi.

message 29: by Tejashree (new)

Tejashree | 3 comments Hey...
This is Tejashree, from Pune

message 30: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Welcome to the group Gauri & Tejashree

message 31: by Anuj (new)

Anuj Dabholkar | 1 comments नमस्कार, मी अनुज ... व्यवसायाने mechanical engineer. सध्या Toledo (Ohio) मध्ये नोकरी करतोय. अत्रे, मतकरी, व.पु. आणि जयवंत दळवी वाचायला विशेष आवडतात. लिहिण्याची सुद्धा आवड आहे.

message 32: by Gargi (new)

Gargi Phondekar | 2 comments Im Gargi from Mumbai.
Im lover language(esp Marathi).Iv read least novels in marathi.

message 33: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Hi Anuj & Gargi, welcome to the group...please post your views or discussion topics & keep it alive...:)

message 34: by Gargi (new)

Gargi Phondekar | 2 comments thnx:-)

message 35: by Jayant (new)

Jayant Ghate | 3 comments नमस्कार, मराठी पुस्तक मित्रांनो! मी जयंत, पुण्याचा रहिवासी आहे. माझे आवडते लेखक/लेखिका - पु.ल, व.पु., व्यंकटेश माडगुळकर,सानिया,सुधा मूर्ती, पद्मजा फाटक, मीना प्रभू, आनंद यादव, प्रवीण दवणे, रवींद्र पिंगे, शन्ना नवरे इत्यादी. प्रकाश नारायण संत यांनी मोजकीच पुस्तके लिहिली पण एकेक मास्टरपीस आहे! जसे- वनवास, पंखा, झुंबर, शारदा संगीत. अशा ग्रुपला जॉईन झाल्याने समाधान वाटले!

message 36: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Hi Jayant, group madhe tumcha saharsha swagat...aamhala saglya group activity madhe tumchya comments/posts baghaila active & participative

message 37: by Pushkar (new)

Pushkar Joshi (pjpushkarjoshi) | 2 comments Hi all,
I am Pushkar basically from Malegaon, have resided in Pune and Mumbai, currently residing in Chennai for job requirements...
I like to read all kind of books in Marathi or English.
My favorite writers include Ranjit Desai, Bhalchandra Nemade etc.
My all-time favorite books include Kuna Ekachi Bhramangatha, Hindu-jaganyachi samrudhha adagal, Vishakha, To kill a Mockingbird, India after Gandhi etc.

message 38: by Anagha (new)

Anagha Kulkarni (anacool) | 3 comments Hi , this is Anagha from thane. Reading is my passion, hobby. I have my own personal book collection of Marathi ... @250-300 books...
मला मराठी पुस्तक वाचायला खुप आवडतात.

message 39: by Akshay (new)

Akshay B (akshayjb) | 1 comments Hi, I am Akshay from Sangli, but now settled in Bangalore, working in a MNC. I love to read Marathi/English/Hindi books.
मी 'वास्तव रामायण' book शोधत आहे, If any one knows from where to order it(not E-Book) then, please let me know.

message 40: by Neil (Nikhil) (last edited Jul 17, 2013 01:46AM) (new)

Neil (Nikhil) (NeilDeopujari) | 2 comments Hi,
I am Nikhil ,live in pune,currently working with a mnc as a Software Dev.I love reading books,mostly marathi..
I am proud to be part of this group. I read 100+ books in Marathi some of them I didn't find here.
I am still confused over database of marathi books available here. Can We ADD BOOKS which are not available here??

message 41: by Nilesh (new)

Nilesh Ambikar | 2 comments Hello All,

I am Nilesh Ambikar, Chartered Accountant, from Pune, but working out of India for the past 15 years. Currently in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Absolutely love to read, both marathi and english.

message 42: by Nilesh (new)

Nilesh Ambikar | 2 comments Request all to add books which are not there on good reads. Will help all to see what books we have not read. Especially the person who has posted that he has 250-300 marathi books!

Also, excellent idea for meet ups. Can be about monthly in various places - mumbai & pune for sure. Others as per attendance.

Also suggest we discuss some serious books? Comments & suggestions welcome.

message 43: by Neil (Nikhil) (new)

Neil (Nikhil) (NeilDeopujari) | 2 comments Hi Nilesh

Great Idea of meet up :)
It will be great to exchange information\Knowledge about books\literature and all..
We can create a Poll for that...

message 44: by Siddarth (new)

Siddarth Gore (siddhya) Can someone suggest some good marathi novels written post 2000? Any genre is fine.

message 45: by Sonali (new)

Sonali Joshi | 2 comments Hello all, mee sonali joshi. I am a writer, editor. I love books, love reading. Currently I am managing
we specialize in marathi audiio books. YOu can check the writing by authors- post 2000.

message 46: by Siddarth (new)

Siddarth Gore (siddhya) Hi Aniket and Sonali,

Thanks for the recommendations. I have the book by Achyut Godbole. Will read it sometime soon. I was reading "Andharachya Parambya". Though it is a great book, the characters and settings do not seem very relevant now. So wanted to read something more recent.

message 47: by Parmanand (new)

Parmanand | 1 comments hello, this Parmanand Nikas from Jalna.Currently live in Mumbai @R.A. Podar college, worli .final yr B.A.M.S. जुलै 2011 "लोकराज्य" वाचन विशेषांक प्रेरित होऊन वाचन चालू केले आणि छंद जडला.या माध्यमातून अधिक चालना मिळेल असं वाटतय.

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Hii, I am Aniket, from Nashik.
M working as Asst. Prof. in Engineering college. I am developing my interest in reading. So please if anyone have marathi books then share it with me. I am so greatful to have such group. Thank you all...

message 49: by Vikram (new)

Vikram Choudhari (vikramchoudhari) | 2 comments Hi, I am Vikram Choudhari from Nanded but now working at Pune with tata motors as design engg. I am avid reader of Marathi literature. My father is an Author so my hobby for reading came to me by inheritance. Everyone in my home likes to read. We have our own library at nanded. Historical marathi books is what i like the most. Fan of english literature as well. Glad to know you all.
Thanks and regards. Keep Reading.

message 50: by MPM (new)

MPM (marathipustakmitra) Hi Parmanand, Vikram & Aniket, welcome to the group..!

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